Miss Universe Australia: kicked out of pageant for being too skinny

Ya think???!!!


This woman is 5'11 weighing in at 108pounds. C'mon-

A) How did she make it this far without being flagged an anorexic?

B) This is not an attractive figure by any means, so don't fool yourself.

C) This is a sick, sick world my friends. Keep your head on straight by avoiding this crap at all costs

Do NOT buy into the media/fashion worlds ideals, unless you want to end up very ill, unhappy, and dead.

Be Strong,


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30 Responses to Miss Universe Australia: kicked out of pageant for being too skinny

  1. Meryt Bast says:

    Oh, but she’s Macedonian, and they’re all walking skeletons, according to the pageant director. Right.
    She’s starving. IMO pageants are silly (I say this as a former Junior Miss contestant), but I think that the contestants should be examples of radiant health as well as exemplary students and model citizens. This poor woman is starving herself. There is nothing healthy about a BMI of 15.1.

  2. S says:

    Ahhh.It is good they told her not to participate- if the had allowed her to stay, they would be sending the message that eating disorders are an acceptable to become successful, get attention on international TV, and prepare yourself for a beauty competition.
    I get nauseous when I see pictures of starving bodies. That forced smile on her face makes me feel even worse for her considering the fact that I would probably see swallowed food go down her esophogus (if she actually ate something). If I pass by her and bump into her by accident, she might fall and break a bone. She was probably freezing in that bathing suit. Imagine if she was allowed to compete and she lost the competition, she would be so angry at herself and wrongly thing she was not thin enough and want to lose more weight. Ahh. How did she become Misss Australia in the first place? Who allowed her to win?

  3. jenny says:

    I think its incredibly offensive that you say her body is disgustingly unattractive. Make all the points about health that you want, but all woman get enough of “your body is disgusting” from society and don’t need to hear more of it from you.

  4. weliveunderrocks says:

    Jenny, I think you’re absolutely right: we really don’t need any more body-bashing, no matter from whom.
    However, I would like to point out that mamaVision didn’t call her ‘disgusting’ as such, she merely said that this figure was not attractive. Sure, that’s all down to taste, yet I think there is one thing all of us can agree upon:
    What is disgusting is never a woman’s body, but this notion that our size matters so much and that we ought to value our looks above anything else. What is disgusting is the involuntarily docile behaviour it breeds, the desperate (and futile) attempts to meet all those conflicting expectations.
    I think (hope?) that it wasn’t mV’s intention to bash anyone, though she surely doesn’t mince her words. It’s just that there are nicer sights in this world than a sick and starving woman. – A girl that really enjoys inhabiting both her mind and her body, for instance.

  5. Liz says:

    Agreed with Jenny. Especially since this website is geared towards eating disorders…the last thing those of us suffering and/or recovering need is that kind of negative dialogue.
    There’s got to be a less combative way to get your point across, mamaV.
    Generally I have liked this blog, but lately it’s just really insensitive.

  6. Yeah Yeah Yeah says:

    Could you flag this as “triggering”?
    Because it was MAJORLY for me…
    This is an eating disorder RECOVERY site. Thinspiration is counter productive.

  7. .C. says:

    I have to agree with Yeah Yeah Yeah. I admit, I look at thinspo videos and stuff still… I know it’s bad; I just still do it. This photo will soon be on a lot of them because she looks just like them, or thinner. You have got to label such pictures as triggering, because people who DON’T want to see those pictures could be hurt by this.

  8. Lia says:

    Yup, major trigger.
    Trying hard not to compare muscled upper arms to Miss Universe.
    I’ll just go call… someone now. Just the perfect weekend for my boyfriend to be away.
    I’m just going to keep your final words in mind, MamaV. They’re wonderful!
    <– going to forget about picture now!!!

  9. mamaV says:

    Hi Girls: I read your commments and I hear you. A bit of feedback.
    I wanted to state this figure type is not attractive because I know very well many of you would see this and think just that.
    This is the ideal for those of you for ED’s so I want to reinforce the fact that this is not attractive (I never used the word disgusting), it just isn’t and it never will be because the human body is not made to be malnourished…just a fact no?
    On the triggering thing, I really, really struggle with this guys, and I have flopped all over the place with this so maybe you can knock some sense into me. Here’s where I stand (at the moment!:
    The world is a trigger.
    In order to recover you are going to have to face the world.
    I understand some readers are to avoid triggers and I don’t want to set anyone back in recovery, but it is the individuals responsibility to turn away from your triggers, and I can not promise I will not provide them.
    Bottom line – to recover, face your triggers.
    If you are not ready, than it is your responsibility to turn away from them and if that means not reading this blog, that’s what you need to do.
    This likely sounds curt and harsh, but it is the way I see it. AND most importantly, in the long run I think this approach will actually help you.

  10. Sarah says:

    How did she even get so far as to win Miss Australia. I mean come on! Red flags everywhere that she’s anorexic!!!

  11. pageantL says:

    Dear MamaV, this girl wasn’t thrown out of the competition – she actually won 1st runner up which is 2nd place. Secondly, I don’t know whether she’s anorexic, but there must be people out there who are that skinny naturally (just like there are those who are obese by nature).

  12. shelly says:

    the sad thing is that she is getting way more attention and media coverage from this than she would if she was in the miss universe pageant (seriously, who watches that?. That is just my opinion….because I never would have known about this girl if it wasnt posted everywhere, blogs, msn, the today show, etc…
    Plus, if she is anorexic, I know if it was me during the height of my illness, I would have loved that attention, it would have been just what I needed to keep on spiraling downward. unfortunately, even negative attention was great.
    on it being triggerring…yeah, get used to it, because the world is one huge f-ing trigger. I have been in recovery for awhile and just today I saw an obvious anorexic chick and had to battle my brain. They exist and we have to learn how to deal with them.

  13. Ariella says:

    Agreed with above. She was never kicked out. You can read the actual story at http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUSTRE53M5J020090423. Also, she came out saying she doesn’t have an eating disorder. Sure she could be denying it, but its rude to put her up as one when she states she is not. At least give her the benefit of the doubt since she came out publically and addressed this.
    Also, yes this is harsh. You have no right to judge what attractive is. No one does.
    People should take this blog with a grain of salt and go out and read the original articles themselves.

  14. mel says:

    On the subject of this being triggering. I understand that people have to learn to face the world, but I consider this to be a safe place for recovery. A place where sufferers can come and discuss and not worry about seeing something that will trigger them. Or at least make it optional to see a pic and announce it’s possibly triggering. Hmm.. then again… it’s a blog about eating disorders.. anything can be triggering to different people. Now.. I’m not sure. lol.. At least it made me think a bit!

  15. Melissa says:

    I blogged about this yesteday too, MV — I agree it absolutely sends the wrong message … and I also agree that triggers are EVERYWHERE.
    She can deny it all she wants … no one 5’11 is NATURALLY 108 lbs, period. She’s skin and bones and it makes me so sad to see her out there. She needs help.

  16. mamaV says:

    The news on this is all over the place, this article states she is 5’9, the other 5’11.
    She also claims to eat 8 meals a day…http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/04/25/controversial-miss-universe-australia-stephanie-naumoska-claims-to-eat-eight-meals-a-day-115875-21307056/
    I did mis-read the article thinking she was thrown out…crap, now that she was not this makes me even more ticked off!
    Girls, under no circumstances is this body weight healthy, acceptable or attractive. She is classified as malnourished for goodness sake, and she is chosen as one of the best of the best bodies in the competition!
    No defending this. Society is whacked. I am reading these comments thinking how totally brainwashed we have become. I have heard models for years talk about how “natural” their bodies are while they dart off to purge their lunch. It’s B.S. I don’t believe for one moment this girls body is her norm and she is some kind of health nut….are we really that gullible?

  17. mamaV says:

    Hey Melissa: The fact that she is skin and bones is secondary to the fact that she was chosen by the judges to compete and even come in 2nd runner up.
    This is the twilight zone, I’m telling ya, this gets more insane by the day.

  18. jenny says:

    Its one thing to say that her body weight isn’t healthy, but making comments about her body being unattractive just isn’t acceptable. Women need to be helping other women up, not knocking them down.

  19. .C. says:

    She’s got great hair; just want to point that out. If she were restricting that much, wouldn’t it be in bad shape? But I suppose it could be extensions or something… I don’t know; just saying.

  20. Bizzybee says:

    Your site, overall (this has little to do with this post) has such an incredibly vast collection of THE most triggering ‘thinspo’ any anorexic still caught up in wanting to perpetuate her own disease could ever want. Maybe I can’t speak for all anorexics, but holy crap….are you in some kind of denial? You think you are doing some kind of amazing thing here by posting all these pics and videos and what not of how scary-skinny OMG these people are, “gee how could they be healthy, now look at these pictures and agree with me!”
    Sorry, but we have all seen how emaciated women are that are glamourized all over the freaking place every single day. Posting pictures that are triggers is incredibly redundant. And makes no sense if you truly care about being a place where people can come to learn HEALTHY things about their EDs, not be distracted by what they are hoping to stop idolizing.

  21. Kate says:

    Hello, this is the first time I have been to this site. I’m 17 and have an interest in modeling someday if I ever get the self-confidence and become beautiful enough. It makes me kind of sad to hear things like people being possibly kicked out of pageants or not being allowed to model because they are “too skinny.” So now it’s okay to be fat but not to be skinny? You could die from being too overweight too, couldn’t you? Why discriminate against skinny people now? I may want to be skinny and be willing to do whatever it takes to get where I want to be, but that doesn’t mean I promote it or anything. I don’t know. This sort of stuff just confuses me really.

  22. Penelope says:

    Hey there. To Bizzybee’s commentary: Yes. I do come here for thinspo. I usually get what I’m looking for. But I do get a lot of positive influence, too. You know, just by hopping over to the supermarket, a short walk away, I see at least one really skinny chick. And this keeps bugging me all the way while trying to choose my food for the day. But mamaV’s commentary on the whole world being one freaking trigger helped me fight that thought at least the last time now. She’s right in that, and I actually felt some power in ignoring that walking trigger right next to me. It felt good, trying to be stronger. Being stronger. It really lit my day up. So, well… yeah, thinspo’s a bait. But I can truly say that here, at least, I get a lot of good, healthy stuff with it, and it works, one step at a time.

  23. mamaV says:

    Penelope: You said it better than I ever could. Thank you!
    Man, have I struggled with the trigger topic.
    But I know that I am not being REAL if I post warnings, and write about gumdrops and rainbows in an effort to give the impression that its ever going to be easy.
    It’s not easy. It gets easier yes, but it is not easy.
    One day when you personally choose to recover, you will all have to take that first step out into the big, bad world – and likely run smack into a Thinspo billboard within the first thirty seconds of freedom.
    Its reality.
    I’m a realist.
    And if you take that away from me, well, this blog is no longer a blog. It’s just another pat on the back, that eventually pushes you into the water to see if you can swim.
    You can swim. I know it.
    So I’ll keep pushing

  24. Heidi says:

    Being 408 lbs is hell. I look at this woman and want to look like her so bad. It is hell having BED (binge eating disorder) and I am sure it’s tough having anorexia. But to be on the oppisite end is so tempting for me. Sigh….EDs are evil. I am in treatment and want to get better. But my mind takes over so much and all I want to be is thin. So tired of the “other” ED.

  25. .C. says:

    I would love to hear more about your experiences. I mean, I go through binges, so I think I can sympathize somewhat. My disorder is EDNOS, which for me means that when I binge I will eventually try to “make up for it” in some way. I know what it’s like to eat when you’re not hungry though, just for another reason… you’re still feeding something, just not physical hunger. Anyway if you wanted to email back and forth or chat on the open forum on this site, I think it would be really cool. Let me know and I’ll be glad to give you my mail address.

  26. aileb says:

    I am sending you lots of hugs. I am on the opposite side; anorexia. Believe me, this is nothing to aspire too.
    It brings tears to my eyes to see this image because I know how much it hurts to be entrenched in the madness that are eating disorders.
    The thing with anorexia is that you lose all ability to really have a grasp on your perception of self.
    She probably can’t see, really see, the damage that this disease has caused. That is why this is a mental disorder.
    She said that she is not anorexic or bulimic. Those of us who live in the Ed world chuckle because we know there are so many other ways to get rid of it.
    I hope I am wrong and this is just her nature.
    However, I know that to the sufferer, there is nothing more important than keeping this disease a secret.

  27. julie says:

    FFS, she’s not anorexic. There really are people who come really thin, I know some. I happen to find it unattractive, and I wouldn’t want to snuggle with them. Nor would any of the guys I ever discuss these things with. It would be nice if these beauty pageants would have women who are more representative of the population. BTW, I think this is your blog, you write what you like. It’s a mean ugly world, no use pretending it’s not. And nothing is going to protect you, you must learn to handle yourself.

  28. Heidi says:

    C, Yes, please send me your email. I would love for someone to listen to what it’s like being a Binger that does not purge, therefore gains all the weight. My email is heid20@aol.com
    Thanks. I feel for everyone with an ED. EDs are horrible and even though I say I wish to be anorexic, I know if I was I’d be just as miserable. ((((hugs)))) to all of us that hurt inside.

  29. .C. says:

    Dear Heidi, I am emailing you now. Look for it! Hope you’re well dear.
    Love from,

  30. Bonnie says:

    While I agree that her figure is not attractive, and that she should strive to gain some weight (epsecially if she wants to be in pageants) – my sister was 5’10” and 108 lbs when she was younger, I myself had a BMI of 15 until last year when I turned 23 and started exercising (finally built up some muscle, and increased my appetite). We both have perfect health. We are thin people from a thin family. I do think we are prettier, now, with some more meat on our bones.. although even at our lightest we didn’t look quite as bad as this poor girl..
    I think it’s inappropriate to point at someone and accuse them of having an eating disorder. I’ve been pointed at and accused all my life – what good did it ever do me, or anyone who did have an ED? Most of the people I have know with actual eating disorders throughout my life haven’t been as thin as me. Weight does not equal health, that applies to the underweight and the overweight.

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