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So many posts, so little time! Here is a bunch of interesting info that has come my way that I need to share in Cliff's Notes fashion!

Pro Anorexia Documentary

Watch for "The Truth about Online Anorexia"
airing in the UK April 9th 21:00 on ITV. After it airs, it can be
viewed online here by those of us residing in other countries. I am sure
this will spark much conversation.

Cerulean Butterfly

Pro Ana support site or high school drama queen landing place? More to
come on this…if you have info to share bring it on. The stories of
admin abuse going on here is completely unacceptable.

Side note: This picture from the homepage of their site really, really creepy and it should probably be a warning to wannabe members that some evil-ness lurks inside.

Looking Glass Foundation

Canadian Eating Disorder center produced these awesome ED commericals with DDB. They will leave you breathless:

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  1. Libertine says:

    Thank you for sharing the Looking Glass commercials! I will keep an eye out for them on tv (I am from BC)
    I would love to see some commercials showing bigger girls as well, with something in them showing that you don’t need to look like you have an ED to have one!
    For example: I starve, purge and sometimes binge/purge and I am overweight. I’ve lost 106 lbs in the last 2-3 yrs, and have kept off about 76 lbs of it and I am still overweight now, even though I eat less than I should and purge. It just goes to show that you don’t need to be stick thin to have an ED.
    Thanks again MamaV!

  2. Kari says:

    I went to the link to watch the documentary on the truth about online anorexia, and it said that I cannot not view it because I do not live in the UK. Is there another place I can view it at?

  3. Heidi says:

    Great commercials! Thanks. They need to show more in the USA.

  4. I’ll have to watch all of these when I get back to my place and am not sitting in the same house as my parents! Happy Easter!

  5. Samantha says:

    I own an ED site that was created BECAUSE of the abuse going on with Cerulean Butterfly. I’ve tried to email you about it before but im not sure it sent.

  6. aileb says:

    About the documentary,
    There were hundreds and hundreds of comments in the LJ journals about it already. The storm has passed but in a nutshell:
    Anorexia is not some curiosity or some magical solution for weight loss.
    It is mental condition.
    For many people it is not even about weight.
    Yet, this woman chose to make it only about weight.
    It was so simple! She logged in (read unlocked posts) and tried the “anorexic diet.”
    While she loaded the fruits in her trolley and whined,”This is all I can eat!”
    I was doing mental math, thinking about purging, chewing and spitting, exercise and laxatives, pain now or later?
    I won’t repeat the rest of the stereotypes about eating disorders.
    But, I can assure you, making collages and wearing a bracelet has nothing to do with being anorexic. Unless, it is weigh-in day.
    The aftermath, suddenly an interest in the sites.
    Overnight, members received dozens of “friend”
    invites and emails wanting to know the “secret.”
    Strangely enough, there was more interest than a backlash…
    After all, she only showed on side effect of eating disorders: forgetfulness.
    We didn’t see the dead person. We saw the mother and her “recovered” friend.
    Suddenly our attention shifted, we weren’t thinking about the dead girl.
    We were thinking about how we would do anything not to be at the “recovered” girl’s weight.
    It’s sickening isn’t it? This way of life; this train of thought; it never stops.
    That’s why we have these communities. No sane person can really comprehend how this emptiness can feel so right.
    Thankfully, the site is closed to new members. It’s all for the best.
    People can’t catch anorexia from reading about it.
    However, if it’s presented in a pretty package then who really cares what’s left of the insides, right?

  7. PTC says:

    Wow, good stuff.

  8. smudgeruk says:

    Kari – You can see the documentary on Youtube, I think.

  9. pippa says:

    To Samantha. How is ‘Glitter Veins’ different from ‘Cerulean Butterfly’ ?

  10. .C. says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that you can watch some cool documentaries online. You can get all the parts of “The Truth About Online Anorexia” which is interesting; and if you search on google for the PBS documentary “Dying to Be Thin” you can watch all of that chapter by chapter on PBS.com, I think it is. Right now I’m watching “The Truth About Size Zero” on youtube. I do warn that some of these vids could be triggering though – maybe you could preview them, MamaV, if you get time, and let everyone know what you think.

  11. Pariah says:

    alright well i was banned around august i think. there was a girl who posted about how she thought she was pregnant, and only 17. and that she was so screwed, her life was over… blah blah. and seriously i’m of those people. they know how it happened, and they knew the consequences of having sex, yet when it happens they are just in disbelief. after seeing hundred of these threads before and seeing people reply with things like,”it’s okay, you’ll get through this” i had had it. so i spoke my mind, and i told her something to the effect of,”hopefully you aren’t really pregnant since you say you aren’t ready for a child. but maybe next time you will think before having sex and maybe use some birth control.” harsh i know, but the real world is harsh. and they banned me.
    at that point i was into my second month of being pregnant. it was extremely hard for me, as an eating disordered person, to just sit back and give up all control of my body. i had to watch myself gain weight, i couldn’t work out cause i was too tired. and many times i thought to myself, “i could purge this, and just so long as i eat something after i won’t be hurting the baby.” and with out CB i had no one that i could talk to about this. i even went to the extreme of trying to find an eating disorder group in the real world. but when you live in north dakota, things like that are few and far between. i felt so lost without CB. not only was it my support, those were my friends. i was now in a new world of no friends. i had no one to talk to any more. i spent lots of time sleeping and just staring off into space.
    i had sami as a friend on myspace, and i begged her to talk with the other staff members to please let me come back. i told her everything i was going through and how i desperately needed help. and what did she do? she deleted me from her friends list, never even replied to me. so i told the bitch that next time she is in a situation like mine and needs help, i hope everyone ignores her. and i do mean that, i hate that fucking bitch.
    just afew months ago i found out that when people asked why i had been banned, the CB staff told them that it was because i used cocaine while pregnant and bragged about it. which is a lie. in the past i have had multiple drug addictions, and i still struggle with it, i have been clean for nearly a year, and i never once used drugs while pregnant.

  12. Samantha says:

    “To Samantha. How is ‘Glitter Veins’ different from ‘Cerulean Butterfly’ ?”
    No one is censored. People are allowed to express what they want, so long as they are REALISTIC about it. There’s also options for people who are trying to recover… that will block out all of the ED sections of the forum from their view. Some members choose to utilize this.
    Nothing is censored. No one is judged. And we try to keep a very open mind with everything. There is no one-size-fits all eating disorder, and there is also no one-size-fits-all method to recovery.
    My site is for anyone. Regardless of the stage of their ED. Whether it’s just started, it’s at it’s worst, or they’ve been recovered for twenty years.
    I’m recovered (and pregnant) and I plan on staying that way. However, it’s nice to have people to talk to when those mindsets start becoming more apparent in myself.

  13. upset says:

    Pippa if I remember correctly you faked your death didn’t you?
    GV may have it’s share of drama at times, but at least the staff lets members know what’s going on.
    Staff won’t ban you for shits and giggles or without proof and will certainly give you a chance to defend yourself.

  14. :( says:

    I’ve heard some CB horror stories :/
    I used to be on there – I’m quite a shy person, I posted an intro and a few times after I think but mainly I liked to read other peoples experiences and feel less alone, just quietly. I never really felt comfortable posting there but I still needed support, it’s not like I never logged on or used it. Not everyone wants to comment on every single thing they read.
    I logged off one night, went to bed and awoke to a text from a friend off CB (who isn’t an admin) telling me that the admins had told her that they’d deleted me because I spent a lot of time looking round the board. Wtf? What’s it there for if not that?
    They also made up a blatant lie to justify deleting me – people were told that I “shared an IP address with someone off a CB hate site” – basically that I was an undercover spy for another site or something 😎
    The fact is that they knew that was a lie, and I knew that was a lie, because I was ONLY on CB. It really annoyed me that no one PM’ed me, no one emailed me, they just flat out deleted me. So much for valuing members.
    The only reason I knew I was even banned was because my friend text me saying they’d told her. Why couldn’t they tell me? Arrrrgh.
    I wrote 2 emails to them, but I heard nothing back.
    I just think it’s horrible that they cut vulnerable peoples support like that without warning :S
    After I was banned I did some googling to find somewhere new, and I found GV. I signed up there and it’s a million of what CB was, it’s fab and all of the people there are so supportive and just lovely, it feels like a really safe place to be. I love that you’re free to an opinion, and I feel a lot more comfortable posting there than I ever did on CB.
    upset above me wrote: “Staff won’t ban you for shits and giggles or without proof and will certainly give you a chance to defend yourself” – That is so true of GV and completely the opposite of what CB do.
    CB is definitely more of a “high school drama queen landing place”. Not a lot of support goes on there for people who haven’t been a member for over 2 years.

  15. Samantha says:

    I think I’ve heard this story. I’m not sure who you are on the board, but I’m fairly certain that I have heard this story.
    CB is incredibly paranoid… To the point they hurt, crush and eliminate members just on the basis of fear.
    I know GV isn’t a pro-support site, but I also know that I don’t encourage anyone to continue their ED’s.
    CB banned me in 2007 for a number of “offenses.” Allegedly, I “faked being pregnant” with my daughter to “copy/stalk/harass another member who was REALLY pregnant.” Banning me wasn’t enough for them though. A large group of girls on CB put together a fake myspace using my photos and information and copies of all of my posts from CB and added almost everyone who went to my school. So, not only was I the girl who was “knocked up at school” I was the girl who was “knocked up, had a drug addiction previously, and through she was fat so made herself puke and starve all the time all because she was sexually assaulted and her mommy didn’t love her.”
    It hit me like a ton of bricks when I went to school and realized everyone was talking about me.
    I had no friends except my boyfriend off of the board… And being cut off… really hurt. They said I could come back later… and when I tried (six months later) they said they were “Over me and my histronics.”
    Then I continued hearing horror stories from other people who had been hurt and humiliated by CB. So, with a little help from my husband and online webdesign tutorials, I created my own site.

  16. pippa says:

    “Pippa if I remember correctly you faked your death didn’t you?”
    upset no you don’t remember correctly!
    Best wishes :)

  17. Pariah says:

    pippa whether it was you or your “friend”, someone logged into your account and said you died. people don’t just come back from the dead, and zombies aren’t real.
    so please recount the events of your death for us, that way we can get our facts straight.

  18. pippa says:

    Pariah, honestly, I really don’t have any idea what you are talking about!!! What account? Where? When? What “friend”?Please, please can someone explain…

  19. pippa says:

    Samantha, thankyou for answering my question.
    Best wishes :)

  20. pippa says:

    This is the World Wide Web and here is a world population counter:
    I don’t know how many of the world’s population are adult females called Pippa who have internet access but I bet it’s a big number!
    What on Earth makes you think you know who I am?!!
    Best wishes :)

  21. Ashley says:

    Samantha, the owner of “Glitter Veins”, was also responsible for hacking into Cerulean Butterfly and deleting all the posts over years and years of the forum.
    I am now not a member at either forum as it’s turned into complete bullshit from both sides but I think that everyone should be aware that everything Samantha is saying may not be true.
    There may have been people being banned for reasons they could not udnerstand and saw as “unfit” but I know Samantha and she seems to have a different story about how/why she got banned every time she explains it.
    She says that on GV, nothing is censored yet I got banned when I never did anything to hurt GV members or the site. I simply had a dissagreement with Samantha revolving the ethics as to her HACKING and deleting a whole site where people mentally ill or unstable people feel like they have a place they are safe and belong.
    She CANNOT say her site is better than Cerulean Butterfly and cannot say that she was unfairly banned and expect peoples’ sympathy when she ruined so much more of Cerulean Butterfly.

  22. Mouse, A. Nonny says:

    I was banned at CB for being non-Christian. One of the mods started harassing me, and even wrote a -massive- expose on how ‘wrong’ and ‘stupid’ my religion is. When I complained about this treatment, I was banned. So maybe I was banned for complaining about the mods more than being non-Christian, your call.

  23. Lorena says:

    Gv bans everyone. Even the person that helped her hack into cb. She used his account and then banned him. How nice, there is a whole forum contributed to the bannings of members because they feel that bragging and showing the whole forum about how a person was banned is some kind of joke. I have no words on CB just speaking of my experience on GV.
    “Well, I have been searching for ipecac syrup EVERYWHERE! The stores that I used to get it at dont carry it anymore and I can’t order it from the net because of my parents. There is a pharmacy at my school that ordered it for me but they only allowed me to order one doseage haha but I don’t care because I am saving it as a treat and when I lose 20 more pounds I’m going to go on a HUGE binge and use it! I’m already making a list of foods that I want to binge on! haha….
    Last time I used it I spent over 100 on food:
    This from GV admin!
    And you allow these people on here to talk about support for eating disorders.
    “I’m sorry but- how can you not know ipecac is dangerous? It’s all over the bottles, online etc. I also seem to remember you having read Wasted, and reading that will tell you how dangerous it is.
    I’m sorry, but planning to go on a huge binge and then take ipecac and talking about it like this is a good and exciting thing is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard from an eating disordered person. This includes one who insisted on putting “party on, stay strong” in brackets after every time she used the word anorexia. Bulimia is NOT a way to eat all your favourite foods and then make it okay by taking potentially lethal chemicals.
    I think this is especially bad coming from an admin, I mean I understand that we walk an interesting line when it comes to defining good and bad, but considering how much “hands-on” time you spend here, you must realise you’re an influence on younger members and making it seem like binging (which often induces suicidal thoughts anyway at the loss of control) and then taking something that could kill you is okay, is not something you should be doing when you know you need to set the standard and try and help people.
    I am not trying to make you feel awful, or promote censorship. I do believe in thinking before you post”
    “First of all as an admin I do have free speech and we all have differnet ways that we experience our eating disorders. Did I say in my post omg u guys should all take it?? NO I didn’t say that I was saying that I am excited to take it and that’s all!!! If people are on here that are younger and “looking” to get a disorder then they have no place here anyways and shouldn’t be here. Also there is no difference between this and then someone saying I binged and then took lax (which many have said on here by the way)…… Also everyone claims that it was so dangerous but remember it was on the markets before and they were giving it not only to adults but CHILDREN as well in hospitals and they were suggesting that u give it to them…….
    Oh and by the way I never said “party on”!”
    Thanks GV admin, thanks a lot.
    You get all of this at Glitter Veins. Plus many more tips on how to further an eating disorder.

  24. mamaV says:

    Hi Girls: I noticed this CB discussion going on. This is something I was asked to post about and I never got to it. I will do so now.

  25. Samantha says:

    Seems like a lot of people hate me, but again, the people saying mean things about me don’t know the whole story and have obviously chosen their side without hearing both sides.
    I may not be perfect… I’m far from it. But, contrary to what some people may think, I CAN say that GV is better than CB… Because it is.
    And on a side note, yes, the admins on GV are allowed free speech as well. Just because they’re admins dosen’t mean their not human… We all have weaknesses. And as someone who has had or has an eating disorder, you should understand that.

  26. Lauren says:

    Should you not be tending to your ugly spawn? I saw the face the kid made when it first looked at you. Ugliness gives birth to its own. How many people on your site? None because I went there and got so sick after trying a tip I had to leave because I almost killed myself. I wish I would have succeeded because sharing the planet with such an ugly bitch as your self is gross. What is wrong with your teeth?

  27. Lauren says:

    MamaV how can you allow a pervert like samanthavv post here and be allowed to speak when she porned her pregnancy! I have never seen such a geek trying to have big balls to say the things she has.. Even her best friends hate her. Why? Because she is a liar, a reject, and a lonely loser who spews hatred. I have only one experience with an online site having to deal with eating disorders and hers pushed me to a place that could have ended my life. How many other girls have been through this?
    I hate GV and its owner and my parents are looking into legal issues with them.

  28. smudgeruk says:

    Ok, I don’t especially want to read this crap, I don’t know the background and I don’t much care.
    But the sheer viciousness of these comments is something I do care about, and something that I don’t personally want to see on here. I want to read thoughtful input from real women discussing the issues raised in a sensible and mature manner – not childish name-calling and bullying.
    Seriously – what sort of person gets at another by slagging off their child?! However badly you’ve been wronged, attacking someone’s child and resorting to insults about someone’s appearance is just playground stuff. Grow up.

  29. smudgeruk says:

    “I went there and got so sick after trying a tip I had to leave because I almost killed myself”
    “hers pushed me to a place that could have ended my life. How many other girls have been through this?”
    Also – is it just me that spots the delicious irony here? We hear fans of pro-ana sites proclaiming time and time again that the sites don’t cause anorexia, that you can’t learn to be “ana”, that it’s not all about sharing tips but about community and support, blah blah.
    Funny how the goalposts shift when they want to win an argument, hey?
    You can’t have it both ways – they either encourage people to try new weight-loss tips or they don’t, they either encourage or worsen anorexic behaviour, or they don’t.
    My personal view, for what it’s worth, is that there is a lot of positives to be taken from these sites – the community aspect for one – but they’re outweighed by the negatives of sharing tips, encouraging each other’s weight loss, etc (“Stay Strong, Think Thin”, FFS!)

  30. mV says:

    Ok, gang…were done with this sort of commentary.
    I guess the point was proven that the ProAna boards, any of them, tend to turn into a popularity contest, where those in power rip to shreds the underdogs.
    Why would you want to seek comfort from such individuals when you are in a fragile state of mind?
    To be honest, I am so done with talking about Pro Ana crap. Been there, done that…this is why I decided not to dedicate a full post to CB or GV…it would be just stoking the fire.
    Instead of closing comments, I am calling for responses – positive ones – that can display to everyone how you got out of this lifestyle and now find yourself a happier, healthier individual.
    If you don’t have something positive to say – zip it.
    The first stabbing comments posted after this will trigger me to close comments.
    Thank you all for adhering to this (those who know me, know I do not like placing rules or regulating free speech – but I do need to draw the line somewhere).

  31. Samantha says:

    I didn’t really get out of the lifestyle by choice. It was kind of forced onto me.
    I was found out and sent to a “rehab center” for 6 months. Long story short, the place was an abusive joke of a facility that force fed religion and punished those who refused to believe or repent.
    I got back, and met my now husband and found myself pregnant less than two months after getting back. I was still relapsing and lost thirty pounds my first trimester… My husband sat down with me one day, offered me something to eat and when I refused he looked like he wanted to punch me in the face. All he said was “You’re going to kill my baby.” And he stormed off.
    Took me a lot of work after that, but I talked to my doctor, got on a rapid weight gain diet (that was loads of fun…) and I gained everything I needed to and had a healthy little girl.
    I was breastfeeding for nine months, so my calorie intake was important and I kept track. However, my husband and I had a tough time that summer and we were seperated, my daughter stopped nursing and I was depressed. I didn’t want to do anything anymore. I started relapsing.
    It all kind of hit me at once. I just didn’t care anymore. I thought I was losing everything that mattered and I realized it was because I had been selfish and I hadn’t appreciated what I had. I was struggling with the guilt. It wasn’t gradual. It hit me at once. I literally stopped eating. I didn’t really have money for food (all I had at the time was baby food and baby cereals for my daughter) but I made no effort to get anything for myself (food stamps, wic, food bank, etc.) I just didn’t care.
    I dropped 40 pounds in a month. Then I found out I was pregnant again. I was torn. Part of me wanted to just waste away. Part of me just didn’t care anymore. Sometimes I thought my daughter and husband were better off without me. I couldn’t see past the present. Looking to tomorrow was too far ahead… Let alone nine months.
    I started eating again. Forcibly. I made myself. For the sake of the baby… But as quickly as I found out, I lost my baby at 6 weeks.
    I wanted to die even more after that. I couldn’t look at myself after losing my baby. I got worse with my daughter. I couldn’t hold her without crying and thinking about my other baby. I was a mess. I would cry and cry and cry. That’s all I could do. The first week after my miscarriage… I came very close to ending it all.
    Then it hit me. All of this was my fault. If I could just fix what was wrong with me… Let go of all the things that made me “damaged” or “broken” forget about the abuse, the sexual assault as a teenager, the hatred my mother had shown me growing up and all the terrible things that happened… And all of the terrible things I had done to myself.. The self abuse, the eating disorder, the drugs, the self hatred…
    Then maybe I could fix things.
    But how? I’d been to dozens of counselors, psychologists, shrinks, etc. How the hell was I going to fix it?
    I wasn’t.
    There was no way for me to fix it. There was nothing I could do to make it better or make it go away. I was only “damaged” and “broken” because I chose to be. I CHOSE to remain so.
    So all I had to do was choose not to be. I made the decision to not let my past affect my future in the way I had been letting it for so long. I made the decision not to let my past control me or affect me negatively any way. I literally decided all of this within an hour. I know it sounds crazy, but I just decided to let it all go. I went to bed, and decided that in the morning, it would all be gone. None of it happened, and none of it mattered any more. I am who I am, and I am who I am presently. The things that were done to me do not define me, nor do the things I misguidedly did to myself.
    I went home the next day. I had thrown my husbands keys off the bluff a few days prior in a fit of rage and my roommate and I searched forever for them, found them, and I got a ride out to where my husband lived (an unofficial rental agreement between him and my grandfather) let myself in, made dinner and a dessert, cleaned the house, dressed up nice and waited for him.
    He was mad that I was there, you could tell. But he didn’t say a word. He sat down, shut up, ate his dinner and spent the evening with me in near silence. He asked me when i needed a ride home, and I told him “I am home.”
    He stormed out for a while… but came back. And it was very quiet. He moved out the same day I found out I was pregnant. He was only gone a couple days, but it felt like forever.
    From that point on, I made a conscious effort to not fight, not argue and to be more considerate. I started thinking “If this person died tomorrow… would I bitch about this at their funeral?” and if it sounds ridiculous and unjust… I dropped it.
    Since then, my husband and I have been doing amazing. We’ve grown closer. We’re doing amazing. We’re more in love than we’ve ever been. We’ve learned to be partners, and to appreciate each other’s best, and be encouraging and inspiring with our worsts.
    I have since completely abandoned my eating disorder for the sake of my pregnancy and have given birth to a healthy and HANDSOME son. I’m now nursing both him, and will be giving milk to a baby that needs it as well very soon.
    I can’t predict the future… But that night I decided to let everything go… I literally let everything go. Whenever I think about those things that happened or talk about them now… It almost feels like it was third person. Like it didn’t really happen to me, even though I know it did. But because of that, I don’t think it will ever be an issue for me again.
    The way I see it… My husband is why have excess weight, stretch marks and cesarean scars. I wouldn’t trade those marks for anything. They came with the most important gifts I ever received: my children.
    And I don’t care what anyone thinks of my body but myself and my husband. And my husband is just as proud of my battle scars as I am.

  32. Maryann says:

    Thanks Mv for deleting my comment.
    Thanks a lot for being fair.
    You have killed a lot of girls. Congrats.Just promise to google SamanthaVV! Delete this too as I am sure you will, at the same time you need to sign the headstones of more then a few girls for allowing the shit on your site.

  33. Kathy says:

    Lauren– what tip was it that made u “almost die” on gv?

  34. smudgeruk says:

    Maryann – Seriously, WTF?
    How, exactly, has MamaV killed a lot of girls? I think you owe her an apology for that slur… but I doubt you’re big enough to give one.

  35. Samantha says:

    Okay. They do ban for a reason, however that “reason” isn’t incredibly flimsy.
    I was banned for “faking being pregnant.”
    Umm… yep. I got two c-sections, stretchmarks and a ton of medical bills to prove it. Has CB apologized? Or admitted they were wrong? Nope.
    They deserved to be hacked.

  36. Lana says:

    I left school years ago and don’t need the bullshit that it entails, yet go on gv and it’s exactly that. For starters the owner DID do fetish shots when she was pregnant and up until a while ago she was a phone sex operator yet she looks down on everyone from her hicktown pedestal.
    She is a spiteful child who throws her toys out of the pram because people don’t like her, therefore she must hack their site. She’s going to comment something like “how can I raise my kids if I’m a child?”, well 14 year olds raise kids too and they’re CHILDREN! Being an adult is a maturity thing not an age thing.
    I hope that her kids don’t pick up her childish attitude, hopefully her husband is grown up enough to be a god influence.
    Even looking at her forum it’s clear how childish she is, it has the same colours as a 6 year olds bedroom!
    Any kind of dispute she tries to throw her kids into it, as though that means that she wins.
    One of their admins eventually got banned because she was a lonely fat girl who pretended to be pregnant, pretended to have a premature birth and then pretended that the baby died. These people are sick and weird and try to lure people into their cult under the guise of a girly fun sorority. They “adopt” each other and take each other under their wings and then screw them over at the first opportunity.
    What also brings on the lols is that she claims to be a great mother yet she’s still indulging in her ED behaviours, whining on to someone the other day about how all she’d eaten that day was a salad and she even purged that. Lets hope she’s not breastfeeding!

  37. Samantha says:

    I have never said anything about having a current eating disorder.
    I’m recovered, and have been recovered for quite a while…. And I do breastfeed. Two babies.
    So, not to be rude, but quit talking shit about someone you know NOTHING about. I’m not your personal punching bag.
    You claim I’m the lowlife, but YOU’RE the one calling names and being immature.

  38. Samantha says:

    I left school years ago and don’t need the bullshit that it entails, yet go on gv and it’s exactly that. For starters the owner DID do fetish shots when she was pregnant and up until a while ago she was a phone sex operator yet she looks down on everyone from her hicktown pedestal.
    What do you consider “Fetish shots?” I never took nude photos, if that’s what she’s implying. I never exposed any genitalia, butt, or nipples. So, is that fetish? And yes, I worked as a phone sex operator. I’m not proud of it, but I’m not going to have a spazz attack and freak out because she pointed it out. Yes, I did it. The job wasn’t what it would seem it was (mostly gay guys still in the closet who needed someone to talk to) but no, I’m not proud. But am I rubbing mistakes SHE made in her face? I haven’t worked that job in well over a year… Longer actually.
    She is a spiteful child who throws her toys out of the pram because people don’t like her, therefore she must hack their site.
    First of all… I am a big supporter of baby-wearing… And babies don’t go in the pram until they’re a year. And last I checked, I couldn’t FIT into a pram, even if I tried.
    She’s going to comment something like “how can I raise my kids if I’m a child?”, well 14 year olds raise kids too and they’re CHILDREN! Being an adult is a maturity thing not an age thing.
    I don’t get this one. I never said I’m a child… And I’m raising my children quite fine. Money is tight, but you know, money dosen’t equal love. My kids might not have everything they could ever dream of (except Danny, all he dreams about is boobs.) but they have what they need; food, clothes, and love.
    I hope that her kids don’t pick up her childish attitude, hopefully her husband is grown up enough to be a god influence.
    I am my childrens main care provider. My husband works in able to allow me to be such. And my children are right where they should be in regards to social development. And I don’t think I have a “childish attitude” for them to “pick up” on.
    Even looking at her forum it’s clear how childish she is, it has the same colours as a 6 year olds bedroom!
    Right. Because colors totally determine how mature a person was. What can I say? I prefer light colors and pastels. It was lavender in the begining, and then baby blue, and now it’s pink.
    Any kind of dispute she tries to throw her kids into it, as though that means that she wins.
    She’s referring the argument that I including my finances as a reason why I’m not more “green.” Because it’s expensive! I have kids! They suck up a lot of money! I have to conserve what I can!
    One of their admins eventually got banned because she was a lonely fat girl who pretended to be pregnant, pretended to have a premature birth and then pretended that the baby died. These people are sick and weird and try to lure people into their cult under the guise of a girly fun sorority.
    We never tried to “lure” anyone, and that specific situation was sad, as none of us had a clue about it until it had happened. You can’t judge the whole group by the actions of one person. That’s like judging all african-americans because one african-american committed a crime, or all white people because one white person was a meth-addict.
    They “adopt” each other and take each other under their wings and then screw them over at the first opportunity.
    The “Adoption” thing wasn’t even my idea to include on the forum. Several members requested it, so I allowed it.
    What also brings on the lols is that she claims to be a great mother yet she’s still indulging in her ED behaviours, whining on to someone the other day about how all she’d eaten that day was a salad and she even purged that. Lets hope she’s not breastfeeding!
    Where did I ever say I only ate a salad and then purged? I haven’t purged in a LONG time… Like well over a year. And I haven’t engaged in any eating disordered behaviors in well over a year as well. So, what in the world are you talking about? I keep track of everything I ingest, food, water, supplement, in order to ensure that I am consuming enough to provide healthy milk for my child and the other child I am nursing. And I am consuming well more than enough properly nourish myself and produce healthy milk. And yes, I AM breastfeeding. TWO babies, if you care to know. And both of them are VERY healthy.
    And MamaV, I am sorry for this. I just can’t stand to see people who don’t even know me tearing me down and making up blatant lies about me!

  39. Belle says:

    Lana What the hell??!! Stop slagging off people or no reason! You were banned because you were rude, arrogant and were personally attacking people on the board! That is WRONG! Shame on you for trying to justify your actions by putting someone else down! GV is an awesome site that supports it’s members and we all support each other! You were banned because you failed to do that and just wanted to cause trouble! Quit the slurs and the derogatory comments and just get on with your life! Seriously…….stop acting so incredibly immature!

  40. Lana says:

    I’m sure as hell not the immature one, I’ll make slurs if I want. I’m more than justified in my opinions. I’ve seen her on several forums where all she does is bitch about other ones and try to start a smear campaign because they don’t like her or because they don’t like her forum. Big fucking deal, that’s life.
    For someone who claims to be so smart I can’t believe you don’t know what a metaphor is!! When you say someone is throwing their toys out of the pram I don’t mean you literally climb into a pram, do you understand this or do I need to explain further?
    I didn’t initially start out to cause anything, I just got sick of the lies, fake people and ass kissing that needs to be done to be liked. Even other people commented on how they felt they couldn’t say what they wanted because they would get into trouble and/or have their posts deleted.
    You used to claim they were fetish shots on the old house of thin, no there was no nudity but dressing up as a zombie in a little pvc nurse outfit whilst pregnant and photoshopping it a LOT, then putting it on a site called mamamilf or whatever it was called aren’t the norm when it comes to maternity shots.
    Also, if you don’t want lies about you then don’t make them up about others. I’ve seen what you wrote about other forums and what they’ve said about you when I was there at the time and know it’s not true. I pulled you up on it once and you ignored me – shocker!

  41. Kathy says:

    I just wanted to say that I have been on GV for a long time now and I love it there. The members and the admins are very supporitve and yes we have had people we have to ban because they faked things but every forum goes through that. Even cb had someone faking that the died! I don’t know why eveyone is fighting if u don’t like gv fine don’t go on it!, it’s as simple as that really. But for me it is my life saver and I love Sammi for creating it and all of the other admins are awesome!

  42. Samantha says:

    First of all, the photos you’re talking about, were taken AFTER I was pregnant. Pay attention.
    Second, I stopped using other forums after GV got to be pretty active. And even then, I don’t even get on GV too terribly often. Usually just if something needs dealt with.
    And I haven’t made any lies up about anyone. And if I have lied, it was completely unknowingly.
    Also, you were banned because you were expressing your views in a derogatory manner. You were talking down to people and quite frankly, being a bitch. There are MANY people on GV who don’t have the same Sarah Palin and Pro-Life views as me, however, they are able to express that in an appropriate, polite and diplomatic manner.
    You were NOT banned for your beliefs. You were banned for your attitude and how you treated people.

  43. Lana says:

    The only person I was rude to is you! I find you quite rude and condescending and just out to make money and get famous, stamping on ed’d people on the way. Paris’s bff, selling dodgy handbags, dodgy photos, the list goes on.
    You’ve always had this attitude. One of the lies was saying that the people on hot had said you were faking pregnancy which was another lie. Ah well, I guess it gets dull in your little life.

  44. mamaV says:

    Gang: Since this saga is still raging, I am going to shut down the comments on this post. This discussion certainly does not appear to be productive for anyone.

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