Monday Music Therapy

What are you listening to?

If  music is not an essential part of your day- make it one. It lifts you, guides you, and builds your confidence that YES your life can be different.

My Monday Music Therapy

Green Day

Song: American Idiot

Why: Because it is so true. Sometimes I am just totally appalled by the people of this country. The priorities. The vanity. The lack of compassion. And mostly the complete and total ignorance to what matters.

This song just gets me pumped, especially when I am ticked off, its like flipping the bird to society.

So what is your Monday Music Therapy?


Submitted by others!:

Lottie is listening to Alright by Red Carpet

Lia is listening to Tchaikovsky's violin concerto

Kay is listening to Snow by Amie Miriello

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10 Responses to Monday Music Therapy

  1. Lottie says:

    mine is a song called ‘Alright’ by Red Carpet. Its a funky house tune and the words just spur me on when im down, allow me to think that there is a better tomorrow.
    “the sun is gonna keep on shining,
    brighter days on the horizon,
    my love for you will always keep on rising,
    everythings gonna be alright”

  2. Lia says:

    As someone who has been raised on classical music and still actively plays three instruments, solo and in orchestras, my selection is rather unconventional for someone my age (I’ve been told).
    My uplifting piece of the moment is Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto, though Brahms’ first symphony is never far behind.
    My “healing” piece is Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus. I can’t listen to that piece without crying since it was sung by the whole school in five different voices after the mother of one of our schoolmates died of breast cancer. I always have tears running down my face whenever I just hear the opening bars, but… it soothes me like little else does.
    My music is one of the most important parts of my life- it has carried me through several difficult phases and created one of the greatest crises of my life. Whenever I sit down at a piano and just FEEL the keys under my fingertips, or pick up a violin and start tuning the strings everything just… goes away for a while, the positive as well as the negative. What’s left is me and the music, and no need for words. I guess that’s why I love playing more than I love singing- I can just BE. No need to pretend.

  3. kay says:

    my monday music choice…
    Singer: amie miriello
    song: snow
    why: because i have had a rough couple of weeks and it just seems to capture everything melodically and since i am a dancer it is so beautiful to move to as well
    “i’ll be fine, i’m a little bored and lonely but that’s just seems to go one hundred to zero it never does pan out for, though i’m hopefull that it will in due time”

  4. mamaV says:

    Wow Lia, reading your writing has me feeling your passion. My husband is always bringing home Classical music, and I have yet to be sold on it. I will pick up both of your selections, you’ve made me really curious!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    There is an indie singer-songwriter I adore, Rachael Sage. Her music has been inspiring and uplifting me for years and I never get tired of it. Her song “Wildflower” from her album The Blistering Sun is not only fun and warm to listen to, it’s lyrically strong and empowering. :)

  6. Kim says:

    There are so many, too many to count! But one that comes to mind recently is Yes’ “Parallels”. The lyrics don’t really make sense without the music, but here goes anyways:
    “It’s the beginning of a new love in sight.
    You’ve got the way to make it all happen.
    Set it spinning turning roundabout.
    Create a new dimension.
    When we are winning we can stop and shout
    making love towards perfection.”

  7. Lia says:

    @mamaV: Thank you! Music is passion to me- I can stop thinking. It’s such a blessing… and that comes from someone who hated the THOUGHT of having to play for a couple of years.
    Give classical a chance! I guess the biggest difference to modern pop/rock is the variety in rhythm and structure classical offers- of course there’s the 4/4 beat (that virtually EVERY pop/rock piece sports), but there are other rhythms, too, that may challenge your hearing/understanding of music.
    You would be surprised how many popular pop songs copied classical melodies- Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself” is Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto! That would be a good piece to start your forays into classical, by the way.
    Classical is not quite as stuffy as most people believe… there’s also a band of opera singers, Amici Forever, whose CD was running on perpetual loop in our home for a few weeks. They have classical pieces such as Handel’s Zadok The Priest, but also film scores like Unchained Melody, sung in five voices. The CD’s amazing!

  8. Libertine says:

    Pretty Polly by Queen Adreena

  9. Alex says:

    My Monday therapy music is
    Little Bit of Me by Melanie Safka or Both sides now bu Joni Mitchell
    Strong independent hippie music to the people ;P

  10. drtombibey says:

    So so true!

    I am interested in songs that heal and posted about this subject on my blog today. Hope you will drop by.

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