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Healthy At Any Size

You don't know Kate Harding? Wake up! She is THE queen of fat acceptance. And in case you don't know what "fat acceptance means," here is my basic definition; -To be healthy at any size -To be comfortable in your … Continue reading

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Hey…let's jazz up Next Top Model with a real live anorexic girl!

Jade has been fighting her eating disorder, anorexia, since age 8. Jade is now 21. She has been in and out of treatment, and just six months ago she was hospitalized for her condition. Let's put her on TV and … Continue reading

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Kick Ass Book Alert! : PURGE, rehab diaries

I read this book in two days. It arrived in my mailbox on Friday, I started reading it Saturday, and last night I stayed up way the heck too late to finish it. Generally, it takes me a few months … Continue reading

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Miss Universe Australia: kicked out of pageant for being too skinny

Ya think???!!!   This woman is 5'11 weighing in at 108pounds. C'mon- A) How did she make it this far without being flagged an anorexic? B) This is not an attractive figure by any means, so don't fool yourself. C) This … Continue reading

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Cheerleading Coach Fired Over Nude Pics – why is this news?

This story ticked me off the moment I saw it this morning on the Today Show. Here is the gist; Cheerleading Coach poses nude for Playboy.Cheerleading Coach gets fired.Cheerleading Coach wonders why she got fired. Media spins the story to … Continue reading

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What happened to the blushing brides?

Your wedding day. The day that you are full of excitement, bounding with energy, and beaming with confidence! Hmmm…does this model look like she is ready to party? Or is she ready to start balling? Or maybe ready to keel … Continue reading

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You would be so pretty if….

I'm reading "You would be so pretty if…" by Dana Chadwick in preparation for a BlogHer session I may be leading. The title made me think back to when I have heard these words from someone, so it made me … Continue reading

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Monday Music Therapy

Lay it on me…what’s playing on your I-Pod today? For me it is an old-ey- but goody: Band: Public Enemy Song: He Got GameFavorite lyrics: Now if you take heed to the words of wisdom that are written on the … Continue reading

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Veggie loving teens…parents beware to this ED warning sign.

Is Vegetarianism a teen eating disorder? Time Magazine recently studied this topic, which brought back many memories of my early-teen-disordered-eating habits. I was about 15 or so, when I decided to cut the meat out of my diet. I remember … Continue reading

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Discovery Health Series: Pregnant ED sufferers

Are you pregnant and struggling with your eating disorder? Discovery Health is producing a documentary focused about expectant women whose pregnancies are exacerbated by a difficult circumstance in their lives. They are seeking an ED sufferer who is currently between … Continue reading

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Levi's Brand Launches Sick Skinny Campaign

Levi's used to be the bomb, but in recent years their brand has tanked due to competition from other small, boutique brands. I personally still love their jeans and their fit…but after seeing their recent ads I will hesitate to … Continue reading

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Random Cool Stuff

So many posts, so little time! Here is a bunch of interesting info that has come my way that I need to share in Cliff's Notes fashion! Pro Anorexia Documentary Watch for "The Truth about Online Anorexia" airing in the … Continue reading

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Risk your vision for creepy eyelashes?

I stumbled upon an ad for "Novalash" this weekend so I went to check this product out online. Novalash will give you the "lashes nature should have given you," and its the only FORMALDEHYDE free lash extender (yep, that's embalming … Continue reading

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Monday Music Therapy

What are you listening to? If  music is not an essential part of your day- make it one. It lifts you, guides you, and builds your confidence that YES your life can be different. My Monday Music Therapy Band: Green … Continue reading

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