Gotcha! Cellulite and all shows through for Kim Kardashian

This story cracks me up. I think because I have never heard of this happening before.

Complex magazine accidently printed the pre-photoshopped version of cover girl Kim Kardashian, showing to the world she is a real woman.


They pulled the reality photo as soon as they could, but the internet already got a hold of it.

So here's my question – when you look at magazines,do you still view them as if the images you see are real and compare yourself to them? Or do you somehow believe those are real bodies, real faces, and you will never measure up?

I hope not, this should all be soaking in by now.


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19 Responses to Gotcha! Cellulite and all shows through for Kim Kardashian

  1. jenny says:

    Haha! My first thought was “somebody just got fired!” Seriously, don’t these magazines run their whole issue by like… a TEAM of editors who check for this stuff?
    Even though I know that they’re not real, that doesn’t even matter, I still compare myself to them. :( Short of living in a cave and never seeing another picture again, I don’t know how anybody could NOT compare themselves to them.

  2. Melissa says:

    This was such a screw-up for the magazine, but I’m so glad to see it getting the attention it is, if only to show that real women have cellulite. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We know all these celebs are airbrushed, and it’s sickening. Perfection is an unattainable ideal.
    I love Women’s Health models — they’re all trim, muscular, taut — their bodies I envy because they so clearly work for them. And they look usually pretty grainy … i.e., no Photochopping — or minimal at best.
    I don’t compare myself to air-brushed celebs, but I DO compare my body to fitness model’s bodies (not body-builder’s bodies)… I see their figures as inspirational. Not unattainable.

  3. Kim says:

    To be honest with you, I just cut all those kinds of magazines out of my life. That’s not to say I don’t expose myself to the dominant culture at all! Not by a long shot! But the last magazine I subscribed to was Bitch – because I thought the models in the fashion spreads for Bust were too mainstream!
    When I’m watching television, however, it can be really easy to compare, or to become motivated the wrong way – not motivated to be healthy but spontaneously motivated to diet or what have you because I’ve been re-sold for the millionth time that my life could be better if I were just skinny.
    Then I remind myself that life is good now.
    And sometimes I remember it’s even better when I just turn the damn TV off!

  4. Tiger says:

    I view them as real.
    And I read some high-fashion magazines regularly—because I love fashion, honestly.

  5. a.rae says:

    hey this is a.rae.
    im on your myspace and you never write back. anyways, i am going into IP on the 9th of April and am scared shitless. have any advice on how to stay focused on recovery, and not worry about the negatives?

  6. mV says:

    Hi a.rae: Sorry, I never check MySpace…I should shut that page down!!
    email me at and we can chat.

  7. Angie says:

    This is probably going to sound a tad weird but hopefully not confusing.
    Angie (me)knows that magazine pictures are completely distorted from the original but the ed in Angie says to me everyday that I need to aspire to them. I used them to cover my walls a few years ago and to be completely honest, i fight the urge to cover my walls with them everyday.
    It’s very worrying because for someone who doesn’t know much about photoshopping etc (used to be me) could and do get really distressed and obsessed with trying to become a computerised picture.

  8. mV says:

    Hi Angie: Your viewpoint is the same as many others. I think that our brains can not differentiate between real and airbrushed…no matter what our logical side tells us.
    I also think that we have a natural inclination to seek out images that are beautiful (ie unrealistic), which ingrains this problem even deeper.
    Fight the urge to plaster your walls with this stuff though…what else could you plaster instead? What inspires you? For example, I love certain non-model ad campaigns, fonts, descriptions and sayings. I always pull them out of magazines and look at them because for some reason they make me happy and calm.
    I also love certain patterns and shapes, which lead me to quilting. The repetitive nature of quilting just seems to calm me.
    Do you know what I mean?

  9. Amy says:

    We know it is not real, we strive to look airbrushed, basically. Have you heard the makeup commericial that says something like “Its like your airbrushed”. How foolish.

  10. smudgeruk says:

    This is great! I’ve just spent a happy few minutes playing this twisted game of “spot the difference” and so far I’ve come up with :
    – cellulite (pah! call that cellulite?!) removed
    – skin tone on legs evened out
    – legs slimmed down
    – stomach flattened and nipped in, hips slimmed
    – right arm slimmed down (look at the gap between the body and the arm…)
    What I love the most is that they’ve even changed the fabric on her right arm – there’s a little ruck which disappears in the second picture! What the hell…??

  11. Araea says:

    Ok seriously, I didn’t know where to post this, but what is with all these famous people attempting to show us either they are “flawed” or how much weight they have lost? Has anyone else noticed the recent extreme boom on body image. It seems to be extremely bombarding us right now. First, it’s Kirstie Alley on Oprah in a bikini, then Tyra in a one piece, then Valerie Bertinelli poses in a bikini on People, Jennifer Aniston in a Tie, McCain’s daughter, Cindy Crawford nude in Allure,Kim Kardashian saying she has cellulite, then next you have Marie Osmond in People talking about how she lost weight! Not to mention, the amazing progression of 100 calorie snacks and Frito Lays AMAZING commercials! I am all for being healthy, but how can anybody say the media doesn’t propagate body image issues is beyond me! Just the other day somebody said on the Today show, “If women spent as much time focused on what’s going on in the world, as much as they do on their weight, women could conquer the world” and the sad, but empowering thing is it is so true. Sorry for the rant, but it’s all just getting out of control. Aah just think about it ladies…

  12. Jen says:

    I think she looks better in the first picture, quite honestly.
    I’m wondering why they made her more pale in the ‘shopped picture?
    They even took out the bumps in the clothing (the ones that happen when you bend at all) and her ponytail on top of her head. Why?!
    “Oh no, my sleeves are bumpy!”

  13. s. says:

    i know that magazines photoshop the crap out of you but i also see size 0/2 women out in the streets who haven’t got cellulite and are gorgeous to me and so i strive to look like them. so yes, curvy women are airbrushed, like the recent picture of singers Adele and Kelly Clarkson and now Kim but look at all those models on catwalks and in the streets.
    i guess thats just how i think when i blick through magazines, that ooh that woman’s curvy so she must be photoshopped but that one’s skinny so she must be real.
    so i go on hating my size 4 body every day because i am more on the curvy side and i want to be the perfect skinny, not the one who needs to be airbrushed.
    screwed up i know.
    why do i carry on buying these magazines when they are screwing with me? because i love fashion.

  14. smudgeruk says:

    “I’m wondering why they made her more pale in the ‘shopped picture? ”
    Jen, I also noticed that. :-/

  15. joanne says:

    I know they are not real but i want to look that way anyway because (even though i know that this is completely false) if i just worked HARD ENOUGH and if i wasnt so LAZY i SHOULD look like that. i dont know how im able to be so firmly convicted of this but know that im wrong at the same time?

  16. Penelope says:

    Saw a pic of Angelina Jolie lately on a magazine cover. They airbrushed the bones from her décolleté, from her collarbones down. Not even any recess right below her collarbones. Just smooth, healthy-looking skin straight down. Now I guess we all know what she really looks like, and I pity her, because I believe she’s in pain, but what is that pic trying to tell us, again? Thin is beautiful, healthy, perfect.
    No. Thin is bones sticking out, and it’s worth airbrushing, because it’s just scary.
    What the hell. Airbrushing ‘fat’, airbrushing bones. Get a grip, people.

  17. Kate says:

    Wow, that’s sort of funny and sad.
    Anyway, I see them as what I want to be, even when I know they are photoshopped.

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