Is this really necessary?: Crawford In Cream

Why does this bug me?
– Maybe because shes a mom…hello? your kids will grow up and see this.

– Maybe its because I thought she was a class
act and she sure as hell doesn't have to pose for this semi-porn stuff.

-Maybe its because its just embarrassing to me. Isn't true sexy-ness being modest and coy?

-Maybe its because Jen Aniston just did a similar stunt, so this seems to be becoming a trend for the 40 somethings.

-Maybe because it appears desperate.

Cindy, you still got it, you are in top shape and extraordinarily beautiful. No need to prove it since this is very apparent with your clothes ON.


Thanks for the tip on this from Stephanie at BISJ.

Photos to appear in Allure, run out and get your copy now!!

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One Response to Is this really necessary?: Crawford In Cream

  1. jenny says:

    You’re right, it looks desperate, not sexy.
    Whatever happened to the little black dress, and leaving a little mystery?!

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