Megan McCain sticks it to 'em (kinda)

I am sure you have been following the latest "your fat, no I'm not saga" involving Megan McCain and Laura Ingraham…but if not here's the gist;

In a purely political discussion, of which both women are respected thought leaders, Ingraham chose to make a wise crack about McCain being "plus sized."

WTF big time.

McCain shot back with intelligent, well thought out remarks on the View yesterday;

"What do young women think when I speak my mind about politics and I
want to have a political discussion about the ideological future of the
Republican Party and the answer is, 'She's fat, she shouldn't have an

Discussion continued on her blog today;

All I can do is try to be a positive role model for women of my
generation and, I hope, help show that no matter what industry you are
in, what size you are has nothing to do with your worth.

Ok, good, good. McCain had me going until this excuse for herself sputtered out of her mouth;

"I have been teased about my weight and body figure since I was in
middle school, and I decided a very long time ago to embrace what God
gave me and live my life positively, attempting to set an example for
other girls who may suffer from body image issues. I have nothing to
hide: I am a size 8 and fluctuated up to a size 10 during the campaign.
It’s ridiculous even to have this conversation because I am not
overweight in the least and have a natural body weight."

Sorry babe, but you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. Are you embracing what God gave you or trying to convince the world that you are comfortable with it?

Why did she feel the need to reveal her actual dress size for cripes sake? Doesn't this in itself show her insecurity and her need to prove she is good enough?

I'm not trying to hammer McCain too much, she's under one hell of a lot of pressure here and I am not sure I would articulate my points any better, but the whole thing is just totally and completely infuriating.

So here we sit.

Women sparring women.

I've always said it, we are our worst enemy girls.

Until we find peace within ourselves,

we are basically screwed.


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14 Responses to Megan McCain sticks it to 'em (kinda)

  1. Carrie says:

    From what I see here, she’s merely stating her size to show how ridiculous this is all getting. If a size 8 or size 10 is apparently so grotesque that she shouldn’t be airing her political opinions, does that mean anyone with a good head, but simply, a larger body, won’t be able to help the country? What if a future president’s wife happens to be a size 20? Does that spell “disaster” for the country?
    This sort of thing seems to apply everywhere. Women are expected to slim down so that they look good for their company. Teachers should be thin to influence their students. Aerobics Instructors should not only have the qualifications but the leanest body as well. It doesn’t matter how competent you are if you don’t have the socially-acceptable body to go with it.

  2. ellie says:

    I agree with Carrie. I think that Meghan was stating her dress size in order to point out that a perfectly normal, healthy dress size is being called “plus.” Not only are women expected to be slim, they’re expected to be un-healthily thin.
    At the same time, it is possible that Meghan is a bit defensive in this piece. I don’t blame her.

  3. Sarah says:

    I agree with what was said above, I don’t think she is trying to defend her weight. Just saying, “I’m size eight and proud… shut the hell up. I am beautiful.”

  4. Melissa says:

    I almost blogged about this last night. I thought the same thing when I read it — was *totally* in support of her until she spoke about sizes, which just seemed unnecessary to an extent. I DO see her point, and understand why she chose to address her size, but feel like she didn’t need to say anything at all …

  5. prettyshinythings says:
    Sexist behaviour. End of.

  6. Amber says:

    Umm, this women is NOT a size 8…..

  7. mamaV says:

    Hey Amber: Why did you feel the need to express this opinion?
    The reason I ask is – this attitude perpetuates the entire problem being discussed here – women ranking on women.
    This reminds me of the Jennifer Love Hewett weight situation in which she said she was a size 2 and everyone jumped in and hammered her because she didn’t “look” like a size 2.
    Why do we care?
    Why do we want to try to prove they are lying?
    Why would she lye in the first place?
    Seriously, we have to stop working against each other. I don’t give a rip if McCain is a size 4 or 24, its irrelevant.

  8. Melissa says:

    I think mentioning the size 8 thing was bothersome because she used it to almost “justify” her existence in a way, which I found tough to swallow.
    To be honest, I also thought the same thing — that there’s no way she’s an 8 (I’m an 8 myself these days, and I might have body dysmorphia but I honestly don’t see her wearing the same size as me and I mean it in no way to be offesive to Meghan). Not that it matters what size she IS; she’s smart and pretty no matter what; but it sounded as though being an 8 is ok and she was almost scoffing about it … but anything more isn’t acceptable … which just perpetuates the cycle of bad body image.

  9. Amber says:

    I agree with Melissa…
    I mentioned my above opinion b/c i am a size 8 as well, and when women publicly lie about their weight and size it makes everyone question their own….
    Why lie? I think women who are portrayed as ‘curvy’ ‘sexy’ ‘voluptuous’ in the media say ‘oh, i know i am not skinny, i am a size 8’ wtf does that make me think?
    If you are a size 12 say it damn it!

  10. dub says:

    I agree that stating her size was unnecessary but I think it’s a forgivable offense. She’s in the public eye and constantly being scrutinized. How good are YOU at public speaking? I’m sure if someone followed me around and scrutinized everything I said they would be able to find some quotes that are seemingly stupid or shallow. Give the woman a break.

  11. Saddened says:

    I felt like I had been punched in the gut when I read what Megan said in her interview. I MYSELF AM A PROUD SIZE 12. I have been this size since I reached my adult height. Of course, I am only lately a PROUD size 12. I was convinced I was fat for half my lifetime, and I made myself miserable and very very sick because of this erroneous conviction. I grew up reading magazine articles about size 2 celebrities, and always felt awful about myself. But you know what? I am not overweight by medical standards(my BMI fluctuates between 22 and 23), but i guess I am morbidly obese by media standards. It saddens me that when we hear that somewhere wears a size 8-10, we categorize them as overweight. WHY WHY WHY is size 10 considered a plus size? By healthy standards women who wear this size are generally not overweight. I hate this culture.

  12. kmorrison says:

    As a McCain supporter it’s fun to see that same spark that that her father has come through in a new generation and in a new manner.

  13. Izzy says:

    There are a few posts above this one that, to tell the truth, piss me off a little. The point that Megan McCain is trying to make is that she is a smart woman, and that her size does not make her who she is. A few people have commented that she could not be a size 8. Does it really freaking matter? You are doing the same thing that critics are doing. Nit picking about weight and dress sizes.
    Now I can not say that I would agree with this woman politically, but she sounds intelligent and she seems to know why her views on politics are what they are. THAT SHOULD BE WHATS IMPORTANT!!!! Not what size clothes we all think that she wears.

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