Got Wrinkles? Find a pig.

Botox? Pleeassse….that is so yesterday.

Pig is where it's at.

Pig tendons actually, currently used with the in crowd in NY, those willing to sacrifice health in the name of personal vanity.

It's called "Evolence," how chic. 

"In the 1980s, we got ourselves shot full of bovine (cow)
collagen (which required an allergy test several 
weeks beforehand,
never desirable when one is seeking an instant pick-me-up).

In the
’90s, we began freezing our faces with a derivative of the botulism

In 2003 came Restylane, a breakthrough hyaluronic acid (or H.A.,
as it’s known in the trade) derived from

Nowadays many New
York doctors also offer Radiesse, a filler made of synthetic liquid
, and Sculptra, which was invented to treat the hollow cheeks of
H.I.V. patients.
" – NY Observer, Meredith Bryan.

Cow Collagen. Botulism Toxin. Bacteria. Liquid Bone….on to pig tendons! Down with wrinkles! 


Just gimme a shot of whatever you got – if I get nodules in my lips that have to be surgically removed – so
be it! Who cares if my religion says I can't eat pig….they didn't say can't inject it in my face!

Shhh…best of all – this stuff can easily be hidden from the hubby since it leaves no bruising, bumps or redness! You'll be dancing the night away within the hour and he will be loving you like his twenty year old girlfriend.

How lovely,


P.S. Just in case you are still curious…take a look at these beauties. Whoa.


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3 Responses to Got Wrinkles? Find a pig.

  1. Sharon says:

    Again, it’s sad to see people have these insecurities about their appearances. These people think that their negative opinion of themselves is fact. As if having natural sized lips is a problem. It reminds me of that actor you wrote about last month or so. It is sad.

  2. Beth says:

    Oh please, I got those lip injections a few times and now have permanent, soft, small, silicone implants. You know what, when I tell people, they are shocked. You forgot to show pictures of what MOST patients come out with. If we want to hide wrinkles or have bigger lips to be treated better or get more attention, or to fix something we don’t like about ourselves, what is the problem???

  3. Amy says:

    The problem is that people feel the need to hide wrinkles and have bigger lips to get treated better. Thats the sad part.

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