Kelly Clarkson Photoshopped and likin' it

New album cover for Kelly Clarkson.

Photoshopped to hell.

Artist likes it.


“We decided the cover of the album and
just in case you haven’t seen it I’ll post it! It’s very colorful and
they have definitely Photoshopped the crap out of me – but I don’t
care, haha!

“Whoever she is, she looks great, ha! I’ve had so much fun with this album; I really hope y’all dig it woohooooooooooo!!!!” – Clarkson's blog

How can you not care?

I wonder what Dove thinks? See Walmart/Dove soundcheck sponsorship

Here's where I am going with this;

Imagine you are going to be featured on the cover of a local magazine. The cover comes out and its not you, its some perfectly-smooth-no-bumps-no-lumps-version of you. Wouldn't you feel weird cruising around town having people see you in real life and think ing"Wow, she doesn't look like that cover? She sure as hell is not as pretty."

Allowing this fake-ery (if that is even a word) is just asking for it. Asking for criticism. Inviting public analysis,. And generally just, well, an unwise move.

I lived this crap and it sucks. As a model, you have these amazing pictures produced  of  yourself. It made me feel like an impostor. The model version becomes your evil twin.  The one everyone thinks you are…but are then disappointed when they see the real you. So; the evil twin had to go.


My Evil Twin. Dead as a door nail.

I killed her years ago.

I killed her by going everywhere and anywhere with no makeup. 

I finished her off by letting my body go back to its normal, healthy size.

I wiped her off the face of the earth by letting every single ugly flaw show to the world; zits , cellulite and all.

I said goodbye to the fake me, and I said hello to the real me. The one with perfect imperfections that are mine for life and I wouldn't give them up for anything.

Beauty will always go downhill, so you gotta just enjoy the ride.


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8 Responses to Kelly Clarkson Photoshopped and likin' it

  1. Sharon says:

    “Beauty will always go downhill, so you gotta just enjoy the ride”.
    I think you should add in that sentence that Hollywood’s conception of beauty is what people can never follow, because according to Hollywood, your real beauty will always go downhill and that is why you need to buy every new beauty product to keep you young.
    When people age, they do not become less beautiful; it’s Hollywood that sees it that way.

  2. Tiger says:

    I’m not sure that beauty goes downhill with age–it changes sure, but some of the most beautiful women I know have white hair, and wrinkles. Beauty is not plastic, but rather the grace with which a woman becomes herself.

  3. aileb says:

    “Allowing this fake-ery (if that is even a word) is just asking for it.”MV
    She didn’t allow the fakery in My December and she “got it”
    A cancelled tour, low album sales and bad criticism.
    Check out the cover to her last album, “My December.”
    She’s much curvier with dark hair and sings about staying sober. gasps!!!-in the summertime.
    She gets it now!
    She has to “play the game.”
    If she wants to sell albums “another girl” needs to be put on the cover, she needs to sing someone else words, and had to apologize to Clive Daves for wanting to do her own thing.
    She spoke out, failed, and had to conform. (Think about..really think about how much of a blow to her ego and what that did to her Ed -esteem)
    Should we blame her for conforming, the critics, Clive Davis, or the music go-ers.
    I’ve got my finger pointed at Clive Davis!
    Frito Lays is conning woman. We don’t go after the oh, so cute cartoon images. We go after the company.

  4. pageantL says:

    dear MamaV, I think what Kelly Clarkson means is that although it is an insult to be photoshopped, she is admitting that it is not her and is brushing it off. I think she deserves some credit.

  5. l says:

    talk about photoshoped…
    i think that is the worst example i have ever seen. look at her arms where are her great beyonce muscles it looks so awkward and shiny

  6. Beth says:

    The fact is more albums will be sold with that cover than an untouched photo. Which do you think she would want? Which would most people want?

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