The Bachelor: Totally Pathetic

I'm sorry but any woman who lines up for a cattle call for a chance to marry "some dude" is nuts. I mean really girls, where has our self esteem gone?


Yahoo's Top Entertainment Story Today, why would you want to subject yourself to this?


This latest fiasco on The Bachelor is the kicker - the guy proposes to one, then changes his mind and asks the other – and she accepts? The 50's are over man, and why are we headed back?

I truly think this is pathetic. If one of my friends, or god forbid my daughter someday, wanted to go on this program I would be seriously worried about their mental health.

A. You don't line up for a husband under any circumstances.

B. You don't beg a guy to choose you. 

C. You sure as hell don't go on national TV, stand in a room of other contenders, and start balling if you don't get "a rose."

This all goes back to one simple thing – self esteem.

If these girls had any respect for themselves, they would not even dream of getting married this way (and none of you better either!)

I blame the rest on their parents, yes they are grown women, but for cripes sake can't we even raise a child with the confidence to stand on their own, know what they are worth, and not settle for less? The parents of these fine, smart women even participate in the selection process for goodness sake!

NOT normal. Rant over.

Am I off my rocker?


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8 Responses to The Bachelor: Totally Pathetic

  1. Shinobu says:

    I do think the people that go on these shows are crazy and so are the people that go on those dating shows and compete to win the guy or girl. You can just see the low self esteem in the way they throw themselves at somebody they know almost nothing about.
    I’m sure some go on it to win money, some go for their 15 minutes of fame, and others… who knows? Still crazy though.

  2. G says:

    I find the whole concept insulting. I do think most of the women going on these shows are just out for their fifteen minutes though. If that’s any comfort…
    I appreciate the website. It’s nice to have a voice of sanity around.

  3. J. says:

    I have never ever ever understood this show. A few years ago when I still lived at home my mom and younger sister LOVED it and I was just like, “why?!?!” It’s so insane. I feel that way about most reality shows. But something as significant as this is so disturbing.

  4. Hillaty says:

    “B. You don’t beg a guy to choose you.”
    I would disagree with this one point. Situations in like aren’t always so simple that you can just have whoever you want with ease. “Don’t make someone a priority when they only make you an option,” I know. But I disagree, sometimes people are worth begging and waiting for.
    And that has nothing to do with my self-esteem.

  5. l says:

    no no they are not
    do you really want to be with someone that you have to convince to be with you
    to actually beg
    its pathetic

  6. Hillaty says:

    I’m not saying everyone is worth it. Or even most. And I myself would never beg for anything, I’m too prideful and conscious for that. I am merely stating that neither life nor love are black-and-white games. Not to mention that I’d never be so selfish as to beg the one I loved to do something for me rather than him or herself, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth begging for.
    If you aren’t willing to lower yourself to your knees for love, then you’re not loving.

  7. l says:

    shouldnt love be about standing equal.

  8. Hillaty says:

    Everyone has their own ideas of and standards for what loves is or should be.
    If I truly loved, I’d be willing to beg. Hopefully I wouldn’t have to, but it’s that I would be willing to that matters.

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