Is this really necessary?

German Artist Ivonne Thein was so horrified by pro-anorexia web sites that she created "Thirty-Two Kilos" (70 pounds) exhibit….digitally enhanced images glorifying it? or mocking it? or perpetuating it?

If Thein got it, she would realize these images are the best youtube thinspiration yet….



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7 Responses to Is this really necessary?

  1. jenny says:

    wow, that’s probably the least effective thing ever, assuming she was trying to turn people off of it.
    “Normal” people will just think its more glamourous than they already seem too… and pro-ana people will wallpaper it everywhere. And this woman will make money off of it. sickening.

  2. Loulou says:

    *lol* Yes, you’re right Jenny. Actually i already wallpapered it and everytime i’m looking on it i feel guilty, anger and jealousy that i am not like her! :-( But i really want to!

  3. aileb says:

    At 90 pounds, I usually have to go see my regular doctor and they begin to worry again.
    At 80 pounds, I end up in the hospital and have to gain. I hate pretending that the emptiness doesn’t feel good.
    I’ve never thought about hitting 70. It doesn’t that bad at all.
    Seriously, why would this photographer put this image in my head?
    This is like the whole “Wasted” book.
    Thinspiration in disguise.

  4. Sarah-J says:

    ‘If Thein got it, she would realize these images are the best youtube thinspiration yet…’
    So why post them on a nominally pro recovery site? I don’t get it either MamaV. And there’s not even a warning to say that this post is triggering. I think you should delete it. Just my two cents.
    I think that the comments above demonstrate why.
    To Loulou and Aileb, My guess is that these statues or whatever they are, are made to actually look even thinner than someone who really was that weight would look. Even if this ‘artist’ was supposedly trying to do some good and just happened to fail miserably, it’s a version of the same crap that we are subjected to every single time we see an image of a woman. We have no idea what’s real and the way we look naturally is never what they want to portray. I urge you to fight against this instead of turning your frustration, your energy and your talent against yourselves. Please don’t be inspired by these horrible and fake images. Inspire others with your own natural beauty instead. I know it’s hard but together we can fight the good fight. xx

  5. Sharon says:

    its horrifying, disgusting. ew. is this what people with anorexia look up to? then this is good evidence to show that people with anorexia really do need help and they are not “competing for attention”. ew. this is photoshopped. i know how to do this. ew. how can you be fooled into thinking the women in the picture are real women?

  6. aileb says:

    “how can you be fooled into thinking the women in the picture are real women?”
    The thing with anorexia or eating disorders is that your perception of self and body is distorted.
    Logically, I know that those are not real women but I can’t see “it,” the skin and bone reflected by my mirror, or horrifying or disgusting picture you see.

  7. dub says:

    You know, this idea could have been really effective if she had gotten some props for the pictures. Like maybe some hospitals beds, medical equipment, feeding tubes, coffins. She could have shown them wearing make up and high fashion clothing but lying in hospital beds or coffins. That would have garnerned attention without glamorizing the illness.
    But with her friends doing “glamorous” poses and wearing cute outfits, her exhibit is a complete DISASTER.

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