Frito-Lay has got your number ladies

Thanks for Hannah for directing me to this totally enraging ad campaign from chip maker Frito-Lay.

Con women into eating salty snacks without feeling guilty and fat.


Create an interactive web site (must have cost them a mint) centered around four, fab, funny, fearless females (gag).

My personal fave is Cheryl who describes her "secret shame" as "I lost five pounds, but somehow they found me again."

LOL! Talk about FritoLame!!

On to "secret shame"… how many marketing geniuses did it take to come up with that little diddy? I don't know about you, but I usually hide in the back of my closet, in the fetal position, clutching my salty snacks, and praying for forgiveness.
Throughout the annoyingly cheesy "webisodes" there are several references to skinny jeans, fat, not eating, losing weight, and so much more fun and frivolity that I am running out to Walmart tonight to smash a few bags of Doritos..

Beyond the secret shame discovery, Frito-Lay's intense "guilt" study revealed we are soothed by mellow colors, so they reworked the packaging to create the illusion that their snacks are super healthy.

The irony here is – I liked Baked Lays! I liked Sun Chips, and I love Nacho Cheese Doritos – hell if I am going to spend a penny on them now.

Who do they think they are kidding?

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3 Responses to Frito-Lay has got your number ladies

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m also incredibly insulted by the stereotypical occupations these women have. The most professional or ambitious woman with a job at a bank “wants to be more creative” and the men these women are with are all powerful position holders (accountant, lawyer). It’s so anti feminist I have difficulty believing more women aren’t agitated.

  2. Araea says:

    I am 100% agitated by this ridiculous commercial! Not only, is it the longest commercial in the world, it is ridiculously insulting! I would love to see one of these stupid commercials come out for men. It’s just disgusting that ad companies market this crap!

  3. Dina says:

    I actually tried to send them an email. They wanted my phone number and address, which made me uncomfortable so I didn’t fill those parts out. Conveniently, there was an “error” and my email could not be sent. I do plan on sending them a letter though. Hopefully I’ll have more luck with that. I was so offended by this ad. My boyfriend and I were watching tv and couldn’t believe the crap this commercial was spewing!! It made me so uncomfortable. I don’t know who decided to make an ad like this, but I know it definitely WASN’T a woman!!

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