Sexy Rachel Ray Heats Up The Kitchen

 'If I'm gutsy enough to do this, this is a good thing for everybody. This is the everywoman, here she is,'" Ray reveals to Nightline

Is this good for everybody?

Does Ray's sexualization of herself actually hurt the everywoman?

I have always taken the stance - To Each Her Own. Live your life, I'll live mine .

But there's something about this story that struck a cord with me. I am left asking – was this really necessary?

What do you think?



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9 Responses to Sexy Rachel Ray Heats Up The Kitchen

  1. Michelle says:

    Is this legit?
    I used to love Rachel Ray.
    She became WAY too commercialized.
    She lost her ground.

  2. cuileann says:

    Objectifying yourself is now a way of advancing The Cause of Womanhood? Huh.

  3. Carrie says:

    If you cook in a bra and skirt, I sure hope you’re just mixing pancake batter. Sputtering oil and bare skin is a bad combination.
    From what I read in the article – she said she had to contend with 17, 18 year old models or something along those lines, and thought putting herself in there would be gutsy, since at that time she was 35. Maybe it was, but really, does she *look* 35 or just as young and nubile as the models? I’m pretty sure she’s been airbrushed as hell. The idea that older woman can be sexy is alright, but she just presented it in a wrong way, IMO.

  4. Amy says:

    This is sick. And you know whats even sicker? If given the chance, 99% of girls would do the same thing. Myself included. Because we all want to be hot. Because of this EXACT kind of media.

  5. Melissa says:

    OMG, and it’s photochopped to hell.

  6. hello says:

    this was 6 years ago…
    shes still super nice and a great cook

  7. .C. says:

    Rachel Ray’s food is not so great in my opinion – why does everything have about three pounds of cheddar in it? – and I guess that’s all I have to say about that. Well, that and if she actually ate the kind of food she cooks for her show she would not look like that. It probably is photoshopped too, yes. Anyone know for sure?

  8. Michelle says:

    I would like to see the sources for these photos. I saw them on the internet years ago after googling her name (i was looking for recipes). At the time I just figured some loser had done some photoshopping to appease his fantasies.
    If you have ever taken the time to watch RR’s talk show, you would know she often describes herself as one who “doesn’t even look down in the shower,” and she often dresses in lots of strategic layers. She extremely modest when people say things like “how do you cook like that and stay so slim,” replying she is not slim but simply dresses well (don’t get me wrong I think she has a great body and i’m including all her ups and downs, she has definitely yo-yoed within a significant range, as is normal for anyone who actually places a LIFE before a DIET).
    I personally disregarded these photos. And even if she did do them, I would say it’s nice that someone can feel sexy not only without starving, but actually PROMOTING eating!

  9. Maggie says:

    Yeah, this is really old news… and she’s quite a bit “fluffier” nowadays since her divorce.

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