Pro Ana No More

Are you a former Pro-Anorexic who has quit the cult?

Are you willing to participate in a University study on the topic?

Please email me for more info

Thank you!

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11 Responses to Pro Ana No More

  1. aileb says:

    What kind of craziness is this, pro-anorexia is not a cult! It may be a lot of things you do not agree with or understand but it is not a cult.
    Anorexia is a mental condition and statements like this discredit the work that other bloggers like Laura Collins are trying to send
    “Learn that this illness is not anyone’s fault, but that these are brain disorders, genetic and biological and they rob patients of the ability to engage in therapy and questions and “control.”
    It seems to me that this “researcher” is trying to get stories of how normal people were recuited by these pro-anas and turned anorexic against their will. If you do not have the predisposition for it then you won’t become anorexic.
    Is this the story they are after:
    I was surfing the net and I stumbled on a pro-ana page. I tried to exit but omgz! It was to late, they got me. They made me wear a red bracelet and memorize hundreds of TiPs and TrIcKs. Before long, I was saying thinspiration quotes, like stay strong and nothing tastes like thin. They also made me pray to the holly MK and Nichole and bow before the porcelin bowl.
    It is so sad, It it the week after National Disorder Week and we have “researchers” who think that it is that easy. Log in, join a “cult” and become anorexic.
    Just for giggles, are their any other researchers out there trying to spread some more sterotypes about eating disorders? You know like: we are doing this for attention, to get back at our parents, to look like models, to be skinny, or because the media put pressure on us.

  2. penelope says:

    i love you for that comment.
    people who visit pro-eating disorder sites who don’t already HAVE an eating disorder are not going to suddenly develop one. anyone who tells you that lies. they may not be lying on purpose though. i’ve noticed that a lot of the members on pro-eating disorders sites CLAIM to have an eating disorder when in actuality they’re just looking for a quick way to lose a few pounds. check out xanga or livejournal and i’m sure you’ll find hundreds of journals that begin with something along the lines of “oMgZZZzz!!!11one1 iM lyKe so0o0o0o fAt s0 iM gOInG to be aNaz n0W!!!! oMgzZZZ l0lzZZzz! aNa lUvvV 4eVaa” and the update twice after that and you never hear from them again. i’ll tell you why. they don’t actually have an eating disorder and they’ve resumed normal eating habits, which isn’t a bad thing, but it gives the online eating disorder community a bad reputation. no one forces other girls to starve themselves or whatever and those who are ridiculous are educated about what it’s actually like to have an eating disorder. the websites that deliberately “teach” someone how to have an eating disorder are created by stupid girls who don’t know what they’re talking about, like the example above. girls who genuinely have eating disorders use pro-ana as a support system. when you have an eating disorder, the world is terrifying and lonely and sometimes the only way for sufferers to feel like they’re not completely on their own is through those websites. genuine friendships are formed there and most people have everyone’s well-being in mind. it’s not like if you tell the group that you’re bleeding out of every opening on your body they’re going to tell you to continue go hide in a closet or something because “dA d0cteRz w1LL m@k3 U fAT!1!” clearly, these sites are not in your taste and that’s fine. you’re entitled to your opinion, but it’s just not cool to attack the community.

  3. Kelnius says:

    penelope, you’re a fucking idiot.
    Words are incredibly powerful persuaders. Saying ‘pro ana websites don’t CAUSE anorexia’ is like saying ‘alcohol doesn’t CAUSE drinking’. No, it doesn’t, but it sure as hell isn’t helping the situation!
    Anorexics feel detached they need connection . . . yeah yeah, but talking with other anorexics isn’t going to get them any healthier. Pro-Anorexia, by allowing anorexics to befriend prevents, or in the very least hinders, sufferers from connecting to parents, friends, loved ones or doctors.
    People within pro-anorexia sights openly cheer each other open, promote starvation, give advice. Each and every attaboy, each and every tip is the potential tipping point which kills another one of the one in ten anorexics which die each year.
    And let me put it this way, if you don’t agree with me and like the idea of starving yourself, come to my house. I’ll tie you up in the basement and let you starve to death. Sure the police can charge me with murder, but they can’t convict me, because I’ll say:
    “It wasn’t torture, it was just this new diet I was trying out . . .”
    Grow a fucking BRAIN, grow a fucking CONSCIENCE; and instead of allowing anorexics to congeal together in the corner, talk to them yourself, get them the help they desperately need because as I say:
    Anorexia isn’t a way of life;
    Anorexia is a way of death.

  4. mamaV says:

    Hey Kelnius: Watch the language.
    Expressing yourself intelligently with minimal vulgarities would be appreciated.

  5. aileb says:

    Kelnius, I don’t know where to begin..
    “Anorexics feel detached.. ”
    If we are detached and have a hard time opening up to others, then why oh! why, would you suggest cutting of all talking to other anorexics; including other anorexics who are working on recovery?
    Even in the SomethingFishy site, they have 2 sections. One for anorexics working on recovery and the other just for anorexics.
    Should that site be shut down?
    You know with your statement and all..
    “by allowing anorexics to befriend prevents, or in the very least hinders, sufferers from connecting..”
    Sweetheart, I am anorexic. I don’t need you to tie me so that I can starve myself. I do that of my free will.
    “It wasn’t torture, it was just this new diet I was trying out . . .”
    ANOREXIA IS NOT A DIET, it is a mental disorder.
    “get them the help they desperately need ..”
    So what have you done lately to prevent eds?
    “Anorexia is a way of death.”
    So very true. The mortality rate is very high. We don’t need people threating to kill us off because “we don’t have a brain.”

  6. Kelnius says:

    mamaV, I’m Australian, swearing is part of my fuckin culture.
    aileb. You’ve done a fantastic job of not listening to a fucking word I’ve said, good job. The reason why, oh, why I suggest not putting anorexics in the same room together, is because I believe that anorexics should not be sectioned off from society. It’s the same reason why I don’t put black people or atheists together, because I believe that they are human beings and have as much right to live in the community as everyone else.
    By placing them in the corner, by placing YOU in the corner, you are officially not a part of society, you’re an ‘offshoot’, an ‘afterthought’. And it also allows the social stigma against anorexics to grow.
    The same way we used to treat homosexuals, and the way we currently treat drug addicts. People pushed out of the public arena aren’t given the chance to seek the help they need.
    I don’t talk about stopping connection, rather aiding the connection anorexics truly need, with SOCIETY, with REALITY and with a medical professional or some such authority.
    I know anorexia is a diet, I’m not a fucking moron. But in your comments, aileb, you answer your own question.
    You want ME to accept that anorexia is not alright. I want YOU to accept it, you the sufferer don’t you dare question my ethics or my capacity to understand the seriousness of the problem, unless you do first. Don’t you fucking dare.
    And what I have done to prevent eating disorders. I ate dinner. I lived MY life.
    I’m not threatening to kill you, that’s what we Aussies call a ‘hypothetical’ makes you open up your eyes to the idiocy of a situation by displaying it in the extreme. And that’s called patronization.
    If you misunderstood or were offended by my earlier comments, remember two things. Firstly, I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to penelope. SHE needs to grow a fucking brain, SHE needs to grow a fucking conscience. I realise that NOW I am talking to you, so feel free to be offended by this. Secondly, it’s not my fucking problem. It’s yours. I have no control over how you percieve my words but to hope and pray that one day you will stop killing yourself. If you have the guts to stand up to me, the guy blatantly insulting you, why have you not the strength to stand up against yourself and fight this condition that you blatantly wave in my face.
    My final advice for you. Listen, Learn & Eat, and stop wasting my time.

  7. aileb says:

    I do believe MV has asked you to watch your language. You did an excellent job
    of not using the F word in your post about eyelashes :)
    By the way, why on earth would someone want to make any part of themselves bigger? I just don’t get it.
    I am so sorry, that you think that i’m waving this disease in front of you. I would never wish this on anyone.
    You make a good point, if I could speak out against you then why can’t I get the courage to speak out for myself and fight this?
    I don’t know, i’ve had this so long and I don’t know or remember how to be any other way.
    I know that my way of thinking isn’t right and i’m not in the right state of mind. One day, after I recover, I hope I have the passion and strength to speak out against eating disorders.
    I don’t take your words as an insult, my own words cut much deeper.
    I’ll take your advise one day. Right now every bite is still a struggle.

  8. smudgeruk says:

    “when you have an eating disorder, the world is terrifying and lonely and sometimes the only way for sufferers to feel like they’re not completely on their own is through those websites. genuine friendships are formed there and most people have everyone’s well-being in mind.”
    That’s all very true. I’m all for a better support network for people with EDs, because it is incredibly isolating.
    I just, personally, don’t believe some pro-ana sites, where it’s all “Think Thin” and “Stay Strong” (as in avoiding food), are the best places to look for that support. I personally think they are harmful, and have to be detrimental to any chance of recovery, surely?
    Kelnius – there could be some good points in your post, pity about the swearing and the abusive way you go about writing them.
    You might not agree with what others are saying, but please express that in a less hostile way.
    And, much as it made me laugh, being Australian is not a valid excuse. Nice try, though. ;o)

  9. sunnyminutes says:

    i was anorexic before entering a ProAna site, i enter the site because i have anorexia for soooo long and never in my life i thought about meeting other anorexic people…you know you cant go asking people if they have an ED, and if they can help you…or simply ask question about the disease…it was really weird meeting so many people with ED, i feel i was not alone with the problem…it is not my probelm it is millions of people problem…and we can talk about it freely, not feeling that the question that i have about food is stupid or rare….i can share my feelings and emotions…
    I think all the people that are in ProAna sites know that Anorexia is a terrible disease that it can cause death…but we cant help it, we want to be thin or die trying, to control something in our life, weight. nothing is more yours than your own body.
    i actualy feel bad after 4 or more days of not eating something i start to questtion myself why im doing this? will i be happy once i reach my GW? what will i do next? what the hell im doing with my body!!??…i panic, but i cant help it, feel guilty after eting… i dont want help, i dont want to be fat…
    i dont care anything else.
    (this is just my opinion you dont have to agree with this obviously, and yes there are some PROANA sites that are for stupid people that want to be anorexic..for some reason, i really dont know why will someone want to be anorexic…is like hell).

  10. Katie B, AoA says:

    I was heavily into my eating disorder when I joined the ED community AKA the pro-ana groups. It was =because= of them that I found the strength to go into recovery. My forum is for girls both in the throes of their disorders and those of us in recovery. And many girls there look into recovery because they have those of us trying hard right beside them to look up to.
    That said…mamaV has a very unique writing style and a scathing wit. It doesn’t surprise me that she’d call pro-ana a ‘cult’. TBQH, we -do- act a bit like a cult at times, what with our secret symbols and secret societies. Just accept that it’s just a turn of phrase and nothing more. I doubt offense was meant by it, and it’s a bit childish to take it where it’s not needed.

  11. Alaizabel Cray says:

    Penelope, you make a good point. My sister was never anorexic and she went to a pro-ana website with her friends just to poke fun at people like me. She never developed an eating disorder. I on the other hand had been sick for years before I discovered what Pro-ana even was. The only thing Pro-ana can teach anorexics is how to do it “right”

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