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Knob of a father needs a kick in the pants.

Ok, this disturbing tale has been brewing for a while, here's the deal….. I found out recently that a father I know regularly berates his daughter by calling her "fat, stupid, and ugly." This guy outright says his daughter, and … Continue reading

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Gotcha! Cellulite and all shows through for Kim Kardashian

This story cracks me up. I think because I have never heard of this happening before. Complex magazine accidently printed the pre-photoshopped version of cover girl Kim Kardashian, showing to the world she is a real woman.   They pulled … Continue reading

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Is this really necessary?: Crawford In Cream

Why does this bug me? – Maybe because shes a mom…hello? your kids will grow up and see this. – Maybe its because I thought she was a class act and she sure as hell doesn't have to pose for … Continue reading

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BlogHer 2009 – Please vote for us!

The BlogHer Conference is in Chicago this summer, and I need your support to win a speaking engagement on a topic that I know matters to all of us! The topic: Blogs & Body Image: What are we teaching our … Continue reading

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No insurance? No cash? No dice.

"This disease takes our best and brightest." Words spoken from a glassy-eyed father, arms folded in defeat, as he tells of his once genius-level violin playing daughter who can now barely hold down a part-time job.  "Where will she go?" Inquires a small business … Continue reading

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Megan McCain sticks it to 'em (kinda)

I am sure you have been following the latest "your fat, no I'm not saga" involving Megan McCain and Laura Ingraham…but if not here's the gist; In a purely political discussion, of which both women are respected thought leaders, Ingraham … Continue reading

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Lady in Red Living Life

Talk about being yourself….. Then again, I had a feeling that juice bottle was filled with hooch which may have helped the cause. I took this picture while in Madison, WI today, attending a NEDA STAR event. More about this … Continue reading

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Top Posts

mamaVISION has been writing since 2006, here are the most read/most discussed posts of all time; Topic: Pro Anorexia Internet Suicide Ana & Mia Calorie Restriction or Pro Anorexia? Pro Ana Nation Pro Ana Privacy Topic: Disordered Eating Disordered Eating, … Continue reading

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Makeup required.

These two executive FREAKS from the Bank of England held a "Dress for Success" day in order issue the following memo to their female employees; “Look professional, not fashionable; be careful with perfume; always wear a heel of some sort … Continue reading

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Rihanna: Maybe she deserved it.

A beaten, bruised image of 19 year old pop star Rihanna is everywhere; magazine covers, tabloids, and even on Oprah. Police reports state: Rihanna questioned her boyfriend, Chris Brown, about text messages (from a woman). He proceeded to punch her … Continue reading

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Got Wrinkles? Find a pig.

Botox? Pleeassse….that is so yesterday. Pig is where it's at. Pig tendons actually, currently used with the in crowd in NY, those willing to sacrifice health in the name of personal vanity. It's called "Evolence," how chic.  "In the 1980s, … Continue reading

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Time to cut Ed loose!

During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I attended a presentation at Marquette University by Jenni Schaefer, the author of "Life without Ed." As I walked to the presentation room, I caught a glimpse of the cool window art created by … Continue reading

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Kelly Clarkson Photoshopped and likin' it

New album cover for Kelly Clarkson. Photoshopped to hell. Artist likes it. Why? “We decided the cover of the album and just in case you haven’t seen it I’ll post it! It’s very colorful and they have definitely Photoshopped the … Continue reading

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The Bachelor: Totally Pathetic

I'm sorry but any woman who lines up for a cattle call for a chance to marry "some dude" is nuts. I mean really girls, where has our self esteem gone?   Yahoo's Top Entertainment Story Today, why would you … Continue reading

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Is this really necessary?

German Artist Ivonne Thein was so horrified by pro-anorexia web sites that she created "Thirty-Two Kilos" (70 pounds) exhibit….digitally enhanced images glorifying it? or mocking it? or perpetuating it? If Thein got it, she would realize these images are the … Continue reading

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Extreme Beauty

Vogue's Version Of Extreme Beauty.The point? You got me.More here  

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Frito-Lay has got your number ladies

Thanks for Hannah for directing me to this totally enraging ad campaign from chip maker Frito-Lay. Objective:Con women into eating salty snacks without feeling guilty and fat. Process:Create an interactive web site (must have cost them a mint) centered around … Continue reading

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Why in the world would this model be crying?

The fashion world is all in a tizzy over this 14 year old girl they pushed on the runway even though she had tears streaming down her cheeks. Why was she sad? Was she mad? Was it part of the "look?"  … Continue reading

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Sexy Rachel Ray Heats Up The Kitchen

 'If I'm gutsy enough to do this, this is a good thing for everybody. This is the everywoman, here she is,'" Ray reveals to Nightline.  Is this good for everybody? Does Ray's sexualization of herself actually hurt the everywoman? I have always … Continue reading

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Toddlers & Tieras: The Most Psycho Show in America

What are flippers? Dentures for toddlers used in Beauty Pageants. Flippers are used when baby teeth fall out, causing the child's smile to be no longer perfect enough for pageantry (God forbid a beauty queen would be allowed to stand on … Continue reading

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