Toddler Treadmill…what happened to the back yard?

A treadmill. For a toddler.

What is wrong with this country?

What happened to "Go play outside kids!"

What about "Let's go play catch."

What kind of parent purchases a $154.00 treadmill for their toddler to "burn off extra energy?"

And look at those little footprint stickers on the runner, how adorable.

I know what it is to have energetic kids. My son is a little firecracker. He's the greatest. The kid goes from morning until night and barely takes a breath (in fact he is crawling around on the floor right now pretending his Thomas train is flying, this after a full day at kindergarten).

Children need to be PLAYED with.

FRIENDSHIP needs to be encouraged, so kids get out and experience the world.

I can just see neglectful parents that buying this thing, and props a TV in front of it. It is just shameful.

And don't even go down the "there's an obesity epidemic" line of thought. We are talking toddlers here. Young children that parents should be teaching and cherishing, and encouraging IMAGINATION to cure any boredom.

I swear, sometimes I think I was not meant to live in this crazy place. I just don't relate. Moreover, I just don't want to.

Off to fly trains with my boy,



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10 Responses to Toddler Treadmill…what happened to the back yard?

  1. Kyla says:

    where does the craziness end? i find this appalling!

  2. LaurenZane says:

    I think this is really just a lame attempt at marketing… and humor. People love to buy precocious junk. “Aw, look! He has a treadmill! He’s so grown up!” It’s like clothes that are made for animals. It’s less offensive to me than… well, lame.

  3. smudgeruk says:

    There is a debate about this sort of thing fairly regularly in some of the press here in the UK – why kids just don’t play so much, why they’re getting obese, access to TV and so on…
    When I was a kid, I used to ride my bike, I used to play out until dusk, going all over the place with my mates.
    Kids just don’t do that nowadays, parents are terrified about letting their kids out of their site and playing in the garden or in the street in case they get abducted or murdered or raped or bullied by other kids or whatever. It’s sad.
    My sister is a primary school teacher. The other week we had snow and she was gobsmacked when a load of the kids came over and asked her how to make a snowman properly. They’d never made one with their parents before, so they didn’t know where to start with it.
    She also says that by the age of 7 or so they seem to have most of the top gaming consoles, and that’s what they do all day, play on those. That and staying up until 11pm watching TV in their bedrooms – which leaves them good for nothing at school the next day.
    Of course, it’s a different topic, but it’s worth noting that a lot of the games they choose to play and the programmes they are allowed to watch are certificate 18. There’s something very wrong with a parent that allows a pre-teen to play Grand Theft Auto…

  4. Melissa says:

    Total marketing ploy. Kids belong on a playground, playing, period. Not striding on a moving belt.
    That said, I wish in gym class (particularly in high school) instead of hitting a ball, we’d have also had the opportunity to weight lift and work out.
    I was an athlete so I did all that *after* school, but it would have been nice to have that during the day. We did do an aerobics segment once …

  5. Jen says:

    I read the description on the website and what got me the most was the last sentence:
    “The display monitor shows kids distance and time so that they record personal fitness goals.”
    How the hell could a toddler have personal fitness goals? Why would a toddler really care about fitness? Do they even have the cognitive ability to care about fitness? Sure, they might want to play on it because an adult does, but simply just to mimic the adult.
    If I were to use that in my classroom, my kids would want to just play on it and not do classwork.
    This just really disgusts me…are parents really getting that lazy they don’t want to just *play* with their kids instead of wasting money on this crap?

  6. ellie says:

    I agree with you that a toddler treadmill shouldn’t be an excuse not to play with kids or encourage them to play with others. But I’m friends with a couple who go to the gym regularly and their 3-year-old girl likes to “train” with her daddy.

  7. Heidi says:

    I see your point and agree that kids should play outside with their parents. However, a lot of times this is not reality with today’s world. I think the Kids treadmill can be a positive thing too. 1) A child can feel like mommy and learn how to be active while being next to her on her treadmill. They can talk and make memories. and 2) It is much better for a child then to just sit in front of a tv, isn’t it? Especially for kids that don’t have parents around as often as they’d like. It can be used and not be extreme. Ya know?

  8. lieben says:

    Interessante Informationen.

  9. Lauren says:

    W. T. F. ??????

  10. bethlael says:

    Frankly, I think it’s kinda hilarious! My five-year old son runs back and forth down our hall for up to an hour a day (it’s a pretty short hall, so it’s more of a shuttle run). Even after a full day of school, or days at the park, he still gets cranky and asks (okay, demands) that we get home in time for him to “do his laps.” I do remember reading stories about Lance Armstrong doing something similar as a child, so maybe I have a future elite athlete on my hands. Regardless, I bet he would loooove this treadmill, silly as it is.

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