Fat Attack: Jessica Simpson Media's Latest Victim

Perfect Bod Celebrity turned normal – the entire world freaks!


Simpson then and now: Daisy-duke dream girl turns beautiful woman.

Google her name "Jessica Simpson" to find 300+ fat stories leading the way. Classy headline examples include;

Jessica Simpson: This Is How She Rolls
Jessica Simpson's jeans of terror
Jessica Simpson packs it in for Tony Romo

Here's the deal. The girl had no where to go but up. She was screwed. When one is born with such good genes and a killer bod like Simpson, it's only a matter of time that some aesthetic change will occur – and anything looks fat next to then her pose in daisy-dukes.

And the world is fricken mean.
The media is relentless.

They will not stop until she gives, diets, and shows up in a few months slimmer and trimmer to prove her worth. It doesn't matter how many people say she looks great. It doesn't matter if she thinks she looks great, the pressure is too immense. Can you even imagine being under this kind of scrutiny?

I recall a personal story, which I know many of you with ED's will relate to. I was 17, an anorexic waif returning from Paris, going back to High School to finish up my senior year (yes it was hell, but thank god my parents made me do it), and the judgments were rampant. My class had graduated, I was in with the younger class, and of course everyone knew I was the "Paris Model." I wanted to hide because I didn't want to be that girl anymore because I couldn't live up to their expectations.

As I worked my ass off to get healthy, trying to get my head screwed back on straight, I gained weight to be at a normal weight – others noticed alright.

And they were mean.
Girls are relentless.

"She's the model?" they whispered behind my back.
"She's not that pretty" others stabbed.

I even remember going to a party years later and running into this snobby makeup artist that I never liked anyway because she was a total fake. She took one look at me and said, in front of a room full of people;

"Oh, Heather – I remember meeting you when you were so fat! I was thinking- she is the Paris model?!"

What was I supposed to do with that?
I should have pounded her, but the truth is I felt like shit.

I pile of shit that had worked years to be deprogrammed from the psycho modeling world only to be demeaned again and again by our society.

The point of the story today is;
You can not win ladies.
You absolutely can not win.

The question of the day is:

Who are you living for?
What are you doing to impress others?
Is it working for you?


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15 Responses to Fat Attack: Jessica Simpson Media's Latest Victim

  1. smudgeruk says:

    She’s wearing high-waisted jeans by the looks of things in those photos – they make anyone’s backside look more rounded.
    I’ve said it before – women are supposed to have boobs and a bum: that’s what makes them look different from 14 year old boys (which is the figure Kate Moss has, right?)

  2. .C. says:

    She is going to get eaten alive. You’re totally right about that, MamaV. And I don’t think she’ll escape without change. Probably she’ll slim down again, forcing herself to. I guess another option is she could lost control and gain a bunch of weight. I don’t know, but I think we can expect another change… the only question is how quickly. What do the rest of you think? I’m really interested to hear the comments on this post.

  3. Michelle says:

    I feel horrible for her. I remember when she thought Tuna was Chicken.. Why do I remember that? Because EVERYONE talked about it! I was a part of that world. I discriminated against celebrities. Mainly because I was jealous.
    Now I’m not.
    I’m not jealous of the life they live. I feel sorry for them. Specially celebrities who actually TRY to live normal lives after their huge fame and it doesn’t work out for them.
    I pray to God that Jessica doesn’t slip back into that whole..
    As for who I live for? I live for God, I live for me, I live for my family and my friends. I don’t live for the world any more. I don’t live up to that ridiculous expectation.
    I am who I am, and I LOVE it. =]

  4. Araea says:

    Ok I know, I am going to get hated on for this, but I don’t think she looks good at all. However, it is her prerogative so if she is happy with herself that’s all that should matter. Also, I think it was partially bad clothing choice. The belt is fabulous, but maybe just not on her.
    As for who I live for, I would love to say myself, but that’s crap. Pretty much my sister because without me she would be lost. And I really don’t worry about impressing others. The exception is my mother, but I have come to realize she will never be impressed by me! So no it isn’t working, but this is the life I know.

  5. dunja says:

    I believe that the likes of Jessica Simpson reinforce these perceptions, really. I understand that a lot of it is media-fed, but the celebrities themselves chose to promote their work with their looks, and public picks up on that. That is why you get Mariah Carey (a great voice and talent, regardless of whether you are a fan or not, and I am not), go on Oprah (a brilliant woman who has achieved so much, again, regardless of whether you are a fan or not) and the whole show is about how Mariah lost weight, and how that oh-such-an-awesome thing, like they have nothing else to focus on (erm..music, perhaps?). I never heard Tori Amos, Cindy Lauper, Pink, Bjork, Tina Turner…talk about weight. So, it is a personal choice.

  6. aileb says:

    “The girl had no where to go but up”
    I can’t understand why some people get to go up and others like me go down until we are trapped by the eating disorder.
    To me seeing her at that weight and listening to all the negative press totally reinforced the eating disordered thoughts.
    “I can’t eat because I will become like her or everyone will make fun of me.”
    She will probably lose weight again and then everyone will give her praise. That will just further reinfoce the eating disordered thoughts that thinner is better.
    Maybe, that is why reverse thinspo is highly banned in most of the pro-ana sites. Our biggest fear isn’t getting down to skin and bones. It’s becoming normal or average. To the anorexic there is nothing more scarier than that.
    Who are you living for?
    No, not me. This isn’t living. It’s like being trapped in an inbetween world. Where the images are distorted and I can’t trust my judgment.
    What are you doing to impress others? They use to be impressed with my disappearing act. Now, I just leaving them questioning my actions.
    Is it working for you?
    I am getting smaller and losing again. The Ed is doing it’s job of taking over. Like any other addict, I say, “I’ll be able to stop when I get there.”

  7. Melissa says:

    I felt so bad for her seeing these pics. She’s beautiful, with or without the extra weight. In fact, she looks healthy now, vixen-like. Voluptuous. But yet she’s stigmatized. Please … breaks my heart. And also makes me think twice about criticizing my own body.
    And thank you for sharing that personal story, MamaV … that must have been tough to hear but you were stronger than those words … kudos!

  8. Melissa says:

    This whole thing broke my heart. Jessica Simpson is a beautiful woman, with or without those pounds. She looks more vixen-like now, more voluptuous. Godforbid she’s a 4 not a 0 or 2! Good lord. Gag me. THIS is why so many women struggle with body image … breaks my heart.
    And it makes me rethink being cruel to myself for my own weight gain. Like Jessica, it’s only been a couple pounds … not worth crying over. But it’s hard to see.
    She’s happy and healthy and looks great … sad they will beat her down til she loses it again … and then we’ll see her on the cover of US Weekly … “How I Dropped 10 lbs.” BAER.
    MamaV, thanks for sharing your story — I am glad you were able to find strength even during those tough times — I might not have handled it as gracefully!! Good for you, seeing yourself as healthy and beautiful when NOT skin and bones.

  9. Melissa says:

    Sorry for the double post, MamaV!

  10. Jen says:

    What’s worse is I’d be willing to bet the people who published these articles are most likely bigger than her or even…gasp…the same size!
    Sometimes I wonder if they’re sitting there, laughing, knowing this is all just ridiculous.

  11. Jen says:

    Another thought – how weird is it that in only 100 years, we’ve evolved from thinking a curvaceous woman was beautiful to finding an emaciated stick beautiful?
    In the victorian era, women were idealized if they had full hips and curves – because typically these curvaceous women were very fertile and that meant more procreation.
    How is it that we’ve evolved to idealizing women that look like 12 year old boys?
    Here’s a link you might enjoy –

  12. Jen says:

    Here’s something for everyone to be alarmed by – people are requesting plastic surgery for their funerals.
    “Plastic Surgery for the Dead”

  13. mamaV says:

    thanks for the news tip Jen, posting on the plastic surgery for the dead thing now. C’mon!

  14. Amy says:

    When I showed this to my husband in the grocery isle, he smiled and said, “so there actually starting to put good looking girls in magazines now?”

  15. Noone says:

    OMG she looks totally fat!! Doesn’t she know that girls look up to her and she’s parading around being PROUD of being fat?!?! What kind of person would do that!? News Flash Ladies: If you’re huge, you loose; if your thin, you win!

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