Mickey Rourke: Dude, what happened??

Well, well, it’s sure nice to see a MAN butcher himself for a change.

Former “beautiful” person turned beast, actor Mickey Rourke has come out of hiding to accept a
Golden Globe Award and Oscar Nomination, only to scare the crap out of the public, and
even the most seasoned news journalists.

Above are Rourke’s plastic surgery pics. Below is Rourke today transformed into a pumped up roid freak, and looking scary as ever.

Rourke is making the rounds promoting his film The Wrestler, but the interviews are mighty painful to watch.

On the TODAY Show, Matt Lauer tiptoed around Rourke with carefully worded questions, while Rourke ribbed his puffy lips nervously, and from time to time peered through tinted glasses with a strange, shameful, vulnerable expression that one would not expect from such a tough guy.

Pretty boy Lauer obviously felt sorry for the guy, you could just tell he wanted to ask the REAL question’ “Dude – what happened to you?”

On The View, the normally perky crew circled around Rourke like mothers to a child, making comments that seemed nothing more than an effort to make the guy feel better about himself. They even brought out his little pooch, announcing her as “his date” which made the whole scene even more pathetic.

Truth be told- I too feel sorry for him, how can you not?

But remember, Rourke did this to himself (a fact he readily admits).

At the height of his career, when being compared to Brando, the guy asks some hacker to:

  1. Stretch his entire face as tight as can be.
  2. Add some puff to his lips (which is rather odd for a man don’t you think?)
  3. Plug in some huge ass cheek implants.
  4. God knows what else.
  5. Finish whole deal off with a heavy dose of steroids and you’ve got a self made monster.

Now before you say I am being mean and insensitive – here’s some insight into Rourke’s charming personality;

Just a few weeks ago he was castigated for uttering a “gay slur”
against a Los Angeles journalist, and shortly before that had to
apologize for a foul-mouthed outburst at a female movie executive. “I
didn’t realize that the c-word would be offensive to a lady,” Rourke
explained according to Telegraph.

How lovely. Moving on to the time he cut off his pinkie finger because, hey, he didn’t need it….

“I cut my little finger off because I thought I didn’t want it. I was
angry about something so I decided I didn’t need the end of the little
finger on my left hand. I didn’t cut it off completely – it was still
hanging on a tendon – and an English friend, Gary, carefully carried
the end of it as we went to hospital to try to rectify the situation.
It took the surgeon eight hours to sew it back on. I still can’t bend
it properly.”
– Starpulse

With that, I’ll close my chapter on Mickey Rourke. I likely will not see the movie, too depressing, so instead I’ll wait for his next physical transformation.

Vanity bites,

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20 Responses to Mickey Rourke: Dude, what happened??

  1. Smudgeruk says:

    I wonder whether there’s some BDD going on with him…

  2. Sharon says:

    It is sad to see a person’s natural, healthy gifted face be touched and changed. In this case it is even sad to look at for those who do not care too much about appearance. The sadness is mainly because of his problem way of thinking. I hope he gets help to help him understand what is causing him to think this way and solve it (drug addiction or whatever it is that is causing this).
    I think he needs to connect to a Higher Being in order to heal. He needs to understand that his appearance is given by a creator (whatever that is). He needs to feel protected so he won’t feel the need to control everything. This idea of a Higher Being helps all kinds of people recover from illnesses- ed, addiction and other seemingly unexplainable life events.

    • Talia says:

      Your “higher being” crapola is just a crutch for weak-minded people that can’t manage to figure out how to go through life without someone else telling them what to do. Baaaa!!!

  3. Vanessa says:

    he’s no better than i am. i’m not comfortable judging him.
    i find your superior attitude so offputting sometimes. i know you think all of us without your gifts should just pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, stop whining, etc. has it ever occurred to you that just because mental health is apparently an act of will for you it might not be so easy for other people?
    you see vanity in mickey rourke… i see insecurity and desperation. too close to home for me to wag my finger.

  4. I didn’t realize he had plastic surgery, I hadn’t heard his name mentioned or seen him in years, until the preview for this movie. Then I saw him on the today show, and I thought, What the heck happened to him? I looked him up and he is only 4 years older than me, but he looks 20 years older trying to look 30 years younger. I feel so badly for him, he’s obviously in some kind of mental pain.

  5. Newt says:

    I read an excerpt of his interview on the today show. He came across like a honest person. He know he has flaws and doesn’t sugar coat it. I’m not here to judge how he looks he’s a great actor and that is all that matters. Only reason I know the dude exists is because he is in movies that is his job. If he were just a nobody, not a celeb/actor you wouldn’t be having this discussion. This whole topic is judgemental and almost appears as though you are influenced by how people look.

  6. Smudgeruk says:

    I think I read somewhere that he first had plastic surgery after breaking several bones in his face boxing.
    That’s why I wonder whether what started as necessary medical treatment became an obsession through BDD or similar.
    Anyhow, I understand he referred to Tom Cruise as a ‘C’ in reaction to Cruise’s views on psychiatry. So he can’t be all bad, hey? ;o)

  7. Kristina says:

    I think he’s more complicated than a “vanity case”, to which you are reducing him.
    For an interesting and more in-depth look at the man, you might try to read an article from the NYTimes magazine:

  8. Jill says:

    It sounds like the “classic” case of extreme BDD to me. And I don’t understand where you were going with the exert about him cutting off his finger… why be so sarcastic and use that situation against him? He obviously has a mental illness. Holding that, and the way he’s dealing with it toward the public, against him is just as bad as disregarding an anorexic who plays off her problems as no big deal. It’s a form of hiding the incredible pain.

  9. Hey Vanessa: I hear you, I do – but I just don’t buy this dude. My intuition tells me he’s a fake and when I saw the media fawning over him it really irritated me.
    I don’t take mental health for granted, god knows I have had my share of struggles.
    I would bet that we will hear some whacked out story about him in the future…for now he is getting everyone’s sympathy because “Come Back Kid” is a good story.

  10. Hi Kristina: Read the NY Times article as you asked…still don’t buy this guys whole aura.
    The article actually gave me more ammunition:
    1) “He said his fans got angry when he voiced his opinion about acting, calling it “women’s work.”
    2) He’s a wife beater: In 1994, Rourke was arrested for assaulting Carré Otis.
    3)Rourke claim to be a Golden Gloves champ, yet according to his Stepfather “Mickey was never in the Golden Gloves. He has these fantasies.” He goes on to say he never told the truth in his life…so who is bluffing?
    4) Interesting how he has his assistant kiss his a– everywhere he goes, c’mon- the dude has to have his cigarette handed to him?
    ok, I’m done.

  11. Newt says:

    Perhaps the guy is a complete jerk but we don’t know him (then again maybe you do, I don’t) and think we should just base him on his job performance which is too entertain. The Wrestler is a fantastic character piece which is raw and full of emotion. He did a great job.
    You are judging him based on how the media portrays him. Perhaps the journalist was being a “c” or maybe not but that issue is between him and her and honestly is that really news worthy?
    Sitting here belittling/judging/mocking celebrities is no different than mocking a complete stranger. Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.

  12. KO says:

    Hahahaha those quotes from him were so funny.maybe he was trying to be funny.anyway wow he was so hot, in that “then” image!! wow age and plastic surgery and what have you really dont so any good…sigh
    but yeah plastic surgery should be avoided.but when im old and my neck is sagging down to my collar bones. i am sure to get some plastic surgery going. If i have money after i save the children of africa from poverty

  13. p. previte says:

    Your attitude is ignorant. As is verified by his sisters and stepsister, MR suffered terribly at the hands of a sadistic stepfather. The plastic surgery looks like an attempt to erase his former self (Michael Jackson anybody?). We all need to be a little bit more compassionate and perceptive in our dealings with each other. The guy is a great actor – always was, always will be. Until you’ve lived his life, keep the school yard bully crap to yourself.

  14. mamaV says:

    P. Previte: Are you Rourke’s relative? I guess not, so your synopsis is as much hearsay as mine.
    This happens to be a blog, a blog is about expressing opinion, and debating it…not about bullying.
    I’ve read enough and seen enough of Rourke to last me a lifetime and at the end of the day I think he’s a fake.
    I would like to hear your opinion about the NY Times article http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/30/magazine/30rourke-t.html?scp=4&sq=mickey%20rourke&st=cse
    (Read the WHOLE thing). His stepfather is quoted, and Rourke’s personality shines through when he yells at his stupid dog, and has a little servant boy following him around to hand him cigarettes. This struck me as odd and arrogant.
    Just an opinion though…I respect yours as well.

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  17. Ajlouny says:

    He looks so gross and who ever did his surgeries and implants needs to be fired and never to practice again…unless…of course…he wanted to look like that. He wasn’t a bad looking guy before. What’s wrong with just aging gracefully.

  18. Cameron Rogers says:

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