mamaV's video blogging tips

I started my YouTube channel on a total whim. Back in 2006, I saw my first episode of America’s Top Model, and flipped my lid.

First Video

Top Video

Pro Anorexia Informational Video

My Favorite Video

Thinking about video blogging yourself? Go for it! Here are a few tips from an old pro;

RULE #1: Who cares what you look like
you are going to prim and pluck before starting the camera rolling –
forget about it. Be yourself, be real, becaues that is what people want
to see.

RULE #2 Post the first take
Every single video
you see of mine is the first take. I don’t mess around, nor should you.
Start rolling, have your say, and post it. No looking back.

RULE #3 No editing
me, you are going to babble on some videos, but let it go. Your videos
will be more authentic if you don’t edit them – let it out there flaws
and all.

RULE #4 Have fun!
Give it a try, and have fun
– if you find you are not having fun and you are instead all stressed
out over your videos – hang it up. Perhaps video blogging is not for
you. Try a blog instead!

Good Luck!


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