Want to be on Oprah's diet? Pay up!

With all of Oprah's drama over her weight gain, and the resulting encouragement for us all to "get back on the wagon" as to not embarrass ourselves -one would think her diet plan is free in order to build a true sense of community.

Not a chance.

Oprah's savior of the moment, Bobby Greene, charges $9.95 per month for his wisdom – after a 30 day trial.

Quite interesting, especially since this price has been reduced already, which last week was $19.95 per month with no trial- I guess sales are a bit slow?

The article
about her talking about her weight gain wasn't even free until recently – instead it was printed in a two page excerpt as a teaser – with a call to action to "buy the magazine for the full story."


Both Oprah and Bob are rolling in dough, and this feels like they are preying upon the vulnerable with the latest bogus diet scam. With all due respect Oprah, your diet history speaks for itself;

Your 20+ million viewers have watched you tout the "Liquid Diet" in the late 80's, then on to the Rosie Daley Best Chef on the Planet meal plan, to a Vegan cleanse as recent as June 2008 – and now on to Bobby's Best Life Secret -  your newest hero with THE answer.

Sorry Oprah, I love ya, but you are going to be crying in your soup again before we know it. I think you have a serious responsibility to not drag all of us along for ride….much less benefit financially from it.


Oh, before I forget – I tried a little test just for the heck of it. I entered my weight 148 and my goal weight 108 into Bob Greene's Best Life Diet sign up form.

Not a problem! You want to be pro anorexic, Bob will be there for you (and not hesitate take your cash)

Sloppy. The whole thing is just sloppy.



Fun Facts: Oprah's Reach:

Every day, she reaches more than 26 million Americans – and countless
viewers in 100 other countries – from the comfortable sofa of her own
chat show. Fans have rejoiced that she's just signed a deal to host 140
episodes per year, up until 2010. Her website, www.oprah.com, averages
two million visitors a month and receives an astonishing 10,000 emails
each week.

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13 Responses to Want to be on Oprah's diet? Pay up!

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m laughing a little on the inside about your test to see if they would give you a weight-loss plan or what not.
    I used to do that all the time (after my recovery, that is) when I found new weight loss plans online. I’d enter in my weight (which is about the same as yours mamaV!) and then enter in some ridiculously low number just to see if it would work. Some had time frames in which you’d like to lose the weight by. Most of the time, they would say how the Obesity Research shows that losing 60 pounds in less than 6 months is not very healthy. But others would be all for it, giving me quick tips on how to get by a full day with only 100 or so calories and then show me a lovely 2-3 hour workout routine to accompany the lack of eating. Kind of weird; wish I still had the sites so I could show you, but ah well I suppose! I hope they have been shut down by now.
    Anyway, um..
    Sometimes I wish Oprah would go be a teacher at her multi-million dollar school that she built which only houses maybe 30 girls. Then maybe she will get off our backs about losing weight.
    Americans know we are overweight compared to other countries.. but I think we are just now starting to realize that we are too much underweight, as well.
    This is not a time for very outspoken women such as Oprah to tell us that we need to be on a specific diet.
    I wish sometimes that women with great authority such as Oprah’s wouldn’t base everything they do with the way they look. Goodness gracious.. what happened to the old saying “It’s what is on the inside that counts”? There are plenty of people who are doing a LOT more good for the world than Oprah and aren’t in the spotlight. Yet, somehow our country (and apparently several other countries) thrives off of this sensation of “I’ll never be good enough.”
    Let’s take a stand.
    If I ever make it big in America… big enough to which I am on the news or what not.. and someone asks me how I live my life to the fullest, I’ll be sure to mention how
    I recognize the fact that I am good enough for anyone, even myself, no matter what I look like.. I don’t need a diet to tie me down to society’s standards; for my standards are much higher.

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh and the whole having to pay for her tips thing?
    I’m not surprised she is doing that either. She (or her publicist) knows how vulnerable society is.. and how many people would go to the knife just to get liposuction or a tummy tuck.. so 10 bucks a month with a month free for the diet that THE Oprah is on? Heck, I’m in!! Doesn’t sound as expensive.
    Too bad that 120$ a month is only a third of what I am paying for my sponsor child in Africa to eat rice, drink clean water, and hopefully feel well enough to go to school the next day.
    Hopefully people will see that this is a scam and put their money towards something else.

  3. LaurenZane says:

    I first started to question Oprah’s intentions when I some a couple of her shows years ago. It must have been at least 5 years ago, but I vividly recall a particular episode about bulimia. She showed off her sweet journalistic skills by showing a re-enactment of some gal retiring to the garage to vomit. So of course, when the bulimic guest is directly across form her, all she says is, “DIDN’T YOU FEEL SO DISGUSTING. I MEAN, LOOK AT THAT! DIDN’T YOU JUST FEEL SO GROSS???”
    It. was. terrible. Because the young woman just said, “yes,” to everyone of her socially irresponsible questions. If anyone saw the episode- I’m blanking on her name, but she dated the guy who murdered his wife and unborn child out in California. The girlfriend had no idea of course that he was married or the kind of person he was, and so Oprah chimed in again with her insightful, “OH!! DIDN’T YOU FEEL SO STUUUUPID???”
    Oh, Oprah, was it the fame, the money? Dr. Phil’s cheap ethics?

  4. Michelle says:

    This is so sad, but Oprah’s insensitivity is kind of funny to me – at least the way you put it.
    It’s sad that someone can be that insensitive, yet still be raking in the millions. I’m glad we share the same view point on Oprah.. all the girls here at school think she is the most wonderful woman alive.

  5. Laurenzane says:

    haha, oh no. It’s a riot. Sometimes I tune into Oprah and approach it like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  6. Smudgeruk says:

    Hmm. Bottom line? She’s a very, very successful businesswoman. She’s made millions out of her product – herself. And like Michelle says, there are plenty of people willing to pay up for a chance to ‘join with her’ and ‘share her struggle’.

  7. Ning says:

    Goodness, I couldn’t help but try out the free diet profile thing and guess what? Apparently I’m 10lbs underweight and legit to sign up for it!
    I’m sick of these media influences that focus too much on the health discourse without truly understanding health issues. Health has to be approached from a holistic view, and that definitely includes mental health amidst other things.
    What’s the use of the ‘best’ body in the world, if it contains the most screwed up mind ever?
    I would like to ask Oprah that.

  8. It’s weird – but I have kind of this protective feeling towards Oprah. She is so naive in a way, do you know what I mean?
    Even writing this post, I didn’t want to bash her too bad, because I do think she does many, many amazing things for people (Angel Network, girls school in Africa, randomly sending $ to people in need).
    So, I would not say she is selfish in anyway. Just kind of naive when it comes to this weight stuff and any self help work. I remember watching her expression during the episodes on “The Secret,” and she looked like she had never heard such a thing and was completely enthralled in the concept.
    Regardless, I thought it was imporant to point this diet situation out because its just totally over the line in my view.

  9. Smudgeruk says:

    Perhaps that’s the issue then – she’s totally sucked into the diet myth herself. Perhaps she’s so insecure in herself that she totally believes a better body = a better person.

  10. Rachel says:

    I feel sorry for Oprah as well. She’s said before that she struggles with a food addiction, which is usually code for binge eating disorder or compulsive overeating. But, my sympathy stops when she uses and exploits her weight losses and gain for ratings and profit.

  11. Vanessa says:

    i’m so glad you did a post on this! it seems our feelings are similar- i kindof feel sorry for Oprah because i recognize myself in her struggle. at the same time i want to shake her and make her see things more clearly, both herself and the negative impacts of the diet game.

  12. Niika says:

    This whole thing is disgusting me. Whatever happened to her desire for holistic wellness, to help people, to be a healer and also be spiritually enlightened? Diets to lose weight are not holistic or spiritually enlightened whatsoever.
    She is not the same Oprah I used to think she was trying to be.

  13. Mary says:

    Thank you for addressing this. I’m listening to the Podcast right now and am saddened to think that Oprah STILL thinks that dieting works. I was very sad to see the promotional tie-in to the weight loss program. I also want to believe that she is just naive.

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