Karl Lagerfeld: The Fashion Industries Greatest Knob

If you don't know much about Karl, don't bother, I'll tell you everything you need to know. He's the head of Chanel, used to be very overweight, and now walks around shooting his mouth off about fat people every chance he gets.

Psycho Lagerfeld looking more scary than ever, Source: Jezebel

When asked about size zero models, Lagerfeld as usual diverts the discussion to fat.

"There are nearly 30 per cent of young people who are too fat. So let's
take care of the zillions of the too fat before we talk about the percentage
that's left," Lagerfeld stated. 

A spokesman for the support group Beating Eating Disorders said Lagerfeld's
on size zero models were "a very sad reflection" on
attitudes within the fashion industry.

Even more concerning, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen include Lagerfeld in their new book Influence, speaking of him like their fashion god. Here's a killer quote from the book that clearly shows why the Olsen's are so very enthralled by Uncle Karl;

Where we see cupcakes, Karl sees plastic.

AO: What do you do now to stay in shape?
KL: Nothing … I have a doctor who I made a book with that sold five
million copies all over the world. Every country bought one, I think,
in Russia and Italy and everywhere. But I don't get it — I don't know
what Japan is going to do with a European diet book … Since I started
my diet, which was like eight years ago, I haven't touched what I'm not
supposed to: sugar, cheese, nothing! I don't even look at it. It looks
to me like plastic.

Ahhhh…ok. Moving on to Karl's hilarious stunt back in 2007 when he used this model to mock the pressure on the fashion industry to stop the size zero requirements for models after a few dropped dead of pure and simple starvation;

THIS is the type of person who is creating the fashion rags we all know and love.

This is the attitude, the self righteousness, and ignorance we flock to each month as we page through our beloved Vogue.

I post this so you will think about the influence of these fashion moguls, and hopefully think harder about where you are spending your money


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7 Responses to Karl Lagerfeld: The Fashion Industries Greatest Knob

  1. Katie says:

    I think the most ridiculous thing about that article is that he says the beasts used for fur would kill us if we killed them. How many people are killed by minks every year?
    And the fat thing… ugh. He’s just an awful person.

  2. amanda says:

    i actually bought that book earlier today. i personally love it considering i love the olson twins.

  3. Tracey Z says:

    Yep, Karl is certainly the go-to guy for spiritual and moral guidance. I hold him right up there next to the Dalai Lama as one of my personal heroes.
    “We must kill the beasts before they kill us!” Yes, all those minks and fluffy bunnies are certainly fearsome beasts! I have nightmares!
    It must be nice to have such a hyperinflated ego that you can justify anything. I’d rather be poor and a non-celebrity and have a spiritual and moral compass than to have earthly wealth and success and be a total ass.
    Would the world be such a terrible place is we had some fat models? Maybe some average women would finally feel represented instead of maligned and full of self-hate.

  4. olesya says:

    karl is the fucking man. love him and love the olsens’ book.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “karl is the fucking man. love him and love the olsens’ book.”
    Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re kidding…
    Look at him. LOOK AT HIM.
    He looks like a vampire and it’s not too much of a leap of the imagination to think of him acting like one too, sucking the lifeblood from his super skinny girls. And yes, I say girls, not women. The physique he admires is not what a woman should look like.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When did Velvet D’Amour model for Karl Lagerfeld? As far as I know she modeled for Jean Paul Gaultier, and the link you provided also says so. ( I don’t think Karl Lagerfeld would EVER design anything for a fat person – he was outraged when a big retailer wanted to offer a line he had designed for them in plus sizes.)
    Also, if you actually read what Velvet d’Amour had to say about her modeling experience you will see that at least she herself did not feel that she was used only to mock the pressure on the fashion industry to stop using size 0 models.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I despise this monster and his ‘ideology’.
    But on a more serious note…I really don’t get what people have against fur. The majority of comments made are hypocritical given that most people consume animal products of some kind…be that dairy or meat and wear leather shoes or sit on leather sofas, etc. So unless one is a fully dedicated vegan, all this anti-fur nonsense is pointless.

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