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Fat Attack: Jessica Simpson Media's Latest Victim

Perfect Bod Celebrity turned normal – the entire world freaks!   Simpson then and now: Daisy-duke dream girl turns beautiful woman. Google her name "Jessica Simpson" to find 300+ fat stories leading the way. Classy headline examples include; Jessica Simpson: … Continue reading

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Certified Lunatic

That's right, that's me – a certified lunatic. At least that is the way the rest of the world makes me feel at times. Especially since just a few decades ago, one would be placed in a Sanitarium for the … Continue reading

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Calorie Restriction or Pro Anorexia?

What do you think of when you look at this couple? Do they appear healthy to you? Or do they look like death warmed over? Meredith Averill and Paul McGlothin are members of The Calorie Restriction Society, a group that … Continue reading

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Mickey Rourke: Dude, what happened??

Well, well, it’s sure nice to see a MAN butcher himself for a change. Former “beautiful” person turned beast, actor Mickey Rourke has come out of hiding to accept a Golden Globe Award and Oscar Nomination, only to scare the … Continue reading

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mamaV's video blogging tips

I started my YouTube channel on a total whim. Back in 2006, I saw my first episode of America’s Top Model, and flipped my lid. First Video Top Video Pro Anorexia Informational Video My Favorite Video Thinking about video blogging … Continue reading

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Pro Anorexia Sites Increase 470%

Warning: The following post contains images that may be triggering. Pro Anorexia web sites have increased 470% from 2006 to 2007, according to Optenet. 470% – that's insane. Yet, when I ask the average parent if they have heard of  … Continue reading

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Want to be on Oprah's diet? Pay up!

With all of Oprah's drama over her weight gain, and the resulting encouragement for us all to "get back on the wagon" as to not embarrass ourselves -one would think her diet plan is free in order to build a … Continue reading

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Don't say feminist.

The word "feminist" scares me. No matter how you cut it, declaring oneself a feminist has a negative connotation; something along the lines of man hating, bitchy lesbians, with hairy armpits. I started on this trail a few months ago, … Continue reading

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The Beauty Of Motherhood

My 5 year old son woke me up this morning to tell me he lost his first tooth. But he swallowed it. Here’s what he had written on his hand. What else matters in life? -mamaV Sent via BlackBerry by … Continue reading

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Artist dies, and leaves behind a huge ass lipstick sculpture.

While reading the Chicago Tribune obits yesterday, I saw this bizarre picture and had to share. Artist and critic, Coosje Van Bruggen, has died, leaving her legacy in the form of a huge concrete lipstick. This got me wondering – … Continue reading

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WARNING: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CONTAINS ADULT IMAGES AND IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13…oh, that's right, the performer is a 10 year old girl Thanks to Mollie for sending me a link to this disturbing video of a 10 … Continue reading

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Old Bag

Wrinkles are coming to get me…..

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In The Zone

"She said she wasn't going to eat her dessert because she was going to the doctor in the afternoon and she would be weighed." These are words uttered by my 8 year old daughter yesterday. The comment was made by … Continue reading

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Tough Economy? Hire women and save!

I actually had a male boss say this about me behind my back. It took everything in me not to strangle the bastard. Needless to say, my tenure with him was short and certainly not sweet.  Check out how the … Continue reading

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Our Self Esteem Results

I checked the results of the latest poll on Self Esteem, and I feel discouraged….but not surprised. Check this out; Question: How is our Self Esteem these days? See full poll results at the right side of the blog. Sorry … Continue reading

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Karl Lagerfeld: The Fashion Industries Greatest Knob

If you don't know much about Karl, don't bother, I'll tell you everything you need to know. He's the head of Chanel, used to be very overweight, and now walks around shooting his mouth off about fat people every chance … Continue reading

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