New Year, New You!

How will you better yourself this year? I hate to admit it but my resolution is the same as last year. I just didn't master the task.

I am chronically late.

Not majorly, five, ten minutes…but that is enough to be irritating. Rude to the person who is waiting for me, and stress inducing for myself.

I used to be someone who was always on time, even a bit early. But as marriage, kids, career, and blog piled on my priority list I lost some sense of reality. Time to give myself a kick in the ass!

Ok, your turn – what is your resolution (don't say a diet or I'll flip my wig).

Happy, Happy New Year!

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12 Responses to New Year, New You!

  1. Jxx says:

    Well i am affaid you may need to flip as that was my new years res. I know my mum and family wouldn’t want it to be but i cant help it. I hav tried so hard to change this yr but it hasnt worked. and i know wat is cumin again if i dont stop but i find it so hard.
    but i was think of havin 2 new yrs res’s 1 the one above and 2 to b nicer to my brother.
    coz i am always way early for things so i guess urs doesnt count 4 me.

  2. Arrie says:

    Okay, so I’ve been pondering new years resolutions & well….
    I hate to say but My thoughts went straight to self destructive things. So for this year- I’m not having a new years resolution.
    I figured if I couldn’t make it a positive one, then I’m
    Not going to make one at all.
    I just think that’s best.
    I hope you ladies are doing well!
    I look foward to reading some of y’alls resolutions!
    Take care, xxxxxx
    Arrie :]

  3. Lia says:

    I really want to train up for a 10k run this year, but my New Year’s res was rather mundane: I want to stop stressing over each and every minor assignment. It means stopping a big part of my cycles downward, so I really hope I can stick to it. No more obsessing over the perfection of small-fry homework WILL lead to better self-esteem one day. *nods sagely*

  4. smudgeruk says:

    Hmm. It’s been a strange old end to the year for me. After years and years of depression, mood swings and anguish, I’ve finally been diagnosed bipolar.
    TBH, it’s something of a relief – it means it’s all NOT MY FAULT – and that’s taking some getting used to.
    Funnily enough, according to my psychiatrist, as far as eating is concerned, bipolar can make you swing from not caring or wanting food, to binging hugely. That could also explain an awful lot.
    My resolution, therefore, is to put the focus on me and my treatment plan, and getting some sort of stability into my weird old seesaw life, so I can then go forward and start ACTUALLY LIVING… :)

  5. Araea says:

    I always tend to make a few resolutions.One this year is to volunteer at least 8 hours a week, the second one is to be more present and stop living in dreamland and my last one is to take 10 minutes of me time everyday. Hoping the last will help with the being more present deal. We’ll see how this year works out.

  6. Lou says:

    My NY resolutions are to say ‘yes’ more often and to be a healthy, happy and balanced example of being a vegan. I don’t want to portray the stereotypical weak vegan.

  7. grey says:

    I am not one for New Year resolutions, but on your “chronic lateness” goal… I definitely used to be chronically late. I found that if I try to leave the house 20 minutes earlier, that I get there on time. (10 minutes because I’m usually 10 minutes late, and 10 more minutes built in for procrastinating). Of course implementing this is the hard part… I really found that I can’t just aim to be 5 or 10 minutes earlier–any less than 20, and I am still late.

  8. mamaV says:

    Hi smudgeruk: Good for you! I am happy to hear you received a diagnosis that explains that genes account for a lot of issues. Its hard to accept that we can not solve everything on our own, and not feel weak.
    When I discovered my anxiety was gene related, and after trying every single possible natural cure, I finally gave meds a try, it was life changing. Totally, and completely life changing.
    But you know what….I still struggle with thinking “couldn’t I do this without medication?” I believe this is due societies judgements of mental illness. I am sure you will go through the same as you go through treatment. Many here will understand where you are coming from so be sure to reach out for support!

  9. Jane says:

    I made a load of NY resolutions this year, as usual, with the hope that I’ll be able to keep at least one!! I’ve got them on the inside of a cupboard in the kitchen because I can’t remember them all!
    1. Stop biting my nails (has been a resolution for around 6 years!)
    2. Socialise more (have become an almost hermit)
    3. Finish writing my book
    4. Say “no” to people!!

  10. Abby says:

    I resolve to have an even better year than the last, and 2008 was pretty good for me :)
    It will be a good year!

  11. smudgeruk / Sharon says:

    “But you know what….I still struggle with thinking “couldn’t I do this without medication?” I believe this is due societies judgements of mental illness. ”
    Yeah. It’s really pathetic, actually – you wouldn’t try and heal a multiple fracture of your leg by walking it off or “thinking positively!”, so why do we cringe and condemn the use of medication to help heal a faulty brain?
    My psychiatrist is of the opinion that bipolar is something we can be genetically predisposed to – it just takes the right (or wrong!) combination of triggers for it to flare up and become active. And, with depression comes low self-esteem, which increases poor body image, which in the vulnerable can exacerbate negative eating patterns, and it goes on…
    Anyhow – if all else fails, this year can’t be as bad as last year, and that’s what I’m clinging to.

  12. Leasa says:

    not that anyone would ever care, but i plan to lose weight too. cuz i wanna look good in a bikini for once this summer… and i want people to stop thinking/saying that i’m ugly and fat and i’ll never be a model. :( and i want to feel better about my body.
    but i bet no one cares anyway.

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