Don't Believe The Hype

Today I perused my local Barnes & Noble to check out how insane this years diet frenzy has become, " What I found was mind-boggling, well beyond what I expected….

The moment I stepped into the store, I had this dude telling me "he can make me thin." Bonus – his breakthrough book can be pre-ordered! 

Think about that title "I can make you thin." Pretty ballsy if you ask me, but then you have to reach far to complete with the other 14,000 diets books out there.

That's 14 thousand books on dieting. Search for yourself on Amazon.

Do you think its time to admit this is all one big sham? Are you convinced we are all a bunch of suckers being taken for everything we have got? Na. Lets carry on.

 Moving on to the shrines tables perfectly arranged with a fancy custom sign that reads"True Stories of Dieting." You can bet your ass these are displayed in every single store across the country.

They smell your money girls.

Up the escalator I went, in search of the "Diet" section. I was not prepared for what I found. No lie – there were 5 bookcases stuffed with diet books. Five bookcases! Each case fits 300 books x 5 = 1500.

1500 diet scam books all making the same ridiculous claim – they will make you thin. So we keep buying, and buying, and buying.

Women's Health was next. The subjects here focused on cancer, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid conditions, so I figure it would be totally inappropriate for diet books to be included here right? Nada – The Perfect Body Diet slapped me in the face, right next to Preparing For Cancer Treatment.

At this point, I am all sweaty, lugging my heavy winter coat and backpack from aisle to aisle. Other shoppers appear a bit scared of me, as I mumble my disgust and continue snapping away photos with my blackberry.

On to the Addiction/Recovery section…its got our name written all over it. A good 50+ books dedicated to disordered eating, all focused on women. Not one book was marketed to men.

Wait! There's hope- Women's Studies. I dart over to the two bookshelves to find a decent selection of empowerment stories, enlightening topics and leaders in feminism….only to find a few weight stories weaved in. Now that's out of line! Is nothing sacred?

Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening. But please just take a moment to soak this all in.

I hope you will spend your New Year's Day celebrating rather than dieting, being thankful instead of dreadful.

Be one of the smart ones and walk away from this crazy sham, head held high because YOU know the answer to this dieting dilemma. 

Simple self acceptance.



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6 Responses to Don't Believe The Hype

  1. lola says:

    and its moments like those, when i walk into a bookstore at this time of year and see rows and rows of these stupid dieting books, that i do feel very insecure at the thought of how ingrained our westernised conditioning is to make us believe that these diets can make us lose anything more than our health, wellbeing, self esteem, money and time..
    i truly believe that the (perhaps not completely new-found) accepted body-hatred that all women must endure as the norm is definetly a feminist issue, and one that should be discussed as such, but its all just so accepted among all the women i know to hate some part of their physical selves that i feel abnormal in finding the same issue within my anorexic sister as in these dieting books…
    but im only 16 and i suppose maybe im naive.
    anyway, excellent post mamaV and i feel exactly the same. ITS ALL MADNESS! love yourself.

  2. Christine says:
    I started a blog, inspired by reading yours – you are such anamazing person to be so open and honest, keep up the amazing work

  3. jane says:

    Did Barnes and Noble get mad at you for taking photos? One time an employee got mad at me for that. Anyway…. good post!

  4. smudgeruk says:

    Urgh, Paul McKenna.
    The man’s an absolute tit.
    Trust me… ;o)

  5. eshoe says:

    I hate to say I actually almost gagged laughing over this post. What a crock – but then again, whatever sells, right? And the world says skinny = sexy = $$$$, honey.
    Pathetic. Fab post though.

  6. ziska says:

    at my local bookstore, the books about EDs and addiction are literally across the aisle from the diet books. I can’t even safely find a book for myself without being confronted with LOSE WEIGHT!

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