Jennifer Aniston loses her class.

As Hollywood stars go, Jen Aniston seemed to be halfway cool. In interviews she has a nice personality, she is humorous, and up until this point she had class.

Then I see this GQ cover and it leaves me asking "WHY?"

Why is posing nude the answer?
What happened to class?
Why not leave something to the imagination?
Do we just want plain old sex -right there, front and center – blunt, in our face?

GQ is a mainstream magazine for gods sake. Barnes & Noble had this rag on a rack of twenty positioned at the perfect level for my kids to glare at it as we walk by the stand. How do you explain this as a parent, when you are trying to teach your children about not showing their private areas, in an effort to protect them in today's society?

To make my POV clear, I am not irritated because I think nudies are hurting women. Women are always going to have an element of sex to them. The female body is naturally sexy, and I think there's a time and place for showing our sex appeal… but for me the time and place is not sitting bare assed posed on the cover of GQ (which is admittedly photo shopped).

Frankly, it looks desperate.

But, it is a personal choice. I am disappointed in good ole' Jen. I thought she was one of the good ones. When I saw this centerfold spread, I visualized her having a daughter in the future, and possibly regretting this move in her career.

Back in the modeling days, I had my share of pressure to take it all off, and I am proud to say I got out fully clothed….and I caught major shit for it.

I was in Paris mind you, the European culture with topless beaches, and billboards with huge breasts blasting in your face every which way you turn….so trust me, it was not well received when I said "No, no and no again."

Day after day, the castings called for topless posing, and although I told my booker numerous times "I don't do topless," I would get sent anyway. I'd leave and wait for my old, pervert agent Claude Haddad to call me and bitch me out for leaving.

Call me a prude, but this just isn't my style.

Here's the kicker, when she was asked what she sees as a disturbing problem in Hollywood, she responded;

"Look, I think all women on some level just want to rage against the
machine… There are too many movies out there that don't empower
women, movies in which their only way of being happy is finding a man.
And you know, that's not my favorite theme."

Dude…are you frickin' serious?!?!?


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11 Responses to Jennifer Aniston loses her class.

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m not one to follow celebrities, but I do feel bad for Jen. I think this is a cry for help, if anything. I think she is still recovering from her loss of Brad?
    I think it if funny how in that article you linked in this she made it sound like she was tricked into being naked.
    I mean.. I guess I trick myself when I take my clothes off too! I just don’t know how it happens! It is always soo crazy!
    Ok, obviously that is sarcasm..
    so let’s be honest.
    No one can be ‘tricked’ into taking their clothes off for a photo shoot.
    I guess all we can do is pray for her sanity.

  2. aileb says:

    When I saw the cover, I first noticed the words, “Go Eats.” During this time of the year there is a abundance of ads focused on weight loss.
    For a person with an Eating Disorder these messages are hard to deal.
    I am happy that this magazine doesn’t have the usuall weight loss oriented cover.
    As far as the message she sending, I am a bit disturbed by her pose. The manner in which her hands are bent down (kind of like begging) is not ment to be sexy. I think it’s a well planned moved by her publicist.
    America’s girl next door is pleading for our attention.
    She said this was her “Miley Moment” and that she was tricked into taking off her clothes on “The View.”
    Poor Jen.

  3. Katie says:

    Mostly I think it’s a really silly looking picture. Her pose is reminiscent of a rabbit. She has admitted she was drunk when they took the picture. I do think she will regret this.

  4. mamaV says:

    Hi All: When she said she was drunk, I believe she was kidding (see link above to The View segment where she said it).
    I thought her photoshop comment was a joke as well, but apparently it was not which is halfway cool because at least she admits it you know?

  5. hello says:

    I don’t think she will regret it
    I don’t get why she would
    her movie is going to be #1 and is really cute
    the cry for help stuff is funny
    she was not drunk when she did it
    and I think she ment she didn’t think they would put the nude photo as the cover
    some of you really make me feel bad for you

  6. Alex says:

    I quite agree with Hello, I don’t think she will regret this.
    This is great for attention, though in my opinion it is a sad way to get it. Laying but naked on a floor, smothered with men, does not reflect talent >_o
    And again, it’s only adding to the pressure for women to show more of their bodies to be sexy, liked, popular and everybody wants that!
    But If I have to strip down to only wearing a tie, and pose like a playboy bunny to be sexy or even get attention…
    My friends, I’de rather be ugly and ignored! XP
    Call me weird, but that’s my opinion.
    Hugs from

  7. Newt says:

    I don’t think there is any issue with a woman posing on a magazine cover with nothing on. As you stated in Europe nudity is not viewed the same as in North America. The real issue with the magazine is where barnes and nobles chose to place it.
    As for Jennifer doing the cover it is just a self promotion publicity stunt. She has a new movie out and needs to get her name out which it seems nudity is the way to go. Marketing plain and simple. In all honesty for a woman who is 40 I think she looks pretty good and being actresses and actors are stereotyped to be very self involved i suspect she thinks she looks damn fine too.

  8. LZane says:

    Yeah, I too don’t see the issue with this. Feminism, when boiled down to its essence is about having a choice. If this is how Jen chooses or agrees to portray herself for a cover, then so be it.
    The problem with commenting on something like this is who knows what her reasons were- whether she was feeling insecure, vulnerable, empowered, etc. The context dictates the integrity of the photo.

  9. smudgeruk says:

    Hmm. I think it’s ever-so-slightly insulting to her that everything she does is now seen through the filter of, “She lost a good-looking man, poor her”.
    She could be buying some donuts to share with friends and the headline would read, “Poor Jen Resorts to Comfort Eating Over Brad split!!!”
    You know, she’s a grown woman – if that’s what she wants to do, fine. But personally, I don’t find it particularly dignified, and I don’t think she even looks that comfortable posing…

  10. anon says:

    I find the American attitude to nudity quite puritan to be honest.
    A naked human body is a naked human body, it would have been classic art 200 years ago so why is it classless now?
    Ok, this one has probably been airbrushed a bit but she looks beautiful and more importantly, healthy. She is a woman who obviously takes very good care of herself, I would have thought that was a positive thing?

  11. smudgeruk says:

    Yes, anon, I agree that there is beauty in the naked body, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
    I suppose the “class” aspect all comes down to her motives for posing. If it’s simply to boost her profile or plug the next product, then I find that a bit sad.
    The closest analogy I can think of now is that if you walked into a bar and took your top off, you’d get plenty of attention from the men in there. But is that really the sort of attention you want? Wouldn’t you rather walk in there and earn attention and respect through your intelligence and your wit, as well as your tits?
    Besides, if it’s an airbrushed image, it’s simply feeding the vision of the unattainable, and as such is completely fake…

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