Shop 'Til You Drop

Looking for ways to spend that holiday cashola$$? Well, you could donate to Fight The Good Fight….or screw that, how about some good-ole fashion selfishness.It's been a looonnnggg year, we deserve it!

This sassy "I'm Foxy and Crafty" apron may be right up your alley, it's time to flaunt your talent. 


Check out Vinnie's tampon case, no more stuffing your goods in your pocket in the way to the bathroom at work, swing this sleek, vinyl number from your hip in style.


The "I Love Carbs" tote bag pairs nicely with the Butter T-Shirt. Remember ladies just say no to low fat appetizers.

Mud-Flap boy is the bomb. I've made stickers for my mini-van, and all the other moms are just raving about them!

And last, but not least, for those of you who barely escaped Christmas alive, do what I do. Hang one of these charming cross-stitch treasures in your hallway, front and center, so Aunt Betsy doesn't dare to give you any shit on New Year's Eve.


Ta-Ta for now my lovelies,


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