Fight The Good Fight…and get free stuff!!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Fight The Good Fight thus far!

I was initially afraid to ask for donations, thinking no one would do it because of economic conditions and every charity hurting for money these days, but you've proven me wrong!

Here's some incentive to donate NOW…we've got a long way to go to hit the $500 goal and we are nearing the December 28th deadline!

To donate Go to the "Chip In" section on the upper right corner of the blog!


The next person to donate wins my favorite book, "Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters," by Courtney Martin!


"Life Doesn't Start 5 Pounds From Now," by Jessica Weiner is the prize for the second donation received after this is posted


"You're Beautiful, Pass it on!" t-shirt goes to the third generous donor after this posting.

Go, go, go! I'll post the winners of these lovely prizes.

AND don't forget to post your story  after sending your donation. All stories will be compiled and sent to NEDA with our group donation.

Be a part of something good today,



*Winners will be notified by email. After this post is launched, I will receive email notification of the first,  second, and third donations accepted through PayPal. I will then contact the winners directly via email address provided to gather your shipping information. Freebie's compliments of Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

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  1. Update: Prize #1 and #2 have been awarded to Jen and Ellie. #3 is still up for grabs, donate now!

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