Adorable Playboy Stationary for our little girls!

This one is so totally over the top I am practically hyperventilating. Thanks to Sharon for sending me this information, you have got to look at this web site selling Disney, Paddington Bear, and frickin’ Playboy merchandise for girls.

I don’t give a rip if you want to pose in playboy- your option. There’s all sorts of protests against the company going in on London, but the reality is – until women stop stripping to boost their self esteem, this rag is going to keep printing. Hugh Hefner, the old pervert is not the problem – we dig our own hole ladies.

However, marketing to children is a whole different story. My eight year old daughter would love the look of these products and is makes me ill. But you know, marketers would never create these products we we were not purchasing them. We just keep feeding the sexist monster.

This shopping season is just filled with demented little numbers for our girls; from high heels heels for babies, to sexy tights for tweens!

Oh, and don’t forget your slutty bunny ears and tail to pin on to that hot little tushy.



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3 Responses to Adorable Playboy Stationary for our little girls!

  1. smudgeruk / Sharon says:

    Thankfully, some things are changing re: Playboy.
    In the UK, you can find branches of “Argos” on most high streets. They do stock many Playboy-brand products – but there was an outcry when people realised that one of the bedding sets was in their catalogue and on their website under “Kids Bedding”.
    After complaints were made by concerned parents, this was soon changed, and the kids bedding section now features nothing more alarming than Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder.
    (Although Barbie also features. Now that’s a whole other topic for discussion! ;o)
    I suppose the moral of the story is, if something bothers you, speak out about it – you might just get things changed…

  2. gabi says:

    i think its a bit unfair saying that they strip to boost their self esteem. maybe they actually like it?! maybe they actually like their bodies. it has been heard of before. heven forbid someone should actually flaunt their body and feel ok about it.
    the playboy merchandise for kids doesnt actually endorse stripping, its a bunny and its pink. they have no naked women on there and it looks pretty. so what if a kid likes it. ask a kid why they like i doubt it will be due the naked women.
    while i was in treatment sometimes id watch girls of the playboy mansion. i would look and them (especially bridget) and i would acually be inspired to progress with my recovery. they arent stick thin and they have a few “sticky out bits” like a normal person and yet they didnt give a shit and felt totally comfertable in their own skin. and like a normal person they proably do have have their off days but in general i think they set off a positive image to girls.

  3. Barb says:

    gabi, the playmates are full of plastic surgery. Cutting apart your body to look a certain way is not self-love. Your worth coming from how you look is not self-love, either. And they may not be stick thin, but they are pretty thin, especially when you consider the camera adding ten pounds. I’m glad it helped you, but most people need to know having a body like Queen Latifah is okay; watching the Playmates is not empowering to me at all.

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