Gift Ideas: Sexy Tights for your Tween!


Consumerist reports on these "sexy" tights for your 10 year old…and they are on sale so get 'em now!


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11 Responses to Gift Ideas: Sexy Tights for your Tween!

  1. Liz says:


  2. emmy. says:

    the scary part isn’t the girls who wear these tights..
    it’s the mothers who allow them to be worn. how many mothers are buying these for their daughter? why is sex reaching children so young?

  3. Ms. X says:

    i had a realization today just how old kids are becoming
    i am a teacher and i watched one of my students (age 9) answer her phone today
    instead of hello she greeted the caller with ” cut my throat bitch”
    it was pleasant almost as if a term of endearment.
    God help us.

  4. FreeEternally says:

    No wonder girls are so confused!
    They are told to mature in ways they should not have to mature in before they have the emotional capacity to be handling the maturity that is being thrust upon them.
    I just find the idea of having the word girl and sexy in the same sentence very disturbing. Girls should not be put into positions where they would be considered sexy…that is wrong on so many levels.

  5. Vanessa says:

    i think the use of the word “sexy” in the ads is more disturbing than any other aspect of this.
    girls that age are going to be trying to figure out sexuality and where women fit out, and trying on the types of clothes adult women wear is part of that. i remember my sister, when she was maybe 8 or 9, wanting a leapord print bathing suit, and my mom telling her no.
    my point with that is that there’s nothing so terrible or unnatural about children wanting to learn about these things and experiement with adult ways of presenting themselves, even sexual ways. the thing is, it’s supposed to be up to the adults, including parents and the broader society, to tell children that they aren’t adults yet and show them where the boundaries are.
    when i see those tights and that picture it’s easy to imagine little girls liking them and wanting to look like the girl pictured. it’s the culture that advertises them and calls that picture “sexy” thus blurring the lines of what is and is not age appropriate that is the problem.

  6. Melissa says:

    This is disgusting, pure and simple. I’m in advertising and fortunately none of our clients market apparel to tweens (just foods they eat ;-), but my god, I’m so sick of the sexification of youth!

  7. Melissa says:

    My mother NEVER would have let me walk out of the house dressed the ways I see tweens (and even pre-tweens) dressed. Sick.

  8. Mrs. B. says:

    You know, today I kind of felt like my rebelling against this ghastly culture set my daughter up for not being able to deal with it. I remember when the Spice Girls were big and those sexy twenty somethings were being set up as the model for my 7 year old….furry panties and all. Gag. So I really kept Jes very far from that stuff – oh, we talked about it, but she was the last kid to get the stupid thong underwear and she never wore “sexy” clothing as a young girl…although she always looked nice and was dressed well.
    Now I see her peers able to handle the binge drinking (can you handle binge drinking?) and the sex and drugs without collapsing. My daughter was the one who flipped out. Of course, now we have been all around the block and my daughter is pursuing her faith again and looking forward to a life of service in a very non-materialistic sort of way. So even though we have been through hell, she is turning out to be someone truly special. Like she said the other day, God didn’t do this to her, but she can see that he can use it.
    I wouldn’t change the way we ran our home. We kept away from the raunchy TV shows and the music with crummy misogynistic lyrics.
    The world is messed up and we need to keep our hearts on a higher power.

  9. Christine says:

    Strange- the only thing I see sexy about them is the word used in the advertising. They look life elf tights.
    I’d blame the marketing people on this one.

  10. Araea says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the tights. What is wrong is the advertisement for them! It’s just unbearably disgusting! My 9 year old sister wears similar wacky tights all the time, but with high top polka dot Converse and dresses or skirts, but she looks more like Punky Brewster than Heidi Klum! It’s deplorable that Ad people would pursue this venture. Our culture is so WACK!

  11. Araea says:

    This kind of goes along with the clothing thing, but has anybody else seen the new exercise outfits for girls at Target? It’s like a pink microfiber racerback tank and black pants. I am all for kids being healthy and fit, but really should we be putting so much emphasis on “you have to workout” and by the way “look cute doing it”. I find it all very 1950’s! Not to mention, these are little girls. Subconsciously these clothes breed insecurity and worthlessness. Just wondering if anybody else saw this or thought about it?

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