Ever heard of "sugar?"

Sugar substitutes were the cover story of the Chicago Tribune today, a topic I've been interested in since the days of Tab, and when the little cute pink packets of Sweet 'n Low somehow became a mainstay at every restaurant in the U.S.

Just another fake job. Don't you see it? What is wrong with good, old fashion, real sugar?

For the record, I use real sugar- always. And I sure as hell don't let my kids eat any fake sugar. Seeing a little kid walking around with a Diet Coke makes me cringe.

But, I also don't pound soda or sugar filled coffee all day.Ever heard of water? You'd be amazed at how great you feel providing your body with exactly what it needs instead of some concoction chemists conger-ed up to fulfill a sweet tooth.

This is just another way to make us believe that eating some chemical, instead of the real, pure thing, is going to be the answer to our diet misery. Fake fat didn't make us all skinny, so guess what? Fake sugar isn't going to do the trick either.

My personal quest to dump these chemical compounds out of my life and body started maybe 15 years ago when I read a story about Nutrasweet stating "scientists do not know how it leaves the body."

That statement scared the heck out of me. We don't pee it out, sweat it out, or cry it out…where does it go? Can you say cancer waiting to happen?

Under Federal Law, a company can determine for itself the safety of their product. They can ask the FDA to review their scientific explaination for why they deem it to be safe, but they don't have to and they can take their sweet time doing it. (Think = Cigarettes and the Surgeon General's Warning)

Call me paranoid, but here are the latest facts;


Discovered in 1879 by a chemist, marketed as Sweet 'n Low in 1957. Twenty years after ingesting this stuff, the FDA tries to ban it in 1977 and places warnings that it causes cancer in rats.


1965 another chemist hits the jackpot, discovering this little beauty while researching   amino acids.

1981 Nutrasweet tickles the fancy of every diet junkie in the land, little did they know that studies would link it to ailments, including cancer, mood swings, and joint pain. The FDA says it is safe except for those with a genetic disorder known as phenylketonuria (Yeah, right. I'll be sticking with Coke thank you).


Discovered in 1976, approved by the FDA in 1998. Splenda is added to soft drinks, cereal, and a host of other processed foods. But they were sued by Merisant, the makers of Equal for claiming their product was more natural..the companies settled for undisclosed terms. Still a newbie, lets give it another few years before we find out this one is linked to a host of cancers.


The world awaits the launch of the very first "natural" sugar substitute. For decades Japanese companies have produced products made with this South American plant.

July 2008 food giant Cargill releases a tabletop sweetener called Truvia. American Companies await FDA approval before stuffing it into their products and marketing it to all the diet hounds waiting in the wings (but toxicologist at UCLA working on behalf of consumers, have already found DNA mutations in lab animals…a precursor to the big C)

I'd like to hear from all the Weight Watcher diet plan users out there- do they promote utilizing these products?

Diabetes sufferers- I am sure need to weigh the risks, and perhaps utilize these products to control their condition, but is an all or nothing diet change required?

But the rest of us have no excuse. Ask yourself why are you using these products? My vote is its because of the ole' FAT FEAR. Are you truly going for wellness, and balance in your life – or are you just on a skinny mission?

Hope you think about what you are putting into your body the next time you grab for one of the chemical laced treats.


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15 Responses to Ever heard of "sugar?"

  1. Cute Bruiser says:

    Ugh, that fake sugar stuff TERRIFIES ME. My mother died from breast cancer when I was only two, so the second my dad heard about the links between artificial sweeteners and cancer he wouldn’t let me within 20 feet of any of it, bless him.
    As far as I’m concerned, there are already connections between Splenda and cancer. A friend started gobbling that garbage up a few years ago and raved to me about it but I felt that, as with every other product, their claims had to be too good to be true. A little research on the Splenda site turned up this little nugget: the way Splenda is made is by removing the “calorie” molecule and replacing it with CHLORINE, a known carcinogen. They’ve since removed that information from the site, and it’s no wonder, but you can still read it on Wikipedia!

  2. Heidi says:

    I dislike this blog. But it’s probably because I disagree with you. I don’t see it as being as harmful to me as all my sugar binges the past 26 yrs. Those have made me less healthy then anything. Splenda lets me have a few sweets still and not blow up like I did with all the sugar. I think plan good ol sugar is great for the people under 175 lbs that have not ruined their bodies yet. But those of us that now have diebetes and need the sweet for the sweet tooth and are 400 + lbs, we need something other then sugar. My nutritionist says there is nothing wrong with splenda for me. And she has done a lot of research and graduated with a degree in nutrition, which includes sugar and all the sugar substitues. And if I one day get cancer and it’s from Splenda, I’ll owe you an apology. But until I do, I will stick to my splenda and get THINNER. No way THIN, but THINNER, what I need to be so I am HEALTHIER! In my world, the 2 are related. I am not trying to be thin, just thinner which will help me be healthier! Do you see my point at all? Cause I see yours, as if you were talking to someone wanting to be THIN. Then, it is not so good for a person to have the sugar substitute. The already thin people need real sugar. I need VERY LITTLE sugar!! I have had my lifetime’s amount of sugar thank you!

  3. Mari says:

    I’m a firm believer in sugar. Actually, I’m a fan of real things in most forms. I much prefer to eat at home, where most of what we buy is local–and at least I know how the food has been prepared. I’m a college student, and the dining hall terrifies me. Who knows what they put in that food????? I know what my mom puts in the food she makes.

  4. Mrs. B. says:

    With a husband who IS a diabetic, and a doctor, we do use artificial sweetener in our home. Jes uses real sugar. She hates the taste of artificial. I hate the “feel” of the read, except in baked goods.
    My husband has obviously done a LOT of research on the artificial sweeteners. He believes that there are risks in all of them EXCEPT sweet and low. The truth is that the volume of sacharin that they fed to the rats in the studies was ridiculous. Far more than anyone would use in a lifetime. If it had been equated to drinking water, it would have been like drinking a swimming pool of it every day. Water is toxic too, if you drink too much of it. Every other sweet and low study has shown it to be safe. Nutrasweet, however, is a problem and you need to be really careful with how much you consume, if any.
    Diabetics and dieters…..the pink stuff. It’s safe. Period. Tell McDonald’s they need to give us that other than the Equal (Nutrasweet). Cuz the Nutrasweet appears to cause brain cancer – (in excess).

  5. Ella says:

    I’m quite addicted to artifical sweetner and that entry is really quite scary!
    Lots to think about.

  6. Melissa says:

    I blogged not too long ago about my “addiction” to Diet Coke and how bad it is (I know) for me, yet I can’t stop, it seems. I’ll go a day or two without it, and then crave it. It is an addiction in so many ways.
    I will try to give it a rest for the next two days and see how I fare.

  7. Jen says:

    I just noticed a typo in my response…
    “…you would have to drink about 77 cans of *DIET COKE* in one day nonstop…

  8. Jen says:

    I saw that my comment did not get posted –
    While I understand the rationale behind your thought, I’ll have to disagree on the safety of fake sugar. Your body turns it into three chemicals: aspartic acid, methanol, and phenylalanine – all of which are found in common foods we consume. Aspartic acid is an essential acid our bodies need.
    If your click on the link associated with my name, you can see an explanation of aspartame – all foods we consume can be linked to diseases later on in life. The doses that resulted in lab rats developing cancer was after ridiculously large doses (10g per kg of body weight, roughly 77 cans of diet coke) with no bathroom breaks.
    Follow the link above – aspartame has rumors circulated everywhere that people often assume are fact, when in reality, they are not. Aspartame gets more attention simply because it is a diet product and as you say, an obsession in our culture.
    After you follow my link above (takes you to my response about aspartame on Yahoo!Answers), check out the http://www.snopes.com article on aspartame and the rumors behind it.

  9. Gabi says:

    there was this guy i was in treatment with.. well he was one of the counsollors but he was ex patient of the placeni was at. He has and ED and is a total sugar addict like many EDs however he would always drink tab and artificial sugar… i never knew why cos for me that would freak me out more.
    you may not agree with the skinny bitch book, but this is where it comes into being a good book. it really teaches you how all these chemicals came to be passed by corrupt law and what REALLY goes into your food.
    i love that book!

  10. Xan says:

    Well said, MamaV. For a few months I got sucked into the fake-sugar craze by my boyfriend’s mother, who still uses the stuff in everything, but one day I thought to myself, “What am I doing? I’m putting this stuff into my body and I don’t even know what it’s made of!” After switching to a diet of real, healthy, natural foods, I feel so much healthier.
    Splenda may taste good sprinkled over your cereal, but have you ever put a pinch of that stuff on your tongue? Try it and you’ll realize how much it tastes like chemicals.

  11. Ashley says:

    I’m a Ph.D. chemist myself, so I take some issue with people objecting to putting “chemicals” in their body, as everything about your body and the entire universe is a chemical. I realize that isn’t really what people mean when they say it, but I feel better phrasing could be used.
    However, that’s a sidenote and my actual reason for posting is that there are a HOST of environmental factors, with far more compelling scientific evidence of their carcinogenic nature than artificial sweetners, which all of you are probably exposed to every day. Car exhaust and second hand smoke are two of them. The average person’s exposure to either one of these things creates a far, far greater cancer risk than a few Diet Cokes a week. If you care about preventing cancer in your community, work on a clean air campaign or advocate for your community to pass non-smoking ordinances in ALL public places. These are things that can benefit us all.

  12. b says:

    oh how i wish i could agree. but sugar cannot pass my lips without guilt, because i’m so very scared of it. & because the voices in my head would yell. & then i’d purge. & fast. & excersise agressively.
    i think you are right in what you say.
    i just cannot eat it myself.
    i hope one day for this to change.

  13. Niika says:

    I drink coffee every single morning, and there is no way I could bear to put real sugar in it every single morning. Straight sugar does very wonky and unpleasant things to my body if I eat it regularly, but I CANNOT have coffee without something to sweeten it. If two packets of Splenda or Sweet n Low or Equal or whatever a day are going to kill me, then fine… let it damned kill me! It’s worth it, to me, to be able to drink coffee.
    I also have a bad diet soda habit. I would be the first to admit that. However, I still consider it yards better than the regular soda habit I used to have. Even my dentist told me that diet is better for me than regular, teeth-wise (it doesn’t cause the same plaque build-up), and for someone with sensitive teeth, that can really make a difference. Plus, again, straight sugar does strange and wonky things to my body.

  14. Mommy2aSweety says:

    My 4 year old Daughter is Type1 Diabetic so I let her drink diet soda once in a while so she doesn’t feel so deprived.
    I am, however very, very concerned with sugar substitutes for the reasons you mentioned above and am currently researching alternatives.
    Just try to remember that next time you see a kid drinking a diet soda.

  15. I don’t eat or drink anything with fake sugar in it either. If I don’t want something with sugar in it I just don’t eat it, I don’t replace it with something with fake sugar.
    However, I do believe that artificial sugar has it’s place. For example, for diabetics. One also has to weigh quality of life. I drink metamucil for my IBS and I noticed it has artificial sweetener in it. But I’m hoping that the small amount I ingest every day won’t kill me; I really can’t give it up. I believe that there is also artificial sweetener in toothpaste, children’s tylenol, chidlren’s vitamins, etc.

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