Dove Brand is doing an outstanding job with Campaign for Real Beauty. Launched in 2004, they continue to invest in research, outreach, and media campaigns that slap us in the face about the reality of our perceptions of beauty and body image. But are we waking up?


To make more women feel beautiful everyday by widening the definition of beauty.

Changing the image of beauty – not just here in the US but on a global scale.  

To serve as a starting point for societal change.


I must admit, when they started their Campaign for Real Beauty in 2004, I was skeptical. Can a brand truly commit to a mission of this magnitude? Are they sincere or are they hawking product? Will they stick with it?

Well, it’s 4 years and counting and Dove has not only proved their worth, they aren’t slowing down. Check out the progress.


Reach 5 million girls globally by 2010.  They have already reached 2 million young women.  

Self Esteem Research & Fund

Get Involved – Dove Workshop Tour

Be a Mom Mentor To Your Daughter- download free workbooks!

Tear Jerking Videos

Photoshop Madness..what you see is not what you get.

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2 Responses to DOVE LOVE

  1. anne says:

    I have to tell you that, personally, I have very mixed feelings about the Dove commercials as well-done as they appear. In a way, I feel its a bit like a drug company promoting its own product. I fear financial gain is the bottom line for Unilever with it’s ‘double standard’ messages between it’s Dove for Real Beauty campaign and it’s Axe Men’s products. And do take a look at the Greenpeace video under the Dove and the Axe site on the cost to our rain forests of our using products like Dove.
    Disturbing to say the least.
    I found these article very enlightening and pointed them out months ago to MV.
    •The Inconvenient Truth Behind Dove Love-Your-Body
    •The Dove and The Axe: A Study in Unilever’s Inconsistencies
    • Group Has Axe to Grind With Unilever
    And this:

  2. anne says:

    I am just trying to look deeper into issues and the ‘motives’ behind campaigns and beliefs. Why wear makeup at all?

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