A girl named Sheri

Stephanie, the sister of Sheri, a lost member of this community, posted the message to help us all remember her.

Sheri was talented beyond belief, and full of compassion for others. She is yet another teenager who lost her life to anorexia.

The heart can not take this disease girls, attacks are the most common reason for death in my experience. Nearly every single young woman we have lost since starting this blog in 2006 died from heart failure. View Memorial.

One of my greatest beliefs in life is this; part of our personal legacy lives in the waves of friendship and kindness we sent out upon our passing. Sheri is now connecting people through this story, she is stopping people for a few moments to read her story, and she may inspire a struggling anorexic to eat today. This moment is part of her life purpose.

A wake up call? I certainly hope so.





Sheridanielle Bethaney Ring, nicknamed Sheri, was nineteen years old when her heart gave out on her. She had been doing well in inpatient therapy for anorexia, but her body was beyond repair.

She was a musician, a concert pianist studying towards her performance degree in University. She had beautiful, long red hair and blue eyes that always made you feel like she was listening, when you would talk to her. She was full of brilliant ideas, encouragement and love. She was a church pianist, a beautiful person with a heart for those who were hurting.

She never hesitated to reach out, she never let an opportunity to love someone go by.

In the period of a year, she lost her youngest sister, as well as her mother. Then, she lost her life. She is survived by an identical twin sister, as well as several other siblings, and three nephews. She has been gone for awhile now, but she has left pieces of herself in the fabric of others’ lives.

Sheri’s last words to me were "je t’aime", "I love you".

I am Sheri’s sister. Thank-you, MamaV, for remembering her.


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  1. Jamie says:

    So sad… reading about people dying from eating disorders really does change my thinking, at least temporarily, because I love my life and don’t want to die! Aside from that, I couldn’t bear to put other people like my family and friends through this.

    My heart goes out to all of Sheri’s family and friends <3

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