Lives Lost

Reality sets in today for us at mamaVISION.

Although we talk, support, argue, laugh and tease here on the blog….the truth we must always remember is we are discussing a deadly topic. Eating disorders take the lives of women every single day, but statistics don’t really hit home do they?

“10 Million Females in the United States Are Battling Eating Disorders.”

If you are like me, you think, “Ok, 10 million…big number.” and life goes on. We can’t even process this figure.

But today is different. We have lost 3, that’s three, of our own.

Three young, vibrant lives snuffed out by an disease that tortures the mind and soul, until the body simply surrenders.




Emily started posting here well over a year ago. Her mom Brooke was concerned about her, so she searched her computer to see what she was doing online and found She bravely and responsibility reacted by reaching out to me and asking me what she should do. She was a mother desperate to help. A mother willing to do anything in her power to heal her beloved daughter.

But as we all know, as friends and family we can listen, we can love, we can stand by their side and help with therapy and treatment. But the sufferer then needs to do the work. The work is often too much to bare and when those feelings of fear, shame, and negativity creep in..they retreat to the habits they know will eventually take their life. Starving. Restricting. Binging. Purging.

Emily was 17 years old. She suffered a heart attack. The attack was not her first, the unfortunate veteran of an eating disorder. She survived in a coma, but eventually passed in peace.

Ellie and Sheri are two others being remembered on the open forum. I need you to post about these women, because I didn’t have the pleasure to know them. Please tell us their stories, and send me their pictures to post to the memorial if appropriate.

Stop today, and think about these three women. Take a few breaths, and think.

And please don’t naively believe for one moment this won’t be you if you don’t reach out for help. I would bet Emily, Ellie and Sheri never imagined they would be written about today.

Love always,


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11 Responses to Lives Lost

  1. jalynn says:

    wow thank you for sharing… i will be thinking of them and their families today…and the gift of another day to live and breath..
    such a reminder and wake up call to me, to live really in the moment and for the day.

  2. Gabi says:

    Im thinking of their poor families.
    But i have to say this. (sorry for any spelling mistakes i have acrylic nails for the first time and still cant tyoe with them)…i know this isnt logical in anyway but im jelous of them… like mamaV said, the fight is so damned hard. I cant fight it anymore. They are in peace now and its so sad how t happened;… but i get it. i really do.
    The fight of recovery is t hard, and its not for me.. no mtter how hard i try.
    I used to be a proper supporter of pro anorexia site and g-d i hate them now. I dont undrrstand why people willingly want to do ths to themseleves?! I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy… and trust me i hate her!
    im slowly losing my battle… physically i get weaker everyday… please girls out there get help. I read on someones post they would rather be anoerxic than fat… just be healthy. dont strive for anorexia i beg you.

  3. Sarah says:

    MamaV, its very obvious you have a huge care for this literally life killing disease. I admire how you listen to everyone, without judgment, and speak the truth. This is needed in recovery. I did not know these girls, but they are in God’s hands now, and don’t have to suffer anymore. I feel heartbroken for their families=(

  4. Melissa says:

    I couldn’t stop thinking about these girls — or Kristi, who committed suicide literally on her pro-ana site. I didn’t know about any of this until recently, and my heart is breaking. I also watched the trailer of THIN (and ordered it via Netflix) and fought to hold back tears.
    I’m struggling myself with some issues, but I could never fathom it being this bad …. it seriously breaks my heart. Thank you, MamaV, for calling attention to this tragedy that seems to keep drowning more and more young women in its wake. :(

  5. madison says:

    thank you for opening our eyes to this.
    i’ll be thinking of them today.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Sheridanielle Bethaney Ring, nicknamed Sheri, was nineteen years old when her heart gave out on her. She had been doing well in inpatient therapy for anorexia, but her body was beyond repair.
    She was a musician, a concert pianist studying towards her performance degree in University. She had beautiful, long red hair and blue eyes that always made you feel like she was listening, when you would talk to her. She was full of brilliant ideas, encouragement and love. She was a church pianist, a beautiful person with a heart for those who were hurting. She never hesitated to reach out, she never let an opportunity to love someone go by.
    In the period of a year, she lost her youngest sister, as well as her mother. Then, she lost her life. She is survived by an identical twin sister, as well as several other siblings, and three nephews. She has been gone for awhile now, but she has left pieces of herself in the fabric of others’ lives.
    Sheri’s last words to me were “je t’aime”, “I love you”.
    I am Sheri’s sister. Thank-you, MamaV, for remembering her.

  7. mamaV says:

    Wonderful to meet you Stephanie. I thank you so much for telling us about Sheri.
    I believe that part of our legacy in life is the “waves” we generate through our death. For example, part of Sheri’s purpose was to connect you and I, the others here, impact a persons day to stop and think about what they are doing to theirselves.
    I am going to post about Sheri now, and she will be added to the Memorial section of the blog.

  8. Brooke says:

    hi heather,thanks for writing about Emily on here means alot.
    would you mind removing the pictures on mama v please? its not the best pictures to remind me of emily- was a sad time coz of the marriage breaking up etc….. would it be okay to send you a different one to put on there instead? would be very grateful if u took them down for me. Hope ur well
    Brooke x

  9. Mrs. B. says:

    Sheri was one of the sweetest girls ever to bless my life. She gave nothing but love and encouragement to the women here. She loved you so much. I hope that you are taking care of yourself through this difficult time. I think about you and Sheri often.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Mrs. B.
    Thank you. Sheri spoke very highly of you, as well, I hope you and Jes are doing well, and that things continue to get better and better, until they seem almost too good to be true.
    Love, Steph

  11. Heidi says:

    I recognize their names, but did not know them personally. I pray for them tonight. Lighting a candle with 3 different colors. Hoping they are in peace and no more pain. I pray and hope 3 others can recover where they could not. :(

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