Half Full

Half full or half empty. How do you see the world?


You may have figured out by now I am a half full kind of gal, to a fault at times. Sometimes my optimism gets me so jazzed I am told to scale it back a notch, but hey, I’ll take it. Better than the alternative, right?

I see the good in people.

I see the bright side of situations.

I let things roll off my back.

I usually can’t hold a grudge even if I try.

I believe this is because I express my feelings, bluntly, yet sincerely, and move on. This doesn’t always have me winning popularity contests, but I don’t know any other way to be.

I believe optimism is a learned behavior. Are you willing to learn it or would you prefer to stay stuck in the muck of negativity?

If you are a half full, let’s hear your tips on how to cultivate optimism.

If you are a half empty, let’s hear your plan to work towards a more positive lifestyle.

Let’s not wallow in the wrongs that have been done, instead try to push through them, see how those wrongs will make you grow into a better person, a stronger person.


Quote of the day

"My dad set a great, bad example."

– my father.

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7 Responses to Half Full

  1. Jane says:

    I wish I could make the decision to be more optimistic… I just don’t know how. It isnt that I want to be unhappy or negative about everything, I just think I’d rather meet my pathetic expectations than fail or not reach my goals. Does that make sense? I’m so petrified of failing and so by sticking to my negativity I suppose I am keeping myself safe, this is the only way I know to be safe. I’ve never had a reason to believe that things would be good, so I guess I never learned to deal with positivity, MamaV, I genuinely do want to be a half-full kinda girl, but I just don’t know how, and I dont want to fail… does tha make sense?
    Josie/Joey – I know what you mean, with depression, there is no way to jsut ‘be’ optimistic. Freedom to live is taken away and instead you are attending a masquerade. You are you, but you arent…. make sense? I think what I’m trying to say is that yes, there are things that are not controlled by yourself on a real concious level… I’m not sure if I’m thinking along the same lines as MamaV, but the way I read the post made me think she wanted us to try and change some little parts of our concious thoughts and behaviour I dont think we are expected to perform miracles,,, I just think we are meant to try and get a little positivity into our lives.
    Rose – similar comment, MamaV realises that we arent secure, that we are trapped in something surreal and cruel… therefore logic follows that we arent happy in ourselves…. my comment to Joey basically says what I think.
    Wanderer – I’m glad you can accept that there are things you can do to make yourself feel better :o) I also like reading books that make me realise that I could have had a much worse time… weird, someone elses pain makes me realise how fortunate I have been :o/ I might see about obtaining a copy of this book… sounds worth reading.

  2. Danielle says:

    someone is depressed they are going to be more pessimistic then if they weren’t suffering from depression, but I don’t think someone who is naturally a pessimistic person can just snap out of it and become uber optimistic all of the time. I think it’s possible for a pessimistic trait to be modified to be less prevalent, but I don’t think it can completely disappear. I don’t know if I would want to be more of an optimistic person though. Sometimes I think that some people who are optimistic ignore the bad things in life and just walk around with with a smile and their head in the clouds, completely oblivious to what’s going on around them. (Not to say that you are one of those people) I would never want to be like that. If that means that I’m a more negative person, then so be it.

  3. Araea says:

    For the most part I think I am a realist. I lie somewhere in the grey with optimism and pessimism. I don’t believe in the theory of assumptive worlds, which maybe I should because in psychology they say that is how people learn to cognitively cope and that people can’t cope if they don’t have this faith that the world is fair and just and that they are a good person. Yet, I don’t doubt that the world could be a better place. The possibility is present, people just have to learn to take advantage of it. My belief is Optimism shines through when you help others because you see how powerful the gift of giving help can be and it makes you more positive. That’s just how I see it…

  4. kay says:

    Mama v,
    I just wanted to let you know that i am right there with you on the half-full thing…I know you may not remember me, but this is the kay that got caught on your website and my parents confronted me..way a long time ago…but i wanted to say the only thing that has gotten me through is positive thinking…
    I am a junior in college now, i am studying international affairs and i am going to spain this summer for an internship with the u.s. european affairs liason office…
    So thinking positive is a learned behavior that once learned pays off, i changed my way of thinking to change my life as i say now : challenge it and it will change!! Keep doing what you are doing and thankyou for saving my life and the lives of countless others
    with all my love and gratitude

  5. Tanya says:

    I don’t think I’m optimistic as such, but when things suck I think back to how much more things have sucked in the past and it reminds me that I can get through anything, even if it’s difficult. I think everyone has the right to whine occasionally, to get stuff out of their system. Accepting and addressing the negative stuff can be good, in moderation.

  6. optimist always says:

    I am an optimist, one of the, what do you mean half full, my glass is full (if you define full right) kind of optimists. Does life sometimes weight me down, yes it does. But in the end I cannot stop smiling at it. And I think that is the secret. People always smile at me, children, since they are less reserved, more so. For a long time I asked myself why ? I found out, I like people, all people, I smile at them instinctively and they smile back. They cannot help themselves. So my recipe for a more optimistic outlook, smile at the world and it will smile back.
    Naturally this does only work if you are just pessimistic, not if you are really depressive, because this is another beast altogether.

  7. meerkat says:

    I’m a pessimist, and I’d be more willing to listen to optimists if they didn’t keep telling me I’m a horrible person because paying any attention to the negative sides of things is deliberately wallowing in muck. Negativity is NEVER called-for and my feelings are ALWAYS wrong. I guess the whole world is just happy rainbow flowers! And eating disorders probably don’t even exist, because they are not the bright side of anything, and I can only see the bright sides.

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