Female torture device affectionately known as a "corset"

Middle and upper class women often take more than two hours, and the help of an assistant to dress and put up their hair. Much of this time is devoted to arranging seven to ten pounds of underwear, including corsets. Women’s waists are nipped in at least four inches from their natural size by tightening metal and whalebone stays and laces and exerting anywhere from twenty five to eighty pounds of pressure per square inch of the body. Corsets permanently alter the location of women’s organs, such as stomachs and livers, and compress their ribs. Little girls bodies are not allowed to develop normally, as they begin to wear corsets at age five. – 1870, excerpt from HerStory, A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America by Charlotte S. Waisman & Jill Tietjen.

Sign me up! This sounds like great fun.

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2 Responses to Female torture device affectionately known as a "corset"

  1. Valentina says:

    I like corsets but geese why wear them soooo tightly???
    That’s just really unnecessary.

  2. danny says:

    Where are you mamaV?
    Miss ya a lot!!
    A special brazilian kiss just for u.

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