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Butter is not the devil you have been taught it is. Your attitude towards it is the problem.

Have butter at your next dinner gathering and watch all the woman glare at you with envy.

Eat Real,

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  1. smudgeruk says:

    I was looking around the butter and margarine display of my corner shop last night, thought of this post and smiled.
    I went for the reduced-fat butter.
    I’m meeting you halfway. 😉

  2. Ai Lu says:

    Yes! I too adore butter. It makes EVERYTHING taste better and I can’t believe that I only started eating it again a year ago. I will always regret those years without butter.
    The best part about butter? It is easy to make yourself! In fact, I have a pint of heavy cream in my refrigerator just waiting for my blender to pulverize it into sweet cream butter — now that’s some good stuff!
    Ai Lu

  3. Tanya says:

    I posted my recipe for pumpkin soup on my blog and some other places and people commented with their support for real butter. We’re starting a movement :-)

  4. Susan says:

    One of my favorite foods is toast. Toast with unsalted butter and a sprinkling of sea salt. Margarine scares me. I am not cool with anything processed, so you will always find pure, unadulterated butter in my fridge, and thus never any of that fake, margarine crap. I love quality in foods, and the more close to nature a food product is, the better! What’s up with people’s hangup on butter? If you use it in moderation, then what’s the big deal?

  5. Niika says:

    I have heard that butter is actually better for you than something more processed like margarine… but for some reason a lot of people think butter is the devil, and so buy margarine instead! My own family only stocks cal-reduced margarine. I’m used to it, and in an intuitive eating sense I think even one’s tastebuds know the difference… but still.

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