Just got back from Madtown, our capital city, a college town that had me absorbed in its free spirit and sense of identity. I came back with a bag full of clothes from Goodwill, a budda necklace, and tons of cool stickers and buttons.

Time to share;

Think big girls.

Kind of over the top, but got to love ’em! More here from Ann Taintor, and OliveSandwiches

That’s US!


Be you.

Hope one of these brought a smile to your face! 



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5 Responses to Madtown

  1. Stephanie says:

    MamaV- you have a typo… but I definitely have a “small” on my face tonight =)

  2. Michelle says:

    =] That Margaret Mead quote was used on our t-shirts last year for the University wide ‘Community Commitment Day’. I was really inspired by it, it’s actually one of my many favorite quotes now.
    I can totally relate to the shower vs. car thing.. I don’t sing in the shower for fear that someone will hear me, but I sure do open the windows during a drive and just scream sometimes! If I’m singing, I’ll stop at any red light or stop sign, though haha I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a weird-o haha

  3. Mrs. B. says:

    I love the “I still want to smack somebody” line.

    MamaV. You are one in a million.

    I also want you to know….I love the black and white photos above. You look beautiful.

    Mrs. B.

  4. Lisa says:

    I love all of the photos on here!
    They are very uplifting!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. fischhaeppchen says:

    I especially like the button :)
    And that’s especially because I didn’t realize the “y” at first. I think, it would be better without it 😉

    And now I’ll get my book *g*

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