Checkin' in


 Much has changed in these past few months, and I am not sure where I am headed at the moment. Then again none of us know what the future brings do we?


I’ve been consulting for a pretty cool social media company Sway and I posted to their blog for the first time today! Perhaps you will enjoy some of the more FUN topics I will be discussing over there so check it out. I wrote about the blogging process so I want to hear the perspective of some of you like Josie, TS, and yes even you Vanessa!

Also, we have a new product launching in the next few weeks….stay tuned all you web junkies, you are going to LOVE it and I could use your help testing.

My web 2.0 project is limping along, it’s a” My Space” for families…that I have been working on for two years now.

Kids are great, husband is the best. Summer has been treating us well. I have been going totally nuts on yard work…great for us anxiety ridden individuals. Dig through some dirt, rip up the weeds, hack down a few bushes and you’ll be good as new!


I am going to go ahead and open up the forum, so you can all start chatting there again. I have time now to check in from time to time, so I’ll be in an out.

Your turn, how have you all been?

I  love you all.

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18 Responses to Checkin' in

  1. twistsis says:

    Thank you for coming back.

    Nothing else to say!

    Glad you had a nice summer!


  2. dannybrazilian says:

    Im great and glad you’re back.
    Thank u so much!!!!
    Only that i guess.
    A brazilian kiss for u …. ^.^
    *Sorry for my english.

  3. vive42 says:

    hey mamaV, good to see you.

    things have changed a lot for me since last we tangled here. a lot, but perhaps less than i’d like in some ways. i went into recovery, went into treatment, got out, and i’m struggling again with anorexia and bulimia already.

    my blog has changed drastically. i’m not all about anger and semi-coherent rantings anymore, and i’m not even all about my eating disorder.

    if you get a chance drop by and see what someone who can really write can do on their blog. i’ve branched out into writing only about half my posts on eating disorder stuff and the other half? well, find out for yourself :)

    i’ll check out the post on blogging later. i’m sure i’ll be able to come up with something over the top and opinionated to say, no fear. even the kinder gentler me is still pretty bad ass.


  4. YANYB says:

    MamaV!! So good to hear (see?) from you. Igloo looks great

  5. kimgsw says:

    im very happy this site is back up. mama v, i hope your summer has been a great one so far, you have been missed! we could use some positive focus and inspiration.

  6. kembles says:

    Yay! I am so glad you are back. I have missed reading your posts. I have never commented before, but since you’ve been gone I started my own blog on my personal journey to recovery. I want to post the link because I’m hoping as part of my recovery I can help others make that same decision. I don’t mean to spam or advertise as I am not doing it for attention or money. I am just trying to change the world the only way I can: I hope everyone has a sweet day.

  7. vanity900 says:

    hey weird thing happened, i heard the podcast on youtube the day before i leave for camping and i come back and so did you! wow im magical or something. im in recovery right now and its a pain in the arse, and im making youtube videos maybe il post about “the photo shop effect” when the battery come back to life but i have alot of make up related request. cheers.

  8. debrockman says:

    Great to see you back. TS has done an admirable job filling in with a spot for us all to chat, but I think we needed things to chat about other than ourselves. Self-absorption can get a little stifling, you know?

    Just got back from the beach. Read another great book about Henry the VIII, my favorite subject for light reading. I suspect that were I Anne Boleyn, I wouldn’t have considered him “light” reading, eh?

    Sounds like you have been busy. I’ll check out your new projects!!
    Mrs. B.

  9. twistsis says:

    im sorry mrs B, but I think I must have mis-understood what you were saying in your post. Can you just clarify if you are calling me self absorbed? Because to be honest I think that is a bit out of line. My blog was originally just for me to write about how I feel so people could see if they wanted to how people feel while having an ed. I was not brought on to be mamaV or post topics like she does. I did however post on my blog asking what people would like to see on there and i also posted other things that were not how I felt. Just because the forum was full of things about how everyone was feeling does not make them self absorbed, it makes them feel that they have somewhere to express themselves without getting judged or put down for how they are feeling. Alot of the people on this blog and my own do not have a place to go where they can do that in their immediate life so they now have somewhere to go.

    You also posted about yourself and how Jes is doing too which was great to see and read but you posted just as much as everyone else about what is going on in your life. Does this make you self-absorbed too?

    Im not trying to cause an argument, I hope you see where I am coming from but I just wanted to understand your post a bit more is all.

    Also, I love reading about Henry the VIII, I find him interesting and his logic is slightly twisted but it all leads to where we are today so for me its also a good read, I am going to agree though that I would call him light reading haha

    Hope Jes is ok!


  10. debrockman says:


    No, in no way was I pointing fingers at anyone. I simply am saying that MamaV has always given us some kind of interesting topical something to talk about….that wasn’t about us. I love hearing from everyone about how they are doing. I just have a belief that something about the recovery of many eating disorders looks something like…..anxiety/trauma/self-exploration and honesty/desire for life separate from internal grief and reaching externally. MamaV has always inspired us to try to look for that something outside of us.

    Mrs. B.

  11. missa2boys says:

    Glad you are back and your summer is going well MamaV. I sent you an email today. I had something I wanted to say to you that I did not want to say on the blog. If you get a free moment, I hope that you will look for it.

    Welcome back. I look forward to reading more posts from you.

  12. ck2r says:

    Welcome Back!
    Not going to lie I’ve been checking the blog quite frequently since this hiatus started 😀
    Anyways happy your back! Every time I heard something crazy on the news or something positive goin on in the world I kinda wondered.
    What would mamav think?
    Great to have you back

  13. kimgsw says:

    i couldnt agree more with what mrs. b posted. ts was great to offer us an open forum in the absense of yours. i missed the posts though that helped keep my mind focus on things outside of myself. i enjoyed the inspiration and hope many of them offered.

  14. vanity900 says:

    would you mind opening up got a tip? i liked got a tip…

  15. smudgeruk says:

    I only found this site a couple of days ago, and I’ve loved reading back through some of the topics you’ve been discussing.
    I admit, I was looking for ana stuff, that’s what brought me here…
    I’ve felt a little cut adrift, to be honest, most of the sites I’ve found offering support seem to be largely used by teenagers (which is understandable, given the statistical evidence as to when most develop and begin to suffer from EDs), but I’m something of an anomaly, being just about on the “right” side of 30 ( 😉 )and finding myself sinking deeper and deeper into disordered eating patterns.
    Anyway, lovely to “meet” you all, I hope to speak to some of you soon. x

  16. twistsis says:

    Hi Smudge,

    Nice to meet you too!
    Should I ask what you were searching for when you were searching ana stuff?!
    I know that most of the sites are run by teenagers, however this one is different and the people that come here are of all different ages, basically from like 15 to 50!

    Hope to chat to you soon.


  17. smudgeruk says:

    Hi TS,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    Er, um, no, you probably shouldn’t ask what I was searching for… 😉

    I’ve been struggling for a while with restricting, beating myself up for “making mistakes” or “being weak”; and yet there is that small voice whispering inside, saying, “You know this is wrong. You know this isn’t the way to be…”
    I’ve just got to find a way to listen to that quiet voice more often, and ignore the one that tells me what a useless, fat bitch I am the rest of the time…

    Take care everyone,


  18. A Reader says:

    Can I just say that “MySpace” for families thing to please be careful posting pix of your babies b/c 4chan (God only knows where and who else) loves to take those and either fap to them or photoshop and repost.

    That’s why I NEVER EVER EVER post pix of my 2 beautiful babies who should be models, except I’m not going down THAT road!! This was BEFORE I even knew about 4chan.

    PedoBear would be happy.

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