Time for a hiatus gang.

Family comes first, and I need to pull back for the time being. Since I will not be checking the blog or my email, I will be turning off the ability to comment.

I will wait a few days to turn off commenting on the Forum to give everyone a few days to exchange contact information.

Enjoy your summer girls.

Keep your chin up. Surround yourself with positive influences, and don’t ever, ever give up on yourself. Each and every one of you have hidden your true potential deep inside, and you do have the ability and strength to build a better life for yourself. Reach out to others, keep reaching. You will find support, and you will find the help you need.

Love always,




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  1. LaurenZane says:

    Good for you; take the time you need. Too bad the commenting has to be turned off. Seriously, as dark and painful as the subject matter can be on here, I still know if I need a pick me up, I can go to a post like the Karl Lagerfel one and laugh my ass off thanks to Aileb and others. I will surely miss its absence.

  2. kelly says:

    i hope you have some refreshing time off…

    hope all you ladies do well…

  3. kris says:

    Have a wonderful time with your family – we all need those special times!!!

    too bad the forums will be turned off… I feel like I need the encouragement, but, I can at least come here from time to time and read what has already been shared.

    Much love to everyone who has reached out to me during this most difficult time in our lives. More than the loss of parents, siblings, friends… this fight is truly the most harsh, most devastating we have ever been through.

    Much love to all of you still fighting your ED demons – hang in there and know you are still with us FOR A PURPOSE. You have a place in this world that no one else can fill – work that needs to be done that no one else can do. Don’e be afraid to dream – and hang onto those dreams.

    God bless you all …


  4. Mrs. B. says:

    We’re going to try to have someone else host us.

    Mrs. B.

  5. KJosie says:

    king_josie AT hotmail DOT com for those who want to keep in touch!

  6. Amber/vanity900/cult66623 says:

    i hope we see some cool vlog topics when you come back.


  7. kim says:

    wow, this is a surprise. i believe you deserve a hiatus but can you still keep the forums going????

  8. gabby says:

    I’ll be going through withdrawal, but better for you to live your life. Wishing you well.

    Anyone can contact me on my blog…

  9. j.Lowe says:

    oh dear, I feel as if I’ve only just discovered this blog. the old comments will still be up though, right?

    Have a lovely time with your family, enjoy your summer as well.

  10. Catie says:

    Come back bearing gifts of new vlogs for us. Have a great summer mama :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I hope you have a wonderful time when you’re off. I’m new here…but I will miss the forum.

  12. Sheridan says:

    So it’s probably too late for you to get this- but I wanted to say I hope you have a great summer, and I hope you enjoy your time with your family.

    Please please please don’t stay away forever though- the forum has been such a blessing in so many different ways.

    Take care, mamaV.

    Thanks for everything, and fare thee well!


  13. anne says:

    Couldn’t help this one last tidbit. The Dove ladies on the Dove for Real Beauty commercial were retouched and airbrushed!! I had a feeling that company was being hypocritical. And they also sell SlimFast. Go figure.


  14. anne says:

    Hope you see this.

    Advertising Age
    Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ Pics Could Be Big Phonies
    Photo Retoucher Says He Improved Images in Controversial Campaign

    By Jack Neff

    Published: May 07, 2008
    BATAVIA, Ohio (AdAge.com) — Dove’s “real beauties” may not be so real after all, at least by the account of a renowned airbrush artist.

    In a May 12 profile in The New Yorker posted online, Pascal Dangin of New York’s Box Studios is quoted as saying he extensively retouched photos used in the Campaign for Real Beauty, which, if true, could seriously undermine an effort that already has subjected Unilever to considerable consumer and activist backlash in recent months.

    Models ‘a challenge’
    “I mentioned the Dove ad campaign that proudly featured lumpier-than-usual ‘real women’ in their undergarments,” wrote Lauren Collins in the New Yorker article. “It turned out that it was a Dangin job. ‘Do you know how much retouching was on that?’ he asked. ‘But it was great to do, a challenge, to keep everyone’s skin and faces showing the mileage but not looking unattractive.'”

    A spokeswoman for Unilever didn’t immediately return calls and e-mail for comment. An attempt to reach Mr. Dangin was unsuccessful at press time. But a spokeswoman for the campaign’s creator, Ogilvy & Mather, cast doubt on the account of the celebrity fashion photo retoucher, though she said the agency is still attempting to collect details of his work, if any, on the ads.

    “We are unsure right now what he did,” the Ogilvy spokeswoman said. “He works with Annie Leibovitz, the photographer. And we don’t have any record of him actually working on any of the Dove campaign.

    “There was no retouching of the women,” she said. “If there was a hair that was up in the air, that might have been the kind of retouching that was done. But until I know what he actually worked on, I can’t comment on it.”

    Leibovitz appears unscathed
    While Mr. Dangin long has been known to work with Ms. Leibovitz, she wasn’t the photographer on the earlier ads in the campaign that appear to have been referenced in the New Yorker profile.

    Ms. Leibovitz was the photographer in a December 2005 shoot that ultimately became the basis for the Dove Pro-Age version of the campaign that broke in early 2007. That effort featured women in their 50s and 60s nude, not in their underwear.

    If true, the news could be devastating to the nearly 4-year-old Dove campaign. The most famous execution to date — and one that won both a Cyber and Film Grand Prix for Unilever at the International Advertising Festival last year — has been the “Evolution” viral video, which shows an attractive but rumpled woman transformed through a variety of makeup, styling and retouching tricks into a billboard bombshell. The kicker: “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.”

    The viral has been viewed more than 15 million times online and seen by more than 300 million people globally in various channels of distribution, including news coverage, by the estimation of Ogilvy Chairman-CEO Shelly Lazarus.

    Last year’s follow-up to “Evolution,” “Onslaught,” took a harsher tone in criticizing the impact that distorted images in beauty advertising have in encouraging such problems as eating disorders.

    Axe to grind
    That in turn led to charges of hypocrisy from the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, because Unilever’s Axe extensively uses buxom, attractive models in sexually suggestive ads.

    A parody of the video, “Onslaught[er],” also became fodder for the environmental activist group Greenpeace to wage a successful effort in recent weeks to get Unilever to back a moratorium on clearing of Indonesian rain forests to grow palm oil. The group claimed Unilever, a major buyer of Indonesian palm oil, has been killing orangutans through its purchasing practices.

    The Pro-Age effort in particular also provoked controversy, and Dove’s sales growth appeared to slow, then stall last year during the Campaign For Real Beauty’s third year, according to Information Resources Inc. data.

    Copyright © 1992-2008 Crain Communications | Privacy Statement | Contact Us


  15. Sarah says:

    I am doing a paper on eating disorders (specifically anorexia and bulimia) in adolescence. I am talking about the possible causes for eating disorders and would like to hear what you think caused your eating disorder out of the following choices…

    a. media
    b. mom’s influence
    c. inherited
    d. depression/anxiety or any other mood disorder
    e. dad’s influence
    f. dieting taken too far
    g. other (please list)

    feel free to pick as many as you would like and expand on them. I would also appreciate it if you could leave your e-mail. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but I’d still like it if you took the time to answer my survey. PLEASE DON’T FILL THIS OUT UNLESS YOUR EATING DISORDER OCCURRED OR IS OCCURRING BETWEEN THE AGES OF 12 AND 18. Thanks a lot! : )

  16. Aileb says:

    Hey, the comments are working!!!

    I miss coming on here, I wasn’t on too much before MamaV went on hiatus ( hopefully she’s learning some mad computer programming skills to add a spell checker on this site-Oh! and some smilies )

    Well just an update on me..I am finally going to the dreaded doctor to get a diagnose and start working on recovery.

    I am going kicking and screaming because I am a just a drama queen to the bones!!!;)

    For some reason, when I posted on here, I was really sarcastic. I am really a sweet person but I guess I was lashing out because I haven’t parted with ana.

    I hope your getting some much needed rest!!!

  17. mon says:

    i just wanted to say, i found ur blog yesterday and totally loved it, u do an amazing job.
    so keep up the good work!
    ill definitely be reading u often 8)

  18. amber*baby says:

    Thanks for all the great work MamaV! You encourage so many people every day. Enjoy your hiatus.

  19. twistsis says:

    mamaV when are you coming back?

  20. visitor says:

    Dear mamav hi,
    I used to be a regular visitor of your blog and i have a request please.
    First of all do you have the option to delete comments?
    I used to comment a lot on your site and it is damaging my social life because i was careless and wrote comments that were too personal… if somebody searches my full name or my email in Google he\she can view my comments…
    I didn’t know that my email was to be put in a search engine, i thought it was only for your private use to contact the commenter…
    I would really appreciate it if you commented back on this comment in this post if you could do that please, and then if you can delete my comments i will tell you my email and then could you please delete them..
    Thank you very much

  21. Dani says:

    first excuse for my english ..
    i try to let this message on youtube but i can’t :(
    well….congratulations ,you’re doing a great job!!!
    even you’re far (i’m brazilian) u really help me !
    almost every day i ready your blog and watch this videos
    enjoy your hiatus but back soon ok?
    God bless u and your family (more)
    love ya mamaV !!
    beijo do brasil (kiss from brazil)

  22. Dani says:

    first excuse for my english ..
    i try to put this message on youtube but i can’t :(
    well….congratulations ,you’re doing a great job!!!
    even you’re far (i’m brazilian) u really help me !
    almost every day i ready your blog and watch this videos
    enjoy your hiatus back soon ok?
    God bless u and your family (more)
    love ya mamaV !!
    beijo do brasil (kiss from brazil)

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