Mommy Who? Part 2

I had to post a few images from the inside of the new book My Beautiful Mommy, since a peek inside makes this even more of a joke.

Check this out;

Pea-head Dr. Michael has been pumping some serious iron, and I doubt this dude has 8 legit certifications to hang on his wall.

Here Mommy dreams of being a beauty queen as she assures her little girl she needs to be prettier. Are you fricken kidding me?

Here Mommy explains in her half shirt and flat stomach how she is going to have a bandaged tummy and nose. Um…where exactly is this fat that is going to be removed from her midsection?

The author has stated this book was written partially for women who undergo surgery after pregnancy… but doesn’t explain what a nose job has to do with post pregnancy. What a total farce.

Sometimes I think I am in the twilight zone. Am I alone here?



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14 Responses to Mommy Who? Part 2

  1. Katie says:

    It’s such a ridiculous book. And don’t you love the fact that it was written by a Dr. Michael? We know how he sees himself now. I wonder what his wife, who is about to have her 5th child and has had no surgery, thinks of it.

    I don’t see what’s so bad about mommy before, anyway, other than maybe her odd nose. If she’s that concerned about her stomach, she could try actually covering it.

  2. KJosie says:

    That book is just…. unbelievable.

    “If she’s that concerned about her stomach, she could try actually covering it” LOL Katie :) … i’m still disconcerted because the kid has a bigger stomach than the mom…

  3. Mrs. B. says:

    That’s just because the kid hasn’t had HER surgery yet. That isn’t scheduled until her 18th birthday party.

  4. blah says:

    Surgery for her 18th birthday? That is sooooo 2004. No, she will be getting surgery for her sweet 16th birthday.

  5. Torri says:

    Dear God. Unbelievable.

  6. j.Lowe says:

    Like I said…. I feel sick.

  7. Kate says:

    I like to think that all the media attention this book is getting is *because* it’s so ridiculous.

    I’m distressed by how the mom, in all of the pictures that were distributed, is always turning or walking *away* from her daughter — mom’s focus is always on herself and her own appearance, not on her daughter, even when the daughter is upset. Scary.

  8. Mrs. B. says:

    I know lots of women like that in my neighborhood who not only don’t look at their kids, but they look like Pamela Anderson while their kids don’t even get their hair combed.

    Not kidding.

  9. Newt says:

    Until Katie mentionned it I never noticed that the mother is in fact always looking away from the kid. Did anyone notice how Beautiful Mommy is dreaming about the doc?

    Maybe the author can followup with a book for kids when Beautiful Mommy’s breast implants rupture and the silicon is oozing between the skin (hmm do they even use silicon anymore then again do they still break?). Or even better yet a book about how BM undergoes all these enhancements and Handsome rich Daddy divorces her for perky natural 20 year old Sexy Secretary.

    This book is such a joke!! A waste of paper!

  10. kris says:

    This is so perverted in so many ways. What is little Suzie or Billy going to think when they end up with Mommy’s genetically pre-disposed attributes (ie, large hips, big butts, thick waist, small breasts, etc)? Will they feel less beautiful since Mommy decided to change these things? Will they believe Mommy when she tells them THEY are beautiful *just as they are*? Or will this start a cycle of poor self-image for them, too? And where is Daddy in all this??? We are soooo sick to be sooooo hell-bent on perfection, whatever perfection is. If perfect is looking like Dolly Parton (breast implants, rib removal, sand blasting, lip augmentation, etc) or like Michael Jackson or Burt Reynolds, give me my wrinkles and my grey hair and my sagging, aging body any day. I will live in my perfect imperfection… and no one else has to look at me.

  11. April says:

    I think it’s more a ploy for a doctor to ease his guilt for letting mothers and women all over do this to themselves and take their money for it. Maybe just trying to “save the children” or whatever is just to try and help his conscience. It’s all about getting more customers, or else they go out of business…

  12. Catherine says:

    I just thought I’d say that this blog is an inspiration to me.

    It’s just filled with genuine support. The Internet Suicide video post you made was so empathetic to sufferers from eating disorders who choose to publicize their journeys. It’s an absolutely wonderful website I stumbled upon completely by accident, and I am thankful to have found this information. It has truly touched my life, like in the ‘Click Theory’ in a below blog post.

    Thank you.

  13. Sarah Pete says:

    “and I doubt this dude has 8 legit certifications to hang on his wall.”

    They are probably “Best looking surgeon” awards and not real certifications lol…

    Hmm maybe I am just being a little hyper feminist but it annoys me that the doctor is a guy and the assistant is the women… Atleast they didn’t stick her in some high heeled slutty outfit

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