Miss Bimbo

Miss Bimbo is an online beauty contest designed around our society. I am amazed at the total freak out over this game, especially since we created this world, we feed it so now marketers are cashing in on it.

Pure capitalism at it’s finest.

Launched in February 2008, Bimbo is so popular, their servers crashed and the creators can’t even keep up with the demand, so here is the basic concept per Wikepedia;

“The aim of the Miss Bimbo beauty contest game, which was launched in the United Kingdom in February 2008, is to make your virtual “bimbo” attractive and famous. Players create a virtual persona and compete against other players to earn “bimbo” dollars. These dollars are used to take one’s character partying or to purchase new clothes. The players are given assignments, such as gaining plastic surgery at the game’s clinic to give their character bigger breasts. They used to have to keep their character at its target weight using diet pills, however, due to the massive negative media attention it has received, that option has been eliminated.”

Nicolas Lacquart, the creator of Bimbo defends his game stating the mission is to teach children about the real world. Not sure I want this dude teaching my kids anything, but I have to hand it to him because it is absolutely right.

We reap what we sow.



Fun Facts About Our Beauty Deranged Society:

$1.3 billion is spent on Botox annually

Breast implants have become gifts from parents to their teenage daughters.

Dreaming Girl’s Fantasy plastic surgery hospital in China serves patients seeking a extensive head to toe cosmetic reworking.

The Miss Plastic Surgery competition in Beijing awarded the grand prize to a plastic beauty boasting 10 surgical procedures.

MTV’s I Want A Famous Face and The Swan are only two of the many reality shows dedicated to plasticising.

Hollywood pops “clen,” a deadly steroid for horses to treat asthma.

Dr. Vail Reese, an LA dermatologist hosts the “Skinnies Awards” designed to rip on celebrities with less than perfect complexions.

More more read Beauty Junkies by Alex Kuszynski

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43 Responses to Miss Bimbo

  1. Hmmm... says:

    I just went to the “Skinnies” awards on skinema.com, and it seemed to me that they were mostly about “you’re not alone- your favorite movie star has acne!” and “scars aren’t a big deal, Hollywood loves beauty marks, etc”. Also, they harp on staying out of the sun and watching your moles. A lot of what they said about things was basic information and discussion about dermatological interests. I didn’t see them rip any celebrities, save for those known for sun bathing.
    But maybe I didn’t read far enough…

  2. Alex says:

    This doesn’t surprise me…
    People are getting so obsessed with beauty and apperence that soon, nothing else will matter.
    Very depresing indeed. Again I say, what is this world coming to?


  3. ck2r says:

    Yeah great way to teach kids about the real world.
    So my eight year old sister needs to learn the ways of a superficial, image obsessed back stabbing society?
    Great Role Models!

  4. gabby says:

    Irony is funny, guys.

  5. kelly says:

    you make me laugh so hard mamaV. you don’t think twice about taking your young daughter to get a manicure yet scoff at others because they decide their tits need a lift! you can say “oh it’s different, i’m moderate blagh blagh bullshit bullshit, i’m perfect” you participate. there is no sitting on the fucking fence. you embrace it, you encourage it. stop pointing fingers at others for tweeking their images when you do it too!

    oh and your info is wrong…the site wasn’t so popular it crashed…it got so much coverage that ppl wanted to see what the fuss was about and it got too much traffic.

  6. Mrs. B. says:

    I don’t know if that is fair. When modification requires the use of anesthesia and surgery – O.K. I think that’s a little extreme. I just kind of feel like surgery is for fixing things…..like accidents or cancer reconstruction…..stuff like that. I’m not going to point fingers at people who are just really unhappy with the way that God made them. I don’t think it is sinful or anything to feel a need for a tweak, but that is where I draw the line as extreme. A manicure gone wrong won’t kill you, but a liposuction gone wrong definitely could. I think MamaV has a very healthy perspective.

  7. Leire says:

    errr, not on any bandwagons here, but I used to work as a waterpark supervisor; we had about 100 lifeguards that we worked with (mostly high school and college age folk). I had one really attractive, really fun girl that decided she needed a tummy-tuck and a boob-job. A bunch of us (lifeguards, leads, supervisors) tried to talk her out of it, because she really didn’t need it, but she wouldn’t listen. It didn’t ruin her life or anything, but it also didn’t really do her any good. It was a risky medical procedure that cost her parents a good deal of money. I guess it’s not really all that bad, just wasteful; I wish that she had heard us when we told her that she should want people to love her for who she was (she was an awesome person) rather then what she looked like.

  8. KJosie says:

    I think Kelly has a point – MamaV wears makeup and uses fake tan and whatever – unneccessary things which buy into the beauty industry – that’s only a few steps away from the extremes discussed here.
    I consider making oneself browner to be on the same level as unneccessary weightloss – both are completely unnneccessary and support the myth that to be beautiful you must be skinny and tanned – and can both be achieved by very harmful means.

  9. kelly says:

    While maybe you can’t die from manicures or pedicures you can get a nasty fungus that will hurt like hell. But you take the risk anyways. I don’t know what other things ppl may do, like wear makeup, but your body absorbs everything you put on it…so if you got some nasty crap in your makeup then it is absorbed by your body and can be toxic! so watch out. the teeth whitening products can harm your enamle and harm your teeth. all for vanity.

    and let’s face it, if you drive, cross the street pretty much do anything where you interact with other humans you can die. you aren’t safe if you decide to not go under the knife.

    maybe some people don’t like the way god made them. but instead of being upset at some invisible being in the sky they should be upset with their parents who didn’t pass on the supreme genes that are needed to look a certain way. a random crossing over of alleles and chromosomes can get complicated though….best to just stick with god.

  10. spsd says:

    hey. thanks for reading my mail and putting this horrid site on your blog. hopefully parents that see this will be a little more aware when their kids are ‘playing games’ online.

  11. Mrs. B. says:

    I don’t know. My husband wears deodorant and cologne and trims his nose hair. I’m appreciative. I think you can put nearly anything hygiene related into this category. Should I not wash and blow dry my hair? Did I spend too much on my glasses? Do my clothes really need to match?

    Josie, I’m kind of with you on the tanning thing. REAL tanning and machine tanning are just flat out dangerous and so to me, the fake tan does exactly what you say it does….perpetuate the notion that being tan is good…..which it is not.

  12. kelly says:

    Personally, no you shouldn’t wash and blow dry your hair and yes you do spend too much on glasses. I hope you have organic all natural biodegradable body wash, hair products, and the like. To put that crap out in the environment is horrid.

    No your clothes don’t need to match but i bet you are too worried what people would think if they didn’t match.

    Lol we all conform to the “norm” in cetain situations not because we think it is right but because we are scared our actions are wrong.

    Btw i hope your husbands Deoderant doesn’t have aluminum in it…that shit is bad. putting that on your body? damn…

  13. Mrs. B. says:

    No offense, but I don’t think I would enjoy hanging out with you. Toothpaste a problem for you, too?

  14. kelly says:

    Lol! thats ok mrs. b. the feeling is very mutual. because for some reason you seem to bring up your affluent place in society a lot. (my husbands a doctor, we live in the country club scene, we had to pay thousands in cash…blagh blagh bullshit. i don’t give a shit about the tiny details female. get to the fucking point.)

    i didn’t say shun everything hygenic…i just said i hope you are using natural products that are less damaging to the environment when they are washed down the drain and less harmful to your body because they don’t have the toxic chemicals.

  15. Mrs. B. says:

    Cuz those environmentalists get it so right so often…the wonderful new mercury-filled light bulbs, and the car batteries from the electric cars that we have no idea how to clean up and then there’s the wonderful ethanol that drives up the price of food and is incredibly inefficient to produce. Yes, Kim, I buy all the “correct” products, even though we usually find out later that we were duped because the wackos like you made such a stink about things that actually end up being safer than their replacements.

  16. kelly says:

    lol i didn’t say anything about about any of that! we were talking about products for the body…

    and i don’t make a stink about anything too much. i just choose to support efforts that unite humans and nature…products that don’t encourage the entire “humans vs. nature” battle.

    we may not have all the kinks worked out but supporting the effort is a start.

    lastly, you don’t the first goddamned thing about me. you call me a wacko and reject me because you think i don’t participate in regular hygeine. no wonder your daughter is fucked up….you don’t support anything other than what is comfortable to you…go pray to figure something out rather than getting pissed because i point out the obvious

  17. Mrs. B. says:

    My daughter is f’d up? Because of me? Okay. My daughter is doing really well, thank you.
    You are really not a nice person. That’s painfully clear. My daughter was raped, Kelly.

  18. kelly says:

    mrs b.

    i understand rape and abuse. i’ve lived through it. i understand how that fucks with a person. and this is the first time i’ve ever even recognized it for what it is. i know how it makes a persons insides die.

    don’t lash out at me because i simply promote the buying of products that support natural health rather than products that alter what humans are. thats all i was saying. yes this fight is bigger but lets start small in our own lives by buying products that don’t add harsh, unneccessary chemicals that our body will absorb. grow strong in the small actions gives strength and confidence to stand up to the bigger picture.

    there was no reason for me to be attacked…

  19. Mrs. B. says:

    You started this trail of posts by lashing out at MamaV. If you want to have a decent discussion with people, don’t start it like…

    “blagh blagh bullshit bullshit, i’m perfect” you participate. there is no sitting on the fucking fence.”

    Yes, there is such a thing as moderation. You may have an idea about what is right for you. Others might have a different idea. In fact, you might be wrong about some things. Let’s start with the boob job. My husband would tell you that you can’t read a mammogram on a woman with fake boobs. From his perspective, that makes a boob job “wrong” even if it is for reconstruction. Because it is worse in his mind to get cancer than it is to have pretty boobs.

    You just came into this post with a crappy attitude.

    And then you “lash out” at me saying that I somehow caused my daughter’s illness? That was incredibly bitchy and unnecessary.

    And of course then there were the cracks about the fact that I pray?

    And YOU were attacked? You brought it on yourself. You didn’t want a discussion. You wanted to confront.

  20. kelly says:

    goddamn right i wanted to confront. because im sick and fucking tired of mamaV and ppl in gen. saying “oh look at how bad this is but i’m ok because i do it in moderation” goddamn right i’m going to point that shit out. if you can’t look in the mirror and see the fucking hypocrisy then damn i’ll tell you straight up.

    and maybe your husband should stay out of a womans choice to do what she wants with her body. nice that he has an opinion of what is right for females.

    and yes you did attack me…saying you wouldn’t want to be around me and that i’m a wacko.

    and i will laugh at your prayer…because you think it makes a difference in the world and it doesn’t! i think it is funny that you think a god exists.

    and i know i’m not right about a lot of things. but i personally think that these big battles begins with the supporting of companies that want to discover a new way to approach the human body. i believe that lately there is a view that the human body is just another machine to tweak and make perfect. that we are not part of nature and that we have the right to do whatever we can for our own advancement. that is all i wanted to portray.

    oh and to point out the double standard that mamaV and ppl in gen. tend to have when they think they might be contributing to a problem.

  21. Mrs. B. says:

    I think I rest my case.

    I leave it to others to characterize this conversation. It’s pretty clear to me.

  22. missA says:

    Kelly, reading back through all the comments here, I believe you attacked Mrs B first. You blamed her for her daughters problems, and then expected her not to defend herself. While I agree that Mrs B should not have called you wacko, that does not make the things you have said okay. You are free to have your own opinions, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with you.

  23. Mrs. B. says:

    Okay. Wacko wasn’t nice. But to say someone SHOULDN’T BLOWDRY their HAIR, or match their clothes, etc. Seems a little extreme.

  24. Mrs. B. says:

    Thanks for refereeing MissA! I can tell you’re the mom of boys!

  25. kelly says:

    it’s not that you should or shouldn’t do any specific action..

    what you should do with everything is examine 1) why has this become common place? 2) why do i think it is extreme to not do this? 3) what does this action really portray?

    my 10 cents on the issue…

  26. missA says:

    LOL Mrs B. I does seem that some days I spend my entire day refereeing arguments.

  27. Mrs. B. says:

    Those points all make perfect sense to me. Agreed.

  28. mamavision says:

    Hi Kelly: So what are you really so very pissed off about?

    I am totally comfortable with the fact that painting nails is fun with my daugther, and wearing makeup for myself enhances my appearance. .

    Popping diet pills, getting breast implants, and plasticisting yourself is a whole different ballgame, isn’t it?

    I don’t tell others not to do it, I just comment on how sad, and scary, and odd it seems to me. Did someone outlaw this type of self expression?

    There’s a reason you come here, so what is it? A blog is about expressing your point of view, and asking for commentary, and sharing with others. When that commentary is barked out with pure hatred I question what the deal is with the person spewing it.

    So what is the deal? After you type plain mean spirited emails at Mrs. B, did you smile to yourself and feel accomplished?

    Take care,

  29. blah says:

    How come my comment isn’t showing up.

  30. blah says:

    I agree with some of your points Kelly but I think you have a nasty attitude. Mrs. B was wrong to call you a wacko but you attacked her first.

  31. Emma says:

    Mamavision! You have to see this video from ”I want a famous face”»

    It is disturbing! I can’t believe it!


  32. Mr. Ilarijs says:

    Some people just have nothing better to do…

  33. Hillary says:

    How can you expect to get your point across when it’s so flagrantly covered by your terrible attitude? You appear very immature. If you want to go for the whole human/nature alliance thing, then you should probably realize that most of nature uses beauty in some way. Evolution adapts animals and flowers to be more beautiful to attract mates, or ways to pollinate. I mean really, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing one’s appearance. That’s where the issue of moderation comes in. To say that painting one’s nails is equivalent to filling your breasts will silicone is an absurd statement. That’s like saying eating a cookie is the same as eating an entire extra large cake by oneself. It’s not a black and white issue.

    Additionally, I’m no great believer in God, but really Kelly, it is not only inappropriate, but exceedingly ignorant to laugh at another’s beliefs.

    Please grow up.

  34. Aileb says:


    I’ve spent the past 2 hours playing this game and my bimbo is still not anorexic!

    I haven’t fed her

    given her anything to eat

    Oh! and I bought her a treadmill

    but still nothing!!!

    She still weighs 126 pounds-

    Without the use of diet pills, this game won’t apeal to the anorexic preteen market.

    Maybe, that’s why they’re selling the food!!!..They want to turn them into mias? Yes, it makes sense,
    they want girls learning how to plan and budget for a binge…hmm…


    This is the other view:

    In the end, we need not fear for Miss Bimbo destroying the future for our daughters. We only need recall the wise words of British comedian Marcus Brigstocke, who chimed in on the alleged dangers of computer games ages ago.

    “Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive music.”

    Oh wait …

    © 2008 MSNBC Interactive

  35. Tanya says:

    “Breast implants have become gifts from parents to their teenage daughters”

    That just freaks me out, and makes me feel very thankful for my parents NOT doing crazy stuff like that.

  36. Anna says:

    As long as parents know what is going on with their kids I don’t see the problem with this game. I’m not saying that I think it is appropriate for a young child, but what is so bad for a teenager who understands the irony of the game? If you look more into the game there are disclaimers that state that the extremes for the pursuit of beauty in the game are not something you should consider in real life. This game is only poking fun at society and what the girls in the spotlight are doing. I mean, come on, the name is Miss Bimbo! Since when was being a bimbo a good thing?

  37. blah says:

    You want to hear something funny and hyppocritical? I once came across a blog of a recovered anorexic. She calls herself an “ED awareness advocate” and she’s also a digital retouch “artist”. Yeah, she photoshops people for a living. I can’t remember the web address for the blog but it was really hyppocritical and disturbing.

  38. ana eneida says:

    I have a missbimbo, I think its funny as hell. I feel sorry for people who actually live there lifes that way. Its all a big joke on how peoples value looks so much that it has become a joke. Most of the people who have a missbimbo are in there 20s but i can see how it would be a negative influence for someone in there teens or yhounger. But hey guess what if you have a teen or a little girl you should be on top of what sites they go to, or keep them off the computer. :)

  39. amal says:

    I am absolutely disgusted by it , I can not believe to what the extent our society has gone to , so low .

  40. Amber/vanity900/cult66623 says:

    im sad they when i went to miss bimbo they got rid of diet pills, im 14 i take diet pills in my lunch to school. you can’t tell me that miss bimbo made me want them because iv never played the game! the media constantly tells people, even if its dirrected at adults, that fat people sucks and have bad lives because no one likes fat people and then the next commercial is for some kinda fat burner. its a quick solution and now some kid puts two and two together why are people so outraged? i agree with mamav this is how life really is you mine as well prepare your kids.

  41. Mrs. B. says:

    I tried to prepare my daughter. And personally, I think that the culture is so messed up and there are so many people making excuses for it that the parents are being drowned out.

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  43. Fairy Princess says:

    I have a miss bimbo. Most people who play that game really are in their late teens, 20’s and 30’s. Young kids are supposed to get permission from their parents to play; if you have a young kid you should really make yourself aware of what they are up to online. The game is really just a fun distraction. It’s ironic, it’s fun because in real life I’d never go to such extents. If you can’t separate the miss bimbo game from reality you shouldn’t be playing the game.

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