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  1. Mrs. B. says:

    Good advice.

    I would also suggest that for those of us who are believers, that we continually keep asking God to show you HIS will – “Thy Will, Lord. Not MY Will.”
    Until we start to surrender our own will, we can’t even begin to see his.

  2. Sheridan says:

    Thanks, mamaV. Je t’aime.

  3. shelly says:

    This is what is all about, but I wish there was an instruction manuel on how to go about doing it because if I could just read this quote and apply it to my life I would have been in recovery a long time ago. Hell, I wouldnt even have had an ED, anxiety, depression, and an addiction.

    although it seems simple, the truth is…It is difficult to do that. Our Ego’s want to hold onto to the pain of our pasts and the fear of our future to strengthen it’s hold and keep us in the never ending cycle of negative thinking.

    But everyday I try to become more aware of my Ego and the behaviors and thoughts that give it power.

    We would all be more powerful and even more creative if we can find that Power of NOW and let go of our pain, fears, and anxieties.

    In the meantime, I will just be more aware.


  4. Mrs. B. says:

    You are da bomb.

    It’s a struggle. But stay cool. Because you so are.
    “Fo Sho”.

    My daughter cracks up when I say “Fo Sho”.


  5. L says:



  6. Aisling says:

    If only it was that simple!

  7. Mrs. B. says:

    But do hear Shelly’s message. She has been to Hell and back. It is still a fight, but she is strong and recovering and is a huge inspiration. You can do this. You can do life.
    Mrs. B.

  8. L says:

    It is simple but it is very hard work.


  9. Aisling says:

    She is an inspiration but sometimes i just dont have enough energy to fight

  10. Mrs. B. says:

    Sometimes it is OK to rest and look for strength outside of yourself. My daughter has found a lot of her strength in things like the New Testament, Rumi, and other writers who inspire and strengthen. She adores a book called, “The Ragamuffin Gospel”.

    Take a bubble bath, soak, play soft music, get out, wrap up in something cozy and read something inspirational until you fall asleep. Can’t think of a kinder way to take care of yourself.

    Nats, you can add a glass or two of wine to this, but NO MORE!!

    When you wake up, you’ll feel stronger.

  11. Sarah says:

    Thank you for putting this up. It is one of my favorites from emerson…

    If only believing the message was enough…

    never the less when I have a set back in recovery or even a full blown relapse the message is inspiring

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