Fricken Fashion

Ever wonder why Fashion is so totally f-cked?

I know, I know, I rarely drop f-bombs but this dude gets under my skin. It you may recall he is the one who pranced a size 24 model down the Paris runways after Luisel Ramos dropped dead walking off the runway. Just hilarious.

How is it possible to get this far out of reality? Real the entire Jezebel article, if you can stomach it.

Sneak peak “I hate all children. Let’s focus on the fat ones. I try to avoid charity. I am the most selfish person in the world. Love is only an interesting subject when it is beyond.”

How screwed up are we as a society when this loser is on the cover of “Prestige” Magazine?


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25 Responses to Fricken Fashion

  1. Sarah says:

    The man has a complex because he use to be quite large. He went on some insane diet plan to get thin.

    Oh, and he’s full of himself…..

  2. Nats says:

    This is another reason to hate the males!!!

  3. Sarah says:


    Gay males in the fashion industry are easy to hate, because they have helped to create an atmosphere of hatred against women and their natural figures.

    Karl is one of many, but he has the most influence. This is man who thought Gemma Ward was fat.

  4. lani says:

    I’m pretty sure that this guy is full of shit. I think he’s trying to seem tough… I mean, anyone who dresses like him seriously cares what people think of him.

  5. Magda says:

    First i would like to say that this is great what are you doing mama, not only to young girls but also for women, you make us think how manipulated we are by fashion world. I mean the whole obssesion with being alwasy young, thin and without wrinkles..

    And karl i think he is sick, i remember that few years ago he told the same about Claudia schiffer that she is too fat

    sorry for my english:)

  6. Mikhail/Happyyet says:

    It kinda makes me want to hunt him down, with an arm full of happily chubby babies and lick him.
    —Hmmm Isolation. Gaining or losing weight because of fashion ideals. Fear of a byproduct of intercourse, and food limitations…Oh my goodness could fuck-face have an Eating Disorder! Me thinks so!

    —PS…MV: I just got out of treatment. I finally went for three months. I did well there, but not doing so well out. Just thought I would update you.

  7. Alexaaa says:

    Ok, first i wasnt coming here anymore but this guy pulled me here.

    Y readed the entire Jezebel article, and i will take the risk of say what im thinking now no matter if i’ll be “hunted down”.

    i found so many things of me in him.

    Like i dont like children. i dont hate them but i only like the children in my family and not for me.
    I dont like charity. i think its hipocrit in some people (i know not all people but most of it.)
    i dont like people to touch me and i love isolation, i dont have any social life, its just im not a social person. i hate people who try to analize me that’s why i dont go to therapy any more. i hate smell of cooking but i love meat (even when after eat it i will do “you know what” ). What to say about thechnology im a complete geek, maybe that’s why i like isolation (with my macbook and a glass of cranberry juice i dont need anything else). and finally love… i dont have nothing to say about that, i dont know what that is.

    Now you can bashing me as much as you like.

  8. KJosie says:

    I don’t *get* fashion. Is that weird?
    So many people in fashion are bitchy. As an art student i spend time with to-be-fashion-designers/buyers, and you can tell the fashion students from a mile off.
    And, what makes a fashion designer great? I don’t know. I feel like i should know. Ultimately i guess fashion is art (even though it’s so far removed from what i’m working with), and people wouldn’t turn a hair if an artist said what Karl said. But then fashion designers are practically worshipped by so many people…which makes no sense, and makes comments like Karls stand out, because people give a sh*t about what he says.

  9. missA says:

    I’ve never been big into fashion. I’ve never heard of Karl until this post. In the article it stated he was smart and witty, but I don’t he came off that way at all. He came off as an egotistical, pompous ass. I have a hard time believing that he really has that great of an influence on society. Maybe in his own head.

  10. mamavision says:

    Hi Alexaaa: I don’t think others will bash you, because the way you just explained yourself is vastly different then Uncle Karl.

    I work in tech too, and the majority of individuals are more inward focused, not because they are shy but because they are comfortable that way. Society tends to be like “get out, do something, meet people” but some individuals don’t need that and that is cool.

    The real question is are you happy?


  11. mamavision says:

    Hi Happyyet: GREAT to hear you went through treatment, now the hard part starts when you get back into the real world….a world not so compassionate and understanding to your issues.

    Surround yourself with people who are positive, and understanding. Force yourself to turn away from old habits and anything that is going to send you down a negative path.

    I hope you have family and friend support? Try the forum here if you have not already, there are many individuals that can help you by listening. Mrs. B has a daughter with and ED, and Josie, Shelley and Nats are regulars that have been through it all. Lean on them, and I’ll keep an eye out for your posts as well.


  12. missA says:

    Alexaaa- I have to agree with MamaV. I don’t think anyone is going to bash you for your feelings. You are just stating your feelings. The problem with Karl is when he speaks, it seems to be with an air of authority. Who really cares what he has to say? I’m not into fashion and no one I know is either. I find most of the clothes you see on the runway completely ridiculous. Who would where those clothes in real life? No one I know.

  13. Mrs. B. says:


    Where you been, girl?

  14. spsd says:

    when you get down to the essence of it, he’s a pompus ass hole. a talented pompus ass hole but none the less an ass hole.

    i think it’s this long time mental image probably propagated by people like him, that artists are all quirky and misanthrophic or dysfunctional in some manner.

    i’m not trying to defend him in any manner, but all things considered, he is a talented little bastard, which has allowed him to spew his mine numbingly ridiculous views.

    i suppose if he wasnt that talented his opinion would matter as much as the homeless guy on the street downtown. but the fact is his skills has escalated his status thus allowing his take on life to affect young women all over.

    he is a hypocritical little twit, but forgive me for being a little cliche, life is unfair. the idiot was born with a gift which he uses to please his own narcissistic views no matter what the cost is.

    i believe he ones said “i don’t make my clothes for fat people. it makes me angry to see a fat person wearing my clothes” or something like that. i guess that in itself should some up what a pompos ass hole this man is.

  15. KJosie says:

    Mrs B – how are you doing?
    I’ve been on holiday (vacation) with my family.

  16. Aileb says:


    For the past couple of days, I have been prancing around my house pretending to be him and repeating his quotes!!!

    It’s sooo addicting :) My parents seriously think i’m going mental!

    Mom: you’re getting to skinny
    again-I’m taking you to the doc.

    Me (Karl): psshh!..skinny, let’s not talk about the less than 1% here-let’s talk about the fat ones (turn to look at my dad)

    The other quotes are just too funny and easy to sneak in.

    I think the reason so many have trouble with his words is because we have forgotten what honesty is-every word now has through PR firm.

    (He reminds me of the tiny tots I work with -they are brutal)

    Come on admit it–everyone knows that celebs get paid tons to show up a events, who in their right mind would want to work before noon?, nobody likes to be stared at or touched by strangers, I also don’t like to travel-What if they have the food in my meal plan?, oh! and we all are computers- with a memory for unneccesary things –I probably have the whole calorie content book memorized!!!

  17. Aileb says:

    MamaV, is there any way we can you can look into a spell check button or a button to add cute smilies? :)

  18. Sarah Pete says:

    Hmm… Well I am glad he doesn’t like children.

    I don’t think some one that neurotic should be resposible for shaping and molding the minds of children.

    The poor things would be on diets and forced to act like adults before they could even talk.

    It wouldn’t suprise me if he had an eating disorder, or atleast very disordered eating

  19. Mrs. B. says:

    Sarah Pete,
    I’m with you. Good thing this egomaniac prick isn’t having kids. There. That’s said.

    Now I just have to add a couple of things. The 90’s that he loved so much. You know what was so beautiful about the Linda Evangelistas and the Cindy Crawfords? They ATE FOOD and had women’s bodies. Imagine that. So they had pretty hair and teeth and sparkling eyes. F You Karl. You’re one of the MF’s who decided that our women should starve to be called beautiful.

    And one final note. Brilliant designer? The clothes you design only look good on sticks and clothes hangars. They don’t hang correctly on boobs and hips. So what the heck kind of designer are you, anyway? If you had any talent, you would be able to design clothes that looked good on curves. But you don’t know HOW, apparently.

    So there.

    And some of us believe in charity because we believed Jesus when he told us to “take care of the least of these”. But I suspect Karl doesn’t know Jesus.

  20. Leire says:

    Hmmm, speaking of fashion industry, here’s something that you might find interesting:

  21. sim'One says:

    what a miserable human! amazing!

  22. Jane says:

    I absolutely hate him! I’m so glad someone else feels that same way. Everything that comes out of his mouth makes him seem like a senile old bat and everyone talks about what a ‘genius’ he is. He promotes anorexia and fur for goodness sake.

  23. danni says:

    ugh, so THATS why he put the obese lady on the catwalk. i don’t know why she’d agree to do that; how humiliating.

  24. Lisa says:

    this guy’s a prick!

  25. Una says:

    Even though he’s full of sh$t, I still would like to be as thin as the models I see in fashion magazines, but I love food and life too much to starve myself like some suggest!

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