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Time for a hiatus gang. Family comes first, and I need to pull back for the time being. Since I will not be checking the blog or my email, I will be turning off the ability to comment. I will … Continue reading

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Mommy Who? Part 2

I had to post a few images from the inside of the new book My Beautiful Mommy, since a peek inside makes this even more of a joke. Check this out; Pea-head Dr. Michael has been pumping some serious iron, … Continue reading

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My Beautiful….Mommy??

New book on the market, just in time for Mother’s Day! My Beautiful Mommy  is saving children from the psychological damage that occurs when their mom goes under the knife and comes back home unrecognizable.  New nose, new boobs, a few … Continue reading

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Go Straight to Jail…NO BAIL!

$47,000 fine and up to 2 years in prison…. $71,000 & 3 years in the slammer…. Drug bust? Prostitution? Polygamy? Nope, these are fines and penalties for promoting Deadly Thinness This is the real deal girls, France, the country that defined haute … Continue reading

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Miss Bimbo

Miss Bimbo is an online beauty contest designed around our society. I am amazed at the total freak out over this game, especially since we created this world, we feed it so now marketers are cashing in on it. Pure capitalism at it’s … Continue reading

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Fricken Fashion

Ever wonder why Fashion is so totally f-cked? I know, I know, I rarely drop f-bombs but this dude gets under my skin. It you may recall he is the one who pranced a size 24 model down the Paris … Continue reading

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Generation Diva

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enjoy your weekend, Love, mamaV XOXO

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Spit It Out

There are very few things that I feel strongly about when it comes to my blog. For the most part I post about what I think, let the wind blow me in whatever direction, and I have a great deal … Continue reading

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Other posts on this topic:   Shelly Speaks, two years after THIN.   Shelly from THIN documentary, 5 years later    Polly Rests (story of her suicide) More from one who knows   Worth   —– Shelly from the HBO Documentary THIN … Continue reading

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