My Pro Ana Hero!

I thought I’d help Josie drive some traffic to her cute, little post on My Pro Ana Hero!

This is my ~ThInSpIrAtIoN~


That’s me by the way, 21, skinny and miserable, sent to Miami by my NY agent to shoot with some pervert photographer. I ate nothing for 3 days until my self discipline broke and I mowed down a box of Total cereal, then hit the pool for a marathon swim. Good times.

Hey, I feel that spark coming back!

Look out Josie! :)


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34 Responses to My Pro Ana Hero!

  1. Nats says:

    woopie do!

  2. KJosie says:

    haha hope you like it MV :)

    But more than anything – i hope you see my point. These photos could have come from anywhere, and can be completely misinterpreted out of context. You’re completely pro-ana now, by your own reasoning.
    And if it is to prove the point that we should be careful about posting photos anywhere online, then i don’t think it’s a very good way of illustrating it. It doesn’t feel good does it, to see your photos completely misinterpreted, and be linked to something as hideous as pro-ana.

  3. Anon. says:

    I’m glad theres someone like you MamaV to give me that sweet sweet thinspo that i’ve been dying to locate.

    Mmm, bby!

  4. KJosie says:

    What really bugs me about arguing with you, MamaV, is we both ultimately want the same thing. What we want is for young women to feel okay about their appearance, for our media to not set unrealistic beauty ideals, and most importantly – for those with EDs to have support and assistance.
    The dissonance comes because coming from different perspectives we see the world completely differently.
    Myself, along with others like Vanessa, have been seriously ill for years, and have searched for help all over the place. Doctors, family, friends, teachers, charities, etc etc. But there’s quite literally no support for those with eating disorders and the associated problems. They’re completely on their own in the world. And THAT is why pro-ana sites came about.
    I’m like you in that i hate everything about pro-ana sites – the “thinspiration”, tips, comparing, irritating icons – all that is SH*T, patronising ridiculus crap, but understandable because anorexia seriously deludes a person, and pro-ana is the result. However the support one gets is incredible – you can see it looking at the comments here and in your forum – there’s a HUGE need for anorexics to support eachother. And THAT is what’s missing. Give anorexics a good place to communicate and heal, and the pro-ana problem will be SO much smaller.

  5. mamavision says:

    I did get a kick out of it actually, I can always count on you to be thinking creatively.

    Seriously though, you ask if it bothers me to have my images posted as pro ana. No it doesn’t. But perhaps this is because I do this blog and I feel I have the real story out there.

    Hmmm, it’s hard for me to visualize how I would feel if just randomly my old modeling pics were used on a pro ana site. I guess it would bother me but I know that images are out there for the choosing.

    Do the young women on pro ana sites realize the magnitude of what they are doing? They seem rather naive to this since they totally freak out when they see their image pop up elsewhere, kind of like someone who feels violated because someone read their private diary.

    Newsflash: your words, thoughts, images – everything is public.

    You’ve got to be damn careful, its as simple as that.

    The real issue here is I feel like we are arguing different points:

    I am making a point about posting images on the web.

    They (you) are debating the meaning of pro ana.


  6. Newt says:

    Very funny Josie. Thank you for the good laugh.

    IMHO where the difference lies between MV and the “I am not pro ana” community is she doesn’t care if you misinterrupt her photos. She put them out there and if they happen to find their way into a thinspo site she isn’t going to go post and rip the person to shreds. She has enough confidence and self esteem to just laugh it off. Whereas those in the “not pro ana” group get all enraged and start being down right mean. By the way this type of behaviour wouldn’t fly on the pro whatever sites. The mods and admins would delete the post and give notice to the basher. Notice how there is no censorship here. We are all free to speak our mind, somewhat refreshing don’t you think.

    Now where is Vanessa? I would love to hear her 2 cents on all this.

  7. KJosie says:

    MamaV –

    I agree completely that a person must be careful with what they post online. Reporters from a national newspaper turned up on my doorstep to interview me about pro-anorexia. that really freaked my dad, since he’s caring for a suicidal mentally unstable person, who can not deal with that kindof thing.
    I just disagree with your methods. “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, and all that.

    And ultimately we see eye-to-eye about pro-ana too. Most of us do. However, we just don’t agree on the methods of dealing with the problems.

  8. vive42 says:

    kjosie- you are my hero. completely seriously.

  9. ck2r says:

    This took me a moment to figure out that it was more of a satrical post on Kjosie’s website, it was kind of funny. As for this pro ana privacy debate I’m confused part of me understands Mamav’s methods and the other part of me knows I would be mortified if a picture of me one day popped up on her site.
    I don’t know…
    Though I am happy to see all this posting lately MamaV thanks!

  10. Aisling says:

    i guess your right mama V

    i have posted many photos onto a webpage that i have where there are anorexics like myself that support each other but recently i found this site where a young girl was using my pics as her and she was pro ana it took a while for girls to accept it wasnt her when she couldnt produce other photos but i guess it made me realise that if you put your photos on the web you run the risk of others using them outta context i guess people just have to remember once the photos go up they will never come down!

  11. Amy says:

    “Do the young women on pro ana sites realize the magnitude of what they are doing? They seem rather naive to this since they totally freak out when they see their image pop up elsewhere, kind of like someone who feels violated because someone read their private diary.”

    Naive? How about MENTALLY ILL? Anorexia, bulimia, ED-NOS, and other eating disorders are psychiatric illnesses, and other mental illnesses are often present in eating disorder patients. Judgment is effected by starvation (brain cells are coated with fat), as well as many of the diseases that occur co-morbidly with eating disorders. Would you post pictures that you found on a support site for schizophrenics? Would you berate these individuals for being mentally ill?

    Eating disorders are desperate illnesses, and they lead people to do desperate things, such as posting images on the internet in hopes of praise or acceptance. You judge us for this. Would you judge a schizophrenic for posting a blog about his or her auditory hallucinations?

    I doubt that you have ever truly had an eating disorder, as you seem to have no understanding of them and no compassion towards sufferers. You are out of line.

  12. Faye says:

    I suppose people could mis-interpret this. Some people may see your babyfood part and be inspired by that, which I think is what Josie is getting at. Shes twisting it.. for the right phrase. But I must admit, when I first came here, I did think you were encouraging anorexia, but I know that you arent really now. :)

  13. Amanda says:

    I think some of these girls are so young, they do not understand the consequences of what they do. It does not help that many are starving their brains of the nutrients they need. That is why I think more parents need to be vigilant about knowing what their children are doing on the internet. I found my nephew’s myspace page stating he was much older than he really is, my neice had her photo, full name, school, and city she lives in on hers. I immediately called their parents. In my opinion, their parents should have known what was on their myspace pages. Were my neice and nephew angry with me? Hell yeah. Do I care? Hell no. I love them, and want them to be safe. If their parents won’t protect them, I will.

  14. Leire says:

    Good for you Amanda; I’m glad you are taking care of your neice and nephew. Unfortunately, one part of the problem is that some parents simply don’t have the technical savvy to look over their kids’ shoulder and know what’s going on.

    Found an interesting website that I figured might fit in here; it seems to be a bulimic’s weblog, but this particular post is a response to some kids who wanted to her to teach them how to be bulimic. It’s a good post.

    Speaking of good; Josie, you rock. lol.

  15. Leire Balder says:

    and a double post. My bad; sorry. Ya know, over here in Japan it’s mid-morning. 😉

    Just wanted to hear from people that I’ll trust on this; is it true that purging doesn’t actually get rid of many calories? I keep hearing it from people, but I don’t quite believe them; it feels like they’re lying about it, just to discourage people from doing it.

  16. Nicaragua says:

    “Whereas those in the “not pro ana” group get all enraged and start being down right mean.”

    A few do.

    I personally spiralled into a state of complete shock and fear, binged, got really upset over the fact that I am a person in a position of responsibility… I am a gymnastics coach for young girls… if they saw me there I don’t know what would happen. If their parents, if MY parents saw this what would they think? And the thing it, it’s NOT true.

    But whatever. Clearly people on here cannot comprehend the actual situation because a few individuals have decided to air their issues here.

  17. KJosie says:

    Leire – i read a study about it which showed that you only rid yourself of 10-50% of the calories, and all calories are absorbed within half an hour.
    The knowledge of that is really good – real incentive to give it up :)

  18. LaurenZane says:

    I noticed another Lauren posting on the previous topic. This is the 23 year old former bulimic who has responded specifically to Kelly, KJosie, and Mrs. B before.

    Leire, I second what Josie said. One’s body breaks down stomach contents and sends it on its way in 20-30 minutes. Considering most bulimics binge and then purge, and form my experience and others’, binges frequently last just under an hour minimum… so yes, the majority of calories are absorbed. This is why the majority of bulimics are with normal weight range to overweight.

  19. Newt says:

    I’m sorry Nicaragua that this whole ordeal has been very traumatic to you. Personally I too would be devasted if my photos appeared on a website like that but I would have to accept it since I would be the one orginally putting it out there. Unfortunately the world wide web is just that, world wide. I don’t agree with faces of pro ana tactics of embarassing and outing a person with an eating disorder, I think it is very dangerous and irresponsible but once a person hits the upload/send button sadly it is free game and public domain. I suspect the owners of the site don’t realize or care the damage they are doing to individuals featured but (sorry with all the buts) but the pictures are for anyone to see/take/manipulate/mis-interpret. Much like what Josie has done with MV photos. MV uploaded them, Josie put a caption on them and us the public view them.

  20. Amber/vanity900/cult66623 says:

    …She dose have a point Mamav. although i do think that since therres so many proana outlets, and this site comes up on google i think in the top 3 its probably less lethal. still, i went on yahoo ansers and someone asked “how much weight can i loose on a baby food diet?” and she was 22, 5″8, 103lbs. i’ve never heard that idea other than on mamavision.

  21. Sarah says:

    Kjosie, I’ve known about you for a while what with your semi-internet fame from being a mod of proana and your witty posts on MamaV’s ever controversial blog. Can I add you on LJ? I’ve read all of Mamav’s posts, I commented on only one though so you probably dont know me.

  22. Amanda says:

    Leire- Thanks. I’m just trying to my part in protecting the ones I love.

    Amber- I heard of the baby food diet long before it was posted on here. I think it was on a pro-ana site that has been shut down. I did not belong to that site, I heard about it on the news. Before that I had never heard on pro-ana. I went to the message board on that particular site and I noticed that the girls on there were very supportive of each other. I did not post, but I lurked there a few times. The owner of the pro-ana site did not even go to the message boards. If someone asked for tips, she was quickly put in her place.

  23. KJosie says:

    Sarah – good ahead :)

  24. J-star says:

    I think these sites – all of them – deserve a lot less attention. The disorders are mental illnesses. The Internet is about constructing identities and expressing these things, regardless of the consequences. 1 – the need for support. but what kind of support or help is any of this? 2 – the need for attention. sorry. pictures online are presupposing they will be seen, the more times probably the merrier. I’m sick of the entire debate, though I do think the irony tells us more than anything.

  25. Kat - CandiedClouds says:

    I’m going to get slaughtered..
    But, you’re actually not thin there.. I’d say you’re a healthy weight are you not?
    It might just be thin for your natural body weight.. So you still starved to get yourself there..
    But, I don’t believe it could actually be counted as thin for the modelling world today. =)

    Lol, I’d still kill to have that body.. But, I’m thinking that that couldn’t be thinspiration.

    We could however, call you pro ana and put you on a hurtful site.

  26. Courtney says:

    [I just disagree with your methods. “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, and all that.]


    So to make a point against MamaV’s actions you respond with an arguably slanderous post on your own site? Third wrong must make a right I s’pose?

    I disagree with views held by Mama V as often as I agree with her. This does not incur me to post inaccurate information about her elsewhere, especially in such a malicious and deceitful manner.

  27. KJosie says:

    Courtney – not malicious and deceitful. No-one who’s going to read my site is going to believe i’m being serious, and knows the whole back-story. And i’m not under any delusions that what i did was right.

  28. aanonymous says:

    you look fat in the picture.

  29. Katiee says:

    Well, I agree w/ you, but you really don’t look too skinny in that picture….were you a plus-size model?

  30. Hilary says:

    Skinny? Haha. You should have just went into plus size modeling. You’d be happier and it looks like you weren’t far from it.

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