How To Be A SuperModel

Tipster Tina led me to a great article in Forbes about the path to SuperModel Fame. This entire story reminded me of something I have been wanting to do for a while.

First, let’s set the record straight on a few things regarding my oh-so-glamorous past;

Yes, I was recruited to be a model in Paris, France at age 16. Let me tell you what this means – nada. It doesn’t mean squat. To the outside world it’s like “wow, you modeled in Paris! Holy crap, you were big time!”


I wasn’t big time, I wasn’t even small time. I wasn’t even one kernel on the cob (my husband came up with that analogy, we are cracking up as I write this).

It’s best to compare my status in the modeling world to the structure of Corporate America. 

You’ve got your big wig Chairman of the Board, phone ringing incessantly, crackberry glued to his palm, as he watches the company stock….tick, tock, tick, tock.  The A-Hole is filthy rich, and doesn’t give two shits about other human beings. His day is about money, fame, and prestige.


Cut to the dude in the company mail-room. In the basement, sorting through stacks of random envelopes. Mr. Mail sets out for his big day, delivering packages to coworkers backs, as they cower in their tiny cubicles, just too busy to turn around and greet this fellow coworker.

Mailroom dude doesn’t mean squat to Mr. Bigwig – not even on the damn radar, and never will be. He doesn’t exist.

As a model, I was mail-room guy.

This must be understood, so you all stop dreaming about being “America’s Next Top Model.

I was just one little girl, plucked out of my rinky-dink hometown, being used by one dirty old Modeling Agent to sell stuff. Sell sex, sell beauty, sell anything he could get away with. That was me and about 4o other “chosen ones” during the summer of 87′,  all random beauties trying to make a go of it in the big city.


Me, as a kid.

Sure, I posed for some catalogs, and magazines, a couple runway shows here and there – but who cares? The mags land in the garbage within a month and getting to that point was hell on wheels.

Pretty damn glamorous huh? It was a pile of crap I tell you, a total and complete pile of crap. Ahhh…I feel better getting that out, thanks for listening. 

On to the Forbes Top Ten Ways YOU! Can Be A Supermodel!:

  1. Stop eating. Grow.
  2. Be photogenic
  3. Get signed.
  4. Be quiet.
  5. Don’t party. Don’t be a diva.
  6. Befriend powerful people.
  7. Date celebrities.
  8. Expand your brand.
  9. Now you can talk.
  10. Don’t gain weight, ever.

mamaV’s add ons:

11. Take your clothes off.

12. Sleep with your modeling agent and/or booker.

13. Be serious arm candy.

14. Wear teeny tiny skirts to castings.

15. Get a boob job.

16. Sell your soul.

Ok that last one was dramatic, but I’m in a mood.

Still want to be a model?

God help ya.


P.S. song for the day

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79 Responses to How To Be A SuperModel

  1. Alex says:

    Wow, I didn’t think much of modelling before, but now I really am convinced that this whole buisness of modelling is very overated…
    My goodness, I didn’t know it was that bad.
    Thanks mamaV, got a new perspective on things.

    Hugs Alex

  2. amanda says:

    I still want to be a runway model.
    Always will, no matter what the cost.

  3. twistsis says:

    I am not surprised by any of this, it sickens me to know how many people this industry are hurting and how many lives are being lost because they are brainwashed into believing its what they need to do.

    Someone needs to pull the plug on these people, they need to be exposed more, and harder, hit them where is hurts!

    Im now on a mission, I will make sure the issues reach the right ears, there is only so long that they can have selective hearing!

    Ill be the biggest stalker I can be in order to try and make a difference.


    • Tom says:

      The new site is pretty neat Josh . Now all I need to do is beomce more computer literate ( ha. ha.) It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks but old dogs tend to remember after they crash and burn a few times.

  4. twistsis says:

    Post sent by email to CFDA today :)

    My Name is twistedSISTER and I am anorexic! I have come here from mamaVISION and I am here to tell you that you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are promoting “perfection” perfection does not exist, size 0 is not perfection!!! How on earth do you idiots sleep at night??? Knowing that 4 models died last year and you have done NOTHING to stop the eating disordered behaviour that occurs all day everyday, in front of your bloody eyes, just because YOU have decided that their’s (and everyone elses) waists are still not small enough when you can already see every rib!

    Ypou people do not deserve to have a happy life, you do not deserve in fact to be doing what you are! You killing girls/boys of all ages because you are deluded into thinking that “size 0 sells”

    Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces successful people into thinking they can’t lose. Well I am here to tell you, you will lose, you will eventually see what you are doing and I will be on the front row pointing at you saying “I told you so”


  5. Amber/vanity900/cult66623 says:

    I hate how models on ANTM are all “wow i though modeling was just about how you look but now I know that-” shut up sweetie, tyras just getting ratings. then they go out into the realy world and its not so nice. you think that when she told that girl to loose weight it was insane? OMG think about when they really go out and try to get jobs, you think Heather (miss size real sized model size 8) is going to get ANY work? She’ll have to get a “Real” job no modeling agency wants a size 8. Whos doing anything about it? we took the first steps with thouse phone calls but we gotta keep pushing and pushing.sorry about any spelling mistakes i made.

  6. sanajoy says:

    I don’t necessarily think everyone in the modeling industry is that miserable. One of my friends models for Ford in LA. Sure she’s not ‘big time’ but I think she’s pretty content with her situation at the moment. I plan on starting to model when I start going to a university in San Francisco, hopefully I’ll also be with Ford models, and I hope its not as miserable as you put it. But at the same time I’m kind of on the fence about it because I don’t want to support the size-zero-starve-yourself-thin-till-death trend [even though I’m anorexic] but it just seems like something I would love to try while I’m in college.

    “”Models starve themselves, and we tell them to,” says Richard Habberley, a top agent with Elite, which reps Victoria’s Secret hottie Alessandra Ambrosio and Maybelline face Jessica White.”

    It surprised me that they can be so blunt about it and still sleep at night.

  7. mamavision says:

    Hi Sanajoy: I am sure many girls are quite happy modeling, this just wasn’t the case for me, and those that surrounded me.

    I’ve got to tell you that being an anorexic and planning to head into modeling sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Your eating disorder will likely worsen, since I can’t see how you could recover in an environment that will encourage you to starve yourself.

    Why is it that you are attracted to this lifestyle?

  8. mamavision says:

    Hi TS! Nice to hear from you, and your comments are interesting.

    The CFDA never responded to any phone call or email, its kind of pathetic huh?

    I’m not sure what at this point will attract enough attention and HOLD it there long enough to spur change. Kind of depressing, because in some demented way sometimes I think society doesn’t want to get better- do you know what I mean?

    It’s like we like this torture. We think its somehow worth it. We drive the billions of dollars into the economy that keeps fashion going after all.

    Perhaps the best effort is changing or impacting one person at a time, so that’s what I guess I will be attempting for a while.

    Take care!

  9. Josie says:

    I actually used to get offended when people suggested i should be a model.
    With the implication that women are brainless objects, working as a nameless coathanger, and encouraging all of the Wests beauty ideals – i don’t see why anyone would, and that’s not even getting started on MVs criticisms.

  10. vive42 says:

    i think i’m glad i’m way too short to ever have considered modelling. also i’m kind of against vanity and modelling is basically holding vanity as a virtue and paying you for it. the modelling world sounds so lacking in any redeeming virtues i almost feel i can’t even relate to people who want that. except, basically i guess they just want to feel pretty. don’t we all? and if you’re a model the world has officially spoken and deemed you pretty. so i guess that’s the appeal?

    like i said, it doesn’t really make sense to me.

  11. Mike says:

    I think I’m starting to get it now. I first had to put it into the greed/money angle of the fashion industry and the parasites that feed there of. It’s about $$$$$ to them. Hmm, smaller female bodies (skeletons) means less clothe for clothing. Less clothe for clothing means less money spent on materials and thats a savings. Hmm, the girl needs to put on all this make-up and that means more $$$$$ for them. Oh, don’t forget the shoes. You can’t wear Walmart brand. That’s cheap. More $$$$$ in their pockets. Having a hard time losing weight to fit into these dresses gals? Here’s some coke, a little heroin if you can afford it. Many thanks ma’am: cha ching $$$$$. By the way, that’s a nice purse. What did that run ya? That much? My friends say thanks for $$$$$. Having trouble landing a shoot? I have a friend that can help ya out there. Won’t cost ya anything, except your dignity. Hey, who knows, maybe he’ll even toss ya some extra $$$ on the way out the door. Always comes in handy for the candy man. The way I see it, you gals are being used. They chew ya up and spit ya out. Lives wrecked, while the fat cats chew every piece of meat off you and spit ya out like when you are nothing but a gnawed up bone. Ravernous wolves. Them and all their parasitic packs. Well, I got to go shopping now. The commercials on TV just mesmerized me with their propoganda and told me what I “need” to buy to “make me happy” Thank goodness someone can tell me. I can’t find it out on my own. I’m in a disturbed mood today. I just thought you would like to know how I really feel!

  12. twistsis says:


    The only way anyone will pay attention is if we all stage a big strike thing outside their offices, with Banners and big speakers with us all showing and telling the world what is going on.
    Society wont change becuase they feel they cant make a difference, its too much hard work for them because they cant see a benefit from them doing it by themselves.
    If we need to get through to one person at at time we will! I am here to help in any way I can, just tell me what you wanna do and ill do it!


  13. Josie says:

    Mike – i think it’s about money too, but in bigger forms.
    Feminism came along in the 60s and suddenly women went out into the workplace and were earning significant amounts of money. It was at that time that the pressure to be thin and beautiful suddenly intensified, and as womens earning and power has increased, the pressure to be thin and beautiful has increased. I think that when women started earning money the fashion, diet and beauty industries realised that they could prey on womens insecurities about their new role in the world and hence put on the pressure for them to be beautiful and thin, making $billions. And as women have become more successful it’s been equated with thinness and beauty, with women being disgustingly discriminated against in the workplace as a result of their looks (just look at how Hillary Clinton and other female politicians are judged on their choice of clothing, or for just being a women!). This then keeps womens self-esteem low, and gives the idea that women are brainless objects, not real intelligent human beings. And now many women are so concerned with being thin and beautiful to fit these screwed-up societal ideals that they’re placing it as a higher importance than their career or life – a huge unintentional backlash against the feminism that freed them.

  14. Sass1948 says:

    ohhhh this is old hat! we did this last yr BUT, that list…funnny :-)

  15. Mike says:

    You are most right Josie,
    It is deeper and more disgusting than I was able to touch on. I’ve read some of your posts and, like so many of you gals here, I’m astounded with the intelligence. I say, buy baggie clothes and say: “To hell with them” :)


  16. Mike says:

    I want to share something with you ladies. I was laying in bed this morning (I’m a guy and often lazy) when I turned on the television set to the channel called “ion tv” They had a segment on from “Day of Discovery” The segment was the airing of the newly released album (Faithful God) by Shannon Wexelberg. I never watched this program, didn’t know it existed and had never heard of Shannon Wexelberg. They had aired this release, after being shot in the Hawaiian island of Kauaii. They used the sites as a backdrop for her while she sang. Though Hawaii is breathtaking, I could not take my eyes of this female vocalist. Though she would never be accepted in the fashion world by way of meeting their “standards”, this woman was so beautiful. Her attractiveness captivated me, while she stood there strongly, confidently, and radiantly singing out words that were of her and came from within her. Though the theme of the album was about dealing with life’s struggles when they threaten to shatter our hopes and dreams, I found such inspiration in a woman, who knew who she was and who she needed to turn to for strength during our difficult times. I watched it thinking of you folks. I wish we could somehow get a link up on this website to make it available. All I can do, at this point, is give you their website:

    See, this is the way I look at this: God has created each one of us with a purpose. We all possess something that can’t be copied or faked by a snapshot. It’s that hidden wonder within each one of us; our unique beauty within. Let God and yourselves show forth your beauty; what a great way to get out of bed this morning!

    Love, :)

  17. Josie says:

    Mike – i love baggy clothes hahaha, my ex used to hate how “unfeminine” i was!

  18. Mike says:

    He just didn’t want you taking his sweatshirt and pants. Seems he was a little insecure with who was going to wear the pants?

    :) mike :)

  19. Mike says:

    Well, I have to go do house chores now. I’m the only one here and I can’t claim that washing dishes, doing laundry is a woman’s job. Oh, I can, but then I would have to buy more dishes and clothes and never wash the dirty ones. Hey, that sounds like a good idea. Oh, wait, men don’t like shopping either :(

    Thats why, whenever we are frustrated, we say “Man” Its usually our fault. That’s our way of admitting it.

    Ok, here I go. I will do it, but I’m not going to wear an apron :)

    That way, I can make more clothes dirty. We men are so pigheaded and stupid too!

    Hi ho…Hi ho…it’s off to work I go……

  20. Mike says:

    Can someone respond to me? I’m looking to be distracted from these chores. I’m trying to procrastinate here. C’mon, I need to put the blame on someone for this stuff not getting done. Anyone??????










    you girls are rough on a fella :)

    Scrup a dub,
    Here comes Bub

    mike :)

  21. vive42 says:

    dude you should go over to the forum for this random shit. i don’t hang out there because i’m too cool for school but if i was going to post random off topic stuff that’s the place i’d go :)

    btw in case anyone’s interested, i seem to be in the process of trying to maybe be entering recovery. no one is more surprised than me *shrug*

  22. Limafan says:

    I never wanted to be a model but this list pissed me off in a lot of ways. Ya know not every SuperModel got where they are today by doing the stuff on your list.

  23. mamaV says:

    Hey Sass: Sorry if the topics are old hat for you, I know I repeat some stuff, but this is kind of a personal cleansing for me….

    The point that is actually new here is that my modeling experience appears “big time” to the outside world – but is was so nothing in the big picture. Point being, even if you were to be the winner on say ANTM, the road from there would still be a long one. I am not sure girls get that.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that this blog still is self serving therapy for me at times!

    Take it easy,

  24. mamaV says:

    Hey Mike: I always like to greet the men here since you are few and far between! I apologize for the rather mean comment from vive42 above, she can’t help herself sometimes.

    She was correct though, hop on over to the forum to chat away! Here we try to stay on topic, plus there’s someone usually lurking around there 24/7.

    Take care!

  25. tinatangos says:

    Interesting that they said:

    “Stop eating. Grow.”

    That’s kind of an oxymoron isn’t it – how can you grow if you stop eating?

  26. Sass1948 says:

    ok then – excuse my selfishness. u write away & I’ll just post when got something to say that isn’t futile like “that’s old hat” :-) YOU take it easy hahahahahha sorry feeling playful

  27. Mike says:

    Thanks mamaV,
    I read vive42’s comment yesterday and I don’t rush to answer back. I like to digest things and think about others first, instead of my feelings. I woke-up this morning and want to thank her and you. I’m a guy and we can be lazy. When I load the website, I just go to what’s on the first page. I never knew that the “forum” is right place to be and all I had to do was click on that tab. I’ve posted here and on the two postings for Shelly. I wish I posted my comments on the “forum” because more people could have read the rubbish I write :)

    Thank you for being kind. I know that vive42 was being so in her way too :)


  28. vive42 says:

    thank you mike, for recognizing the kindness buried beneath my tough outer shell. you have almost brought a tear to my eye and have certainly touched my cold, bitter heart with your understanding.

    kidding! sheesh mamaV lighten up. calling me meeeean. what have i ever done that was mean?

    no, no, wait, i don’t want to hear the list! never mind, i admit it, i’m a mean mean girl 😉

    (now who’s off topic? me that’s who!)

  29. Mike says:

    Ok, I can’t help myself and need to post this here before posting it again on the Forum.

    Shannon Wexleberg’s music CD can be obtained at
    You make a gift to support their mininstry (You pick an amount) and they will send you the cd.

    vive42, you are welcome. MamaV cares about you and me at the same time. I don’t think she was out to make you sound bad. That’s the point of this site; to help eachother. In life, it seems that we spend way to much time on our negative and not enough time on the positive. If you want me to this my negatives, you better put a pot of coffee on. I can ramble for hours :)


  30. Sass1948 says:

    well if it’s not the alien spouting scriptures or old mother hubbard otherwise knows as mrs b it’s now mike. what is with every post brings a new heavy poster? maybe ive been visiting this place too long…

  31. Mrs. B. says:

    Mother Hubbard. Priceless. 49 year old MBA corporate type. Somehow I didn’t picture Mother Hubbard in that way.

  32. Mike says:

    No, Mother Hubbard is a pretty good way to look at this. I could never fill His shoes :)
    Its always an open invitation with Jesus, Sass48. You choose. I got so tired of listening to this person or that, so I decided to listen to God. I ‘decided’ to listen. It’s your choice Sass1948. Many others here seem not to mind having this information brought here. Think of them, as for yourself. I will leave you with this thought: What do I get out of it? That is a riddle, I hope people solve someday, as I have done. Hang in there Sass48, I just took a minute to say a prayer for you.


  33. Mrs. B. says:

    No, I don’t go with the Mother Hubbard image. Won’t have it.

    My kids have always said that I look like Julia Roberts. I have a mid-length blonde streaky assymetrical Victoria Beckham style bob.

    And as MamaV knows, I wear “bangin” shoes….and usually suits or dress slacks with cashmere sweaters.

    Mother Hubbard has gray hair in a bun.


    I may be a Christian, but it doesn’t mean I’m a “drudge”!!!

    This is mother hubbard:

  34. Mike says:

    Well, I like her still the same :)

    I have a friend who also wanted me to know that Natalie Grant (Christian song writer and singer) had suffered from bolemia and that she weaves her struggles and victories into her songs. I’m somehwhat familiar with Natalie Grant and she is no Mother Hubbard in appearances.

  35. vanity900 says:

    ummm mike what dose that have to do with anything? (its aber btw yall i made an acc)

  36. vanity900 says:


  37. Mike says:

    Maybe nothing. Grant expressed being unselfish and refusing to live in world of only thinking about herself

    Natalie Grant on her life and music: “I also realized also that when you dissect what your faith is, it’s not just about singing happy songs. It’s about loving your neighbor, serving others, and giving you life away (to help other people)”

    Natalie Grant on her book- The Real Me: Beoming The Girl God Sees: “In the book, I write about my struggle with self-image-I had an eating disorder (builimia) when I was young. It’s a very honest book about my struggles with self-esteem”

    Maybe it has nothing to do with anything. Natalie Grant chose to change her victimization of her inward thoughts by focusing on God and people around her. In this, she helped herself by helping others. Nothing selfish there.


  38. Hannah says:

    I’ve always liked to go on fat acceptance sites for support (ironic, I know). Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose and the-f-word are great blogs. For a view on the other side of the spectrum:

    Just an interesting read.

  39. vive42 says:

    i love FA! you and me hannah. i don’t know what it is because i never imagine myself really putting it into practice but just the idea that FA exists is comforting to me.

  40. Mrs. B. says:

    I wish we could settle somewhere in the middle. Sigh. I’m fine with fat, but it seems like people who aren’t fat, but are healthy FEEL fat, and people who are way too thin feel like they are beautiful, but they are usually not at all healthy, and then there are the folks who are quite heavy who just have given up all hope. There is just way too much distortion going on. None of these states is correct. They are all distorted.

  41. Josie says:

    Mrs B – i think you’re right. I think potentially FA is as damaging as the idolisation of thinness in our society, considering thousands more people die of obesity-related illnesses than they do of anorexia.
    It should be a balance. We should celebrate what is healthy for us. For me personally, i’d be very unhealthy if i were either anorexic-weight or clinically overweight. We’re all different, but all these things are trying to make us the same.

    On a similar thread – how my first phase anorexia started: i was trying to be healthy. Ironic huh? There’s so many mixed messages about what you’re meant to eat or weigh that i ended up messing up – i cut out all fat (i now know that’s actually very unhealthy), and then i read that 1500-2000 calories was the norm, so i cut down to 1500 – big mistake considering my metabolism needed 3000-4000 calories to function. Cue anorexia.

    So yes, conclusion – balance, and acceptance of ones individual needs.

  42. Mike says:

    Hi Mike. How are you?

  43. Mike says:

    I think people aren’t getting me; don’t understand what I’m saying here

  44. Mike says:

    What do you mean?

  45. Mike says:


    Not you too!

  46. Mike says:

    Smile folks.

    I was trying to poke fun at myself. I’m such a NERD


  47. shelly says:

    I think we “get” you. But personally for me, I really get turned off with all the God talk. Yes, I understand that God loves me and all that other jazz, but sometimes faith in God is just not enough to help us through the battle we on this blog are facing. Faith in god or any other higher power is crucial in recovery but a lot of people who are faithful might have lost faith in God during their illness because we/I often wonder why he would inflict so much sufferring and pain in our/my lives. Why would he want me to kill myself. I think everything happens for a reason. Maybe all this shit I have walked through will make me a stronger person, maybe it will not. I dont know. Just because people do not respond it doesnt mean they might not be reading what you write.
    I dont mean this rude at all, just my personal opinion.

  48. Mrs. B. says:

    Great post.

    I had an interesting talk with my daughter last night about her relationship with God through her eating disorder. She had become so out of control in so many aspects of her life that she lost her feeling of being loved by God. Like you, though, she’s starting to feel like there may have been some kind of path she was supposed to take for a reason.

  49. Mike says:

    Thats all I can hope for.

    You might find many more answers to life’s issues in that little dusty book.

    Oh, by the way, God isn’t wanting you to kill yourself. It’s called “free will” We are human descendants of two folks, who were the first ones given the “right to choose” Granted, they were deceived, but they made a “choice”, more due to their selfish desires, than to obedience to God. From that day forward, it’s been a struggle. You see, out of their disobedience to God (They turned down the Tree of Life, and lost the 100% being in God’s presence) they wrecked things. They “chose” the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Wanting to be God themelves, not relying on Him 100%) over the Tree of Life Perfect human bodies, free of diseases, ailments, impure thoughts etc and 100% relationship with God Passages like”Adam, where are you?” when God knew where Adam was, and Adam’s reply: “Here, I am” deomstrates the point So this is how it all started, it didn’t start with something you did or was done to you. It is sin that has been past down through millenia. The world has been a fallen broken down place ever since. But God wants us to seek Him out and wants us to have a relationship with Him, but out of choice. He presented Himself several times in the Old Testament and people still rebelled. Then He degraded Himself to come here in a human form ((That probably would be like coming back as a dog to enter into the company of wild dogs)) in His son Jesus, who suffered far more than you, or I will ever have to. At this point in time, when all our sins were placed on Him, he was cut-off 100% from the presence of God the Father. That’s 100% That’s more than Adam and Eve or anyone alive has ever experieced. Though brief that was, it was agonizing and just shear horror for Jesus. For what? To buy our souls and establish a way to have a better relationship with God, but one out of “choice” He could have snapped His fingers and fixed everything back to the way it was, before that first act of rebellion in the Garden of Eden, but no, He still wanted us to have “free will” and to “choose” to be obedient to Him and mostly, To “Love” Him. That’s His desire. We have a desire for this too, and it comes from a hole that was placed in our hearts. It screams loudly to be filled, yet some “choose” to try to “fill it” in their own way. They look for an answer here or an answer there, as if it’s some big secret. The gift is here. Won’t you unwrap it? Discover the contents: Talk to Jesus, and (1) “confess/repent” over who we are (That just means, acknowledging that we are dung) and that we are (2) “sorry” and (3) “ask for his forgiveness” (Think perfume on dung), because we “want to be brought back into a relationship with God” That we start down this road, by (4) “accepting what Jesus did for us”, out of our “sorrowful hearts” and “accepting” Him into our hearts (Oh, here’s that beautiful gify; more precious than all others) and (5) “start to turn away from our sin nature” and “listen” to Him, and “desire to follow” Him and His ways, which is to “Love” Him (Oh, we will slip and fall every now and then, because we are still sinful. I’m still dung, but God has used some pretty hefty perfume here) and (7) “experience a heart being mended” day by day , with the help of the “comforter” Holy Spirit, placed there to work on our spirits and help us to grow in a greater relationship with God (Oh, it’s not a 100% experience as Adam and Eve knew it. But for now, it’s more than Adam and Eve ever had, after the making of their choice) So God did this, to correct the error, but still allow for “free will”, and some will “choose” and some will not. But, it’s still a choice. Lastly, I’m not perfect, but I’m Happy. I babble so much here (and for what? what do I get out of it?) because I want you to be Loved by God and experience what He has for you, and then, what you will crave to share with others. Will you choose?


  50. Mike says:

    I splled “gift” wrong


  51. Mike says:

    I do want to say that what you gals are doing for eachother is beyond measure. To care for others, while still in the process of caring for yourself, takes a lot of strength and courage.

    These are some of the attributes of the Virtuous Woman


  52. Mike says:

    A person who reads this may think, How does this relate to my problem? I suffered this or that emotional harm that scarred me. Realize this: People in this world are in need of Love and Forgiveness. When we start to realize this, and step out to forgive and love others (Believe me, its much harder loving people who have harmed us; I think that kind of love is greater than all others) perhaps healing begins. Can I suggest something? Maybe some of you gals should do some volunteer work helping others. The world needs it. I’ve had Christian friends with cancer. In the hospital, they spent the last bit of their time on earth (terminal cancer) helping others and sharing Jesus (both in His word and by His deed) with others around them. What acts of unselfishness. It always makes me happy, when I think of others over myself. I know that many of you gals here have these traits in you. I watch how you help eachother. Maybe you could help your recoveries by volunteering to help others. Spend time with dying children or elderly in the hospital. Extend your love and bring some happiness to others. Oddly, in giving we get.


  53. Mike says:

    Why is it that people only have faith in God (Shelly, I’m not picking on you. It is human nature) when things are going alright, but not much faith when things aren’t so. Seems it should be the other way around. Life is full of ups and downs and, at times, boredom, and long periods of suffering and spurts of happiness.

    It’s nice to read of peoples circumstances in life, in the Bible, and how they coped and the inspiration and wisdom that was found and is given

    The whole book of Psalms are examples of the up and downs and ,at times, the self doubts of David

    Psalms 6:
    Verse 1: O Lord, rebuke me not in thine anger, neither chasten me in thy hot displeasure

    Verse 2: Have mercy upon me, O Lord; for I am weak: O Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed.

    Verse 3: My soil is also sore vexed; but thou, O Lord, how long?

    Verse 4: Return, O Lord, deliver my soul: oh save me for thy mercies sake.

    Verse 5: For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the grave who shall give thee thanks?

    Verse 6: I am weary with my groaning; all the night make I my bed to swim; I water my couch with my tears.

    Verse 7: Mine eyeis consumed because of grief; it waxeth old because of all mine enemies.

    Verse 8: Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the Lord hath heard the voice of my weeping.

    Verse 9: The Lord hath heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer.

    Verse 10: Let all mine enemies be ashamed and sore vexed: let them return and be ashamed suddenly


    Proverds 24 Verse 10:

    If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

    Folks, I’m not a Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.

    I have my troubles at home, in life, and with my friends and other family members.

    I wouldn’t be able to be who I am, if it wasn’t for God.


  54. Mike says:

    Verse 3 should read “My soul…”
    Verse 7 should read “Mine eye is…”

    It is a lot for me to type all this out. It’s much work. I’m a one finger pecker. I’m a guy with clumsy fingers!


  55. Mike says:

    I think I should go on from here. I wanted to post what God has to say about a Virtuous Woman (Know don’t use the worlds definition. Its not that kind of virtue or lack of virtue. Its God’s definition) but this really is much work. I’m trying to do other things and I do what I do because I have cared for you all.

    If folks want to hear more, then I let me know and I will post more.

    Take care,

    • Auth says:

      Looking forward to wtanhicg this one guys, remember its more than just monitoring though (haven’t watched it yet).Thanks for help raising awareness of the service / industry.

  56. Mike says:

    By the way,
    December 30 1999, “Mike you have a cancerous tumor. It’s serious and you need to be back in the morning for emergeny surgery. If you rupture the tumor overnight, it will most definitely spread further. If it does, your treatment and prognosis for living will be worse”

    Mike: “Oh no. Oh God why me? What did I do? Why am I being punished? Please, please help me. Make this all a dream. I want to wake-up tomorrow and find it was all a dream”

    December 31, 1999: It was not a dream.

    I don’t much remember December 31, 1999 or the New Years Eve of the century. It didn’t much matter. The world celebrated, while I went through my own hell.

    January 1, 2000: Not feeling very good. All alone and full of fear. Laying there feeling much pity for myself, resentment towards and questioning God.

    I noticed a Bible on the nightstand (I was not a Christian back then) and opened it to the Book of Jobe. Funny, it was the right book for my circumstance. God does want to talk with people, if they are willing to listen.

    This is not when I had become “born again”, which means spiritual rebirth. It took a little longer than that. Old stubborn Mike.

    I won’t get into details, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom. That would take another two years. God is patient, and long suffering, but you must not overdue His invitation. He is not a fool. He is Just and He is Love, but only if we accept Him. I wish I could get get back those two wasted years. Actually, if it weren’t for those experiences, I wouldn’t be here today. I thank God for the difficult times that brought me to Him, that truly brought me to Him. I pray that you folks aren’t like I was; stubborn. Most of you folks have many tears ahead of you. I would love to see you get started earlier than I. Promise me though: If not today, then tomorrow? When it happens, you will have wished it was sooner. I still do!


  57. Mike says:

    Ok, let’s stop and say a prayer for Mike:

    “Dear Lord, please help Mike with his spelling errors”

    I meant to say “Most of you folks have many YEARS ahead of you, I would love to see you get started earlier than I”

    But, let’s face it. We do have many “tears” ahead of us too. That is part of living. I wonder if that spelling mistake was God’s doing; His purpose? Nahh, it was just a”WE NEED A SPELL CHECK FEATURE ON THIS SITE FOR MIKE” Something thou is telling me that it was no accident. Thanks God! It fits also.


  58. God says:

    You are talking to yourself again!

  59. Mike says:

    I know that I’m never alone
    It makes no difference

    Good Night,

  60. mamavision says:

    Umm Mike – let’s cut it please. This blog is not a soapbox for religon or for random posts.

    I am going to delete a few of your comments to clean up this post, we need to stay on topic here.


  61. Mike says:

    That’s your choice.

    I won’t be posting anymore here. I feel I gave out as much as was needed.

    Take care and God Bless you,

    • Melek says:

      I think’s atclrie does not deal with their own revenue but with an estimate of subscription numbers that they based on the number of all Flattrs performed in the system as displayed on the homepage. It is not their revenue that increased by 50% but the (estimated) number of all subscriptions in the Flattr system. (That coincides with the high absolute numbers in their atclrie.)

  62. vive42 says:

    haha mamaV you have yourself a single troll methinks.

    anyone want dibs on what name mike/motherlove picks next? hmmm… maybe he’ll call himself aliengod666. oh darn, now i’ve written it down he’ll see it and pick something else.

  63. Mike says:

    By the way,
    I was 5 years old when my aunt molested me.
    Everything I shared with you is related, maybe some will see. Vive42, I’m an honest man; that won’t be happening.


  64. Mrs. B. says:


    I hate to say the “I am a Christian, but….” statement, but what you have been doing turns people off. If you want to have a conversation with people, great.
    If you want to post mounds of scripture that isn’t related to the conversation, it comes off….even to me….as spam. Sorry. That’s how I feel.

  65. withlovebyli says:

    I used to want to be a runway model. I thought it was all about wearing pretty clothes. Then I started watching these behind the scenes shows and I realized:

    1) Changing backstage at a runway show requires you to strip completely nude. And for me, I’m a private person, nudity is personal to me and I don’t want to expose myself to dozens of strangers.

    2) Some clothes are pretty but most are weird and ugly! The stuff that’s coming down the runway these days…I wouldn’t be caught wearing them!

    3) The whole size zero lifestyle. Ugh, so unhealthy.

    4) Being treated like a piece of meat. There’s no way I’d live without self-respect and self-worth.

    5) Your brain atrophies. Seriously, if you’re only valued for your body, why bother feeding the mind? In some ways to me it seems like modeling advocates stupidity.

    6) Apparently 5’4 is too short. *rolls eyes*

    And now that you’ve added more points, MamaV, I definitely am sticking to my decision of not ever getting into the industry. I liked the selling your soul part. Sure feels that way! lol



  66. Rachel says:

    Vanessa (Vive42), that’s GREAT that you’re contemplating recovery! Many, many hugs to you for it! :-) You’ve got my positive vibes and well-wishes.

    Mike – Put a friggin’ sock in it already! If I want to hear about god, I’ll go somewhere else. Yeah, you had your spiritual rebirth thing or whatever. So what? Not everybody has a similiar experience with “god” on their side. I’ve had my own such rebirth and there was nary a “god” to help me out with it. It was a very personal experience, and I will not elaborate here. You seem very young and immature.

    Back to the original topic:

    The modeling industry is some whack shit. There’s not much more I can say about it that hasn’t already been stated…

  67. Shana says:

    this place is going crazy…

  68. Mike says:

    I’m back

  69. echo says:

    Sorry everybody for feeding the troll, but I just have to let it out right now.

    Mike, if you’re sincere about this God stuff, you need to back off. I had actually thought about going to church the other day. I was going to do it. Reading your comments though… why should I? Apparantly I’m just a sinner for having my illness. All you did was make me feel guilty. All you did was make me ashamed to go to church. Now I don’t feel worthy anymore. Take a more compassionate approach. Tone down the religion. I don’t get the feeling you care about our suffering so much as trying to make yourself sound better than us, since we’re apparantly the evil sinners ‘chosing’ to turn away from God. That seems pompous, not pious. I just thought I’d let you know (on the off chance you’re not just a troll looking to stir shit) that your attitude is really hurting your cause. Don’t come back and lecture me; it’s not worth it. I will find my spirituality when I’M ready, not when some stranger on the internet tells me to.

  70. Mike says:

    If you truly read all that I wrote, your comment is whack. Noboby could say that I sounded “pompous/pious” if they read my comments under this post, Shelly speaks out, More From Shelly, and How to be a Super Model.

    I said I’m a sinner and I’m dung. I told you why mankind is in this state. I told you how God loves us and has brought a solution to a better way. Is that the lecture you find upsetting? How about this? Site what I wrote that was condescending, both from my own words and the scripture I shared, and write it out here. Don’t just give an empty statement.

    I came here because I care about you. I already have Jesus in my heart. I feel slefish in not sharing Him with you. Get the word “share” I’m trying to give and not take here.

    I will be waiting to hear from you.


  71. Mike says:

    By the way,
    I’ve been trying to work something out with Natalie Grant (If you are clueless about her, then you haven’t been reading my comments) to see if we could set up a link here for you to order for free (I will pay the costs) her music cd.


  72. “wow, awesome blog.Thanks Again. Excellent.”

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