Mirror, mirror, what do you see?

Who ventures out without makeup? If not, why not?

One of my friends recently told me her mothers perspective of makeup was that it only covers up your natural beauty,  that is why you look so “weird” to yourself without it. This was kind of a religious perspective against makeup, which I don’t buy, but I thought it was interesting none the less.

When I head out of the house, I generally don’t think all that much about what my face looks like, especially if I am going to the grocery store, Target, who cares really?  What have I got to hide?

When I do wear it, I generally find myself digging through my purse at stoplights. It’s just kind of a hassle, and I hate taking time to put it on. Sure, I like how I look with some makeup on, I just need it to be quick and easy.

In modeling, we weren’t allowed to wear makeup. This is why I crack up at ANTM, the girls are all jazzed up and made to believe they will need this skill in the modeling world. Magazines and photographers want to see you “clean faced,” nothing to hide behind, so the whole facade Tyra creates is bogus.

I always find it sad when I hear of a woman that won’t leave the house without makeup, or someone is so totally overdone while out shopping, that I wonder how long they spent in front of the mirror analyzing their imaginary imperfections. We put alot of pressure on ourselves don’t we?

Where do you  fit into this picture?


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37 Responses to Mirror, mirror, what do you see?

  1. I have good “genes” too, but they have no give and cut off my circulation, though they do fit, so I torture myself, like I did tonight, by wearing them.

    (sleepy drunk tired while writing this post)

  2. Julia Stone says:

    I started wearing makeup every single day when I was about ten. My parents were discouraging about my use of it (even though I put it on in a way that looked/looks if not natural, then at least good), so my best friend (who’s never had a zit in her life) and I would put it on during the morning bus ride.
    I couldn’t make myself dark like her and the other girls, so I tried to make my skin pretty as it could possibly be.
    Starting when I was thirteen, it became a way of expressing or hiding myself. If I was stressed (this holds true, even today), it was thick and dark around my eyes. If I was stressed or sad and wanted people think everything was okay, my skin was flawless and my eyes were done in some bright colour (blue and green were big favourites).
    These days I figure I can’t be pretty no matter what I do. I don’t have the energy to pry myself out of bed any earlier than I absolutely have to, so perfect makeup has now become a special occasion, funeral, or weekend thing.
    Although I still have fun with my eyes, it’s come to a point where it takes forever to do them and I’d just as well slap on one of my four different shades of red lipstick and minimal concealer and be done with it.
    For me, makeup is a way of trying to make everything ‘all better’. It can’t. The days I take forever with my makeup are the days I make a concerted effort to be an actress in my own play, the days that I put on a happy face and laugh when someone jokes that I’m an anorexic or I manipulate my facial features and try to appear unconcerned as the girl next to me berates me for existing and being in her way.

  3. Em says:

    I venture out without makeup because it’s not something I feel I need. If it’s a special occasion, like a party or some sort of outing where I want to look…professional, then some lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and blush. I rarely use concealer or foundation even. (Is there a real reason to use foundation, or is it kind of unnecessary…I dunno.)
    I can remember when I was five and used markers, you know, color markers! to pretend I was wearing makeup. My mom saw me and was like “Wash that off right away, it’s toxic” even though on the markers themselves it says non-toxic and I remember trying to explain that to her cause I didn’t think it was such a big deal. Blue marker under my eyes, red marker on my lips, probably some on my cheeks for blusher, and some on my eyelids for shadow. I was just being silly.

  4. Anna says:

    I think it’s a personal decision to wear make-up or not. And you can’t really make that decision for somebody. Where I live there is a stark contrast between lazy people, who don’t want to work because the government pays them anyway, and the working/studying people. The way you look tells everybody on the street which group you probably belong to. And yes, I do shower and wash my hair everyday and I apply at least some powder to my face before I go out the door. If nothing else, I want to be perceived at least as clean and not as being too lazy to even take care of my body.

    So it all depends. And as Julia indicated, a full face of acne WILL get you to wear make-up. I was one of those ‘lucky’ people who had to live with acne for about 10 years and it wasn’t fun. Dermatologists usually prescribe harsh chemicals that make your skin peel, itch, hurt and turn a bright, shiny red.
    If you don’t want to cover something like that up, that’s fine. But I would.

    Don’t judge lest you be judged…. or something 😉

  5. I never really wear make-up.

  6. Vanessa says:

    i don’t wear make up. i did in high school, but nowadays i figure i look like crap either way so who cares? but i think when i have worn it in the past it was when i was happier and cared more about how people saw me. and, say, if i was with someone i might start wearing it for special occasions- i’ve done this in the past mostly because i like feminine girls and they’ll nag me to look nice when we go out.

    so, yeah, i think for some people wearing make up is more a sign of caring about their appearance and feeling good about themselves. depends on the person, you know?

  7. mamaV says:

    Hi Vanessa: I agree, I do wear makeup to look better and feel better. I like how I look in it, but I don’t mind how I look without it, you know?

    I’d like to see makeup going back to being “fun.” My daughter reinvigorated in me polishing nails, wearing fun jewelry, and funkier clothes.

    Makeup is fun too, its just when I walk through a department store and see the whole crazy marketing element, its just kind of sci-fi to me. It’s also preying on women with lack of self esteem that can be conned into believing a $40 lipstick is going to bring them the love they seek.

    To each her own really, just something interesting to think about.

    Hope you are well,

  8. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Well, i dont have a problum without makeup. My problum is my body. Hate the shape the size..everything. Maybe when i get older it’ll be a bigger deal but the only this is the dark circles under my eyes il have to fix when i get surgery. Pluse it take long to bother with. I have to go to school at 8am so i wake up at 6am and have to weight myself with a scale thats upstairs and eat and wash up and run around everywhere getting stuff…more important things to to right? And who really looks bad without it? make up dosn’t make THAT much a diffrence that is can make a totaly hidious person look drop dead gourgous. I know it makes a bit of a diffrence but in the long run you take it off and what do you look like? Yourself. (did i even make scence?)

  9. Katie says:

    I agree. It’s always sad when girls can’t go anywhere without applying a full coat of makeup.

    Now, I didn’t even start wearing makeup regularly until I was 15, but now I sometimes go to school without putting on makeup, just to show myself that I don’t have to be dependent on makeup. (Granted, I’ve never had any sort of acne problem, so I haven’t had to worry about that.)

  10. Kayla says:

    I’m 22 and I haven’t worn makeup in 3 years. I don’t like who it turns me into. In high school and part of college I couldn’t leave the house without makeup. I’d be late to school or class. I got into so many fights with my mom in the mornings because I missed the bus. If I didn’t have time before my mom had to drive me to school, I’d put makeup on in the car and if I wasn’t done in the car, I’d be late for homeroom because I was in the bathroom putting on makeup.
    I finally realized that I had turned into someone that I didn’t even recognize. The obsession that I had with makeup had taken over my life. It was just as much time consuming as my eating disorder was…just less harmful and more socially acceptable.
    The reason I had to wear makeup was because I wasnt secure in who I was, so I hid behind makeup and hoped that no one would see who I really was because I didnt think anyone would like that person.

    Now that I don’t wear makeup its so freeing. I realized that people do like me. the REAL me.

  11. Angelique says:

    I’ve never been much of a make-up wearer, because in my thinking “time equals money.” And who wants to waste “money” by taking the time to put on (and remove!) eyeliner.

    With that being said, I do think that make-up, when done well (and not slathered on with a spatula) can enhance a woman’s natural beauty. But it takes finesse that few people have. I’m in my mid-thirties and only just starting to learn some of the basics.

    I once had a boss who wore the ugliest, nastiest shade of red lipstick. Egads, it was horrid. But she insisted she felt “naked” without it. Personally, I would have rather seen her “in the nude” (i.e., without lipstick) than looking like Vampirella!

  12. nixi says:

    i’m currently 20 years old and started wearing make up when i was 18. i wear make up everyday, whether i leave the house or not. i don’t leave my room unless i’m wearing concealer, especially under my eyes to cover my dark circles. my mother recently brought to my attention that i’m getting wrinkles under my eyes, so i’m starting to use her anti-wrinkle stuff too.

  13. Julia Stone says:

    Wrinkles? You’re twenty! What is your mother thinking? Everyone has some wrinkles, and you’re far too young to be concerned about the few you have. I have them and I’m sixteen. Jeez… Just be good about using a moisturiser with sunscreen in it and you’ll be fine. Anti-wrinkle treatments don’t work, anyway. My mother spends half her life slathering the stuff on and she doesn’t look any younger.

  14. Limafan says:

    I wear make up if I’m leaving the house, forgive me. If my skin was half as good as yours I wouldn’t, but it’s not ,so I do.

    Tyra is a self absorbed phony, how anyone can watch either of her shows without wanting to slit her throat is beyond me.

  15. Jamie says:

    I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. Really the only time I do is if I have time in the mornings to put some on before classes and work..which is usually never. I would rather sleep the extra minutes that it takes to put makeup on. It doesn’t really matter if I have makeup on or not cause I look ugly either way.

  16. Smilla says:

    I have to. I look very, very strange without it. Not interesting, or pretty, but truly, truly bizarre.

  17. Meagain says:

    I have bumped into waaaay -more- than- usual old classmates since I lost 120 pounds. So, I’m not taking any chances lookin’ like crap in case the one I’m waiting to see comes around…

  18. a_mother says:

    I wear make-up to cover my blotchy skin. I don’t use very much…usually just foundation, and eye liner, that is it. It seems like the only time I don’t wear my make-up and fix my hair is the only time I seem to see old family friends or school mates I haven’t seen in years and then they say OMG did you see how bad she looks! I just laugh….I am comfortable and that is all that matters to me….if I took as much time to worry about “the LOOK” that they do I would miss out on something I could do with my kids! So it isn’t big on my list….and I do love my sleep!

  19. Heidi says:

    I never wear make up. I have naturally rosey cheeks. Besides, who do I need to impress? I am who I am. I am not going to try to be who I am not just for someone else. Not like the make up will cover up all my fat that turns others away anyhow. :(

  20. Sass1948 says:

    I luv makeup. Compared with 20 yrs ago, makeup’s come along way. Today, we don’t have to look “too made up”, because there’s foundation to match skin tone, which is great at hiding ugly pores, & yes, I find my pores ugly, no matter what makeup companies & advertisements tell me. I’ll tell u this though – when i was 16 my dad had his nose fixed, then told me to have mine done cuz i’d “look prettier”. Now, there is NOTHING wrong with my nose & no one has ever mentioned my nose to me – & even today I refuse to have surgery because I like being a bit ugly too! Which is why, altho I dont like my pores & prefer to cover them up, when I’m taking a brisk walk through my village to post a letter or something, I don’t wear makeup. It’s a choice of when you wanna look better & when ya don’t care. A healthy balance is good!

  21. 2ryvon says:

    As I guy, I often prefer a natural look. In my opinion the use of make-up is quite ofen excessive. But who am I to have an opinion, anyway!

  22. Abby says:

    I always felt like I was lying to people if I wore too much makeup. I mean, in the morning, I wont look like that person anymore. Also I didn’t have anyone to teach me to put it on (which is quite difficult with a face full of freckles) so it just seems far too difficult to deal with. A little concealer and clear nail polish is about all I’d ever do, and that’s only on exceptional occasions.
    I mean, this month is the first time I ever even started blow drying my own hair. Somehow that act alone makes me feel more feminine during the day, lol!

  23. val says:

    I can hardly stand myself without…it’s just a fact…I mean, I wish I could but nope ! With make-up, I just look, well, good, normal (not even beautiful, I mean, except in very rare occasions). It’s not like I haven’t tried to “accept myself”, I’m still on my way in this journey, but as for today : :-(
    To look beautifuf, first of all, I’d have to stop throwing up..

  24. ukchick says:

    what is the point in makeup? i mean if ppl wear it right it looks nice. but i get soo sad wheni see 12 year old girls going around with orange faces just because they feel pressured into it. i have a lot of flaws on my face and i am only young but personally i just dont bother with it. If someone doesnt like the way i look without makeup then y should i wear it to please them.

  25. kjosie says:

    I haven’t worn makeup for years and years. Don’t intend to either. What’s the point?

  26. annerebecca says:

    I don’t wear make-up for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s toxic. Why would I intentionally slather toxins on my skin, where they’ll then be absorbed into my bloodstream and become a potential catalyst for a host of various illnesses and autoimmune disorders? I know there are companies who sell organic products, but even they contain many toxins that I’d really prefer to avoid–it’s just not worth it, in my opinion. If I can not eat it without having to call the poison control center, I will not put it on my skin.
    I’m not saying that makeup can’t enhance a person’s features, or that women who use makeup are making a bad choice–I’ just think it comes at cost.
    Also, I think that women who wear makeup and then blame the media for their body image issues lack credibility because their words contradict their actions. After all, the media that advertises the makeup you buy is the same media that promotes the “thin standard” you deem unacceptable. For instance, a Covergirl commerical might use an overly thin model to represent their product; many women will criticze the model but buy the product, all the while failing to realize that the two are intricately connected.
    I have a lot more to say but I don’t want to dominate the comment section, so I’ll just sum it up like this:
    You do not need to wear makeup to be considered feminine or attractive. Honest to God, those of you who believe otherwise have been sold a lie that is damaging to your self-esteem and your body.

  27. tina says:

    I see nothing wrong with makeup.

    I wear makeup on most days and love it! Not because it makes me feel any more feminine or attractive to someone else, but because it makes me feel good about myself. And, I don’t overdo it. I use makeup to accentuate what I like and cover what I am not so thrilled with. (What’s the harm in that?) But, when the day is done and the makeup comes off, it’s still me, just as it was when I put it on. It serves no significant purpose other than hiding a blemish.

    I do see your point though. Makeup is yet another tool through which to remind us all that we are getting older and that there is more and more and even more to conceal as we age.

  28. Siobhan says:

    I’m turning 40 this year. Yes, I wear make up. Almost every day.

    The most important thing to wear that no-one has mentioned is SUNSCREEN moisturizer. If i’d worn sunscreen as much as I should have then I’d not have the skin I do now.

    So now I avoid the sun and wear my sunscreen and sometimes a good foundation to even out my blotchy ruddy skin and I don’t have the beautiful skin I used to have.

    And I’ve worn glasses since I was 10. So I wear eyeliner and mascara because otherwise my eyes look too small behind my glasses.

    And since my hair is turning gray my eyebrows have disappeared and I have to shade them in every morning or else I look funny. Can’t afford a colorist, so I Ms. Clairol my hair and use a brush to put on my eyebrows.

    Not to make others happy. To make me happy. Which is the only reason I’ve ever worn make up.

    But then, my mom was a model and she played with my hair and my nails and make up on me since I was a tot. I grew up with it.

    Sunscreen, girls. Wear your sunscreen.

  29. Ballerina says:

    I don’t wear make up at all – I’m far from beautiful in any sense, but I can’t stand the idea of something “unnatural” on my face. I take very good care of my skin, with cleansers and moisturizers. This is enough.

    If it takes longer than 15 minutes for me to get ready in the morning, it’s not worth it. Besides, men don’t wear makeup, so why should I?

    When I used to perform, I hated stage makeup. It’s so thick and heavy, and no matter how much I cleaned my face I would still break out.

  30. Julia Stone says:

    I thought I did mention sunscreen… Didn’t I?
    But yes, I more than agree. Sunscreen is key. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are or what you skin tone is, sunscreen is going to be a big help down the line.
    I wear it every day.

  31. Rachel says:

    I use makeup as a tool to even my tone out if I’m in the acne-bearing phase of the month. Even if I don’t have zits per se, my skin is splotchy and kind of ucky looking. Most of the other time, I just make sure that I’m clean and my hair is brushed. That is what is most important to me. I can barely function here in the winter because I am forced to take a shower every day and a half instead of every single day.

    In my professional (home sales) job, I am required to wear makeup. So I get the lightest possible stuff, even out the splotches, throw some blush/eyeshadow/eyeliner on, then do the lipstick and I’m done. It is always a joy to wash it off the first think when I get home. I hate the feeling of being in it for several hours. It then gets nasty and gooey.

  32. Jody says:

    I wear make up occasionally only to please myself. I love playing with makeup and it makes me feel more feminine and gives my confidence a boost. I wore make up daily for about five years and then i decided i wold rather sleep the extra time then care about my face.
    Now if i am doing makeup it is normally eye make up and lip gloss only… :)

  33. MotherLove says:


    It causes eating disorders and your body goes wack-o and stops absorbing nutrients, all within 5 years!

    Many many people are suffering and Dieing!!

  34. MotherLove says:

    Is a good line of makeup.
    Especaily for sensitive people
    and people who wear contacts.

    fast, affordable, small, easy, minimal makeup
    It gives a very natural look.

    We even use the fragrance free facial wash
    for hand soap, Due to allergies.

    It’s cheapest at Wal-Mart.

  35. Isis says:

    To me make up is a kind of art. It can be a way to express yourself.

    I change in the amounts I wear. I usually just wear alittle eyeliner and some organic mineral foundation. I enjoy putting it on. Sometimes I feel like being more adventurous and playing around with my makeup, just because I can.

    I do find it hilarious when people tell me I have good skin though. I have huge pores!

    Ah modeling. Most of the clients I worked for wanted us to wear alittle foundation and then they would have a make up artist do the rest, and man did they love to do exotic looking makeup on me and it took forever to wash off! Of course, I’ve worked for some very small ones where I’ve had to do my own makeup too and then it’s always very light and natural.

  36. Grace says:

    Hi MamaV,

    Thanks for being so dedicated to ‘your girls’ and cause. I am sure you must be making a difference.

    I think make-up is fun, but in practice, use it minimally. The only thing I find essential is lip colour. Maybe it is my own prejudice, but being of very pale complexion and now that I am older, pale lips too–I wear it just to look healthy! Then I don’t look as though I am about to faint. LOL… funny, because when my friends and I were in high school we thought our mothers were so weird to put on nothing but lipstick to go out. We young sophisticates thought it was all about the smokey, sultry eye make-up.

  37. Francesca says:

    You know what, I know this was probably written ages ago, but I have a new bone to pick with Tyra and I hope you get this and can do something to cover it…she spent so long campaigning that her healthy body was sexy, but now she’s been on a new diet and has a “new look” apparently in which she looks pretty emaciated. What a great message for girls out there!
    Loads of love
    p.s, you are so inspirational, thank you :)

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