Twisted Sister


It’s time to bring on board someone who is living an eating disorder now and can relate to your needs now. Please welcome the first mamaVISION contributor, twistedSISTER.

She is opting to remain incognito, as I did for the first year of blogging, but she is ready to lend a compassionate ear,  quick wit, and the good old mamaVISION cut-to-the-point attitude that some of you know, love, and sometimes hate.

Her eating disorder is eating her alive, yet she is a talker, a thinker, and a dreamer. 

Her mental illness leads to regular “freak out modes,” as we have come to call them, but she lives on (whether she wants to or not). That’s what I call courage.

TwistedSISTER has struggled beyond my wildest imagination. I watch her in awe. She is a survivor. She is a dear friend. And she is to me, a little sister. 

So why not call her blog, Little Sis?

Too normal. She’s twisted. That’s why I love her.


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22 Responses to Twisted Sister

  1. Oh TS (twisted sister), I know those “Freakout modes” all too well. Just had a really big one the other night.

  2. Emily says:


    Hun i really hope ur ok. whats going on hun? sorry im not around so much-but il try and b on here as much as i can- really worried bout u. hope ur ok
    love u lots xxx

    laura — thanks 4 ur kind words hun.- i miss talking 2 u 2- il email u soon, hope ur ok.
    talk soon hopefully
    love u xxx

    love u all– please take care of urselves


  3. Emily says:

    oops wrong page

  4. Vanessa says:

    i think it’s great! welcome, TS

  5. twistedSISTER says:

    Hello girls!

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone! I hope you like what you read and make comments etc.

    I’m just about to write my second post now



  6. Josie says:

    Welcome TS!

    I’m curious about who you are now haha

  7. Kim says:

    welcome ts. while i think we are all somewhat anonymous here since we have not met, im surprised you wouldnt want us to know you ts. you could have just logged in as ts and we wouldnt have thought anything about it, but the way it was worded you dont want us to know who you are as maybe we know you here by another name. doesnt make me real comfortable with you. mama v, i think we can all learn from people, im just surprised you didnt pick someone who has been in recovery for some time for us to “learn” from and to gain from their experience, strength and hope. again, just a comment and my own personal opinion not a judgement or criticism.

  8. TS says:


    I understand where you are coming from, I do not want people to know I am because of personal reasons and confidentiality, you will find out who I am but to be honest if people knew who I am they would treat me differently and I am just trying to figure out who I am. I will tell u who I am when I know xx

  9. Kim says:

    ts, i guess that is why i was surprised mama v wouldnt have chosen someone with some recovery history so they would be able to be open and also share with us their experience, strength and hope. i already know how to not be well i struggle with the how to be well part. plus knowing what kept someone going to get to the point of recovery and making it last is what i really aim to know. i guess im just at a point where i need more hope and inspiration then what not to do’s. but thats just me and i am not planning to be around too much more but i do wish you luck and hope others can learn something from you.

  10. Sass1948 says:

    kim makes a VERY good point.

    my own points are:

    isn’t it a tad cruel for us to know about your struggle but be unable to help?

    i find reading about someone’s “freakouts” a tad depraved, not helpful.

    i come here for mamav’s blogs, not anyone else.

    does this mean mamav is abandonning the blog & this is now your blog?

    what exactly are you all about?

  11. hillary says:

    I think the point of ts’s presence is to give us a readers a more balanced look at things. Mama is biased in the way she thinks and the things she writes. With ts, not only do we get how Mama sees things, but we get the view of one who is currently going through what Mama is writing about. Granted, most of the girls here know what she’s writing about because a lot of us are living it, but we must keep in mind that there is a handful of people who do not suffer from an ED and therefore have no idea what it’s like. As for being uncomfortable with ts as a few of you have mentioned, I think you should probably be more open. After all, Mama was anonymous for a while before she shared her identity. All things come in a matter of time.

  12. Josie says:

    Kim – you bring up good points.
    There seems to be a shortage of ‘recovered’ anorexics and bulimics online willing to talk. I’d guess it’s because they want to move on into their new lives, and are afraid of being triggered.
    As i am ‘recovered’, if you ever want to chat to me about it, feel free :) my email/msn is king_josieAThotmailDOTcom.

  13. twistsis says:

    new post on website if you choose to read it.

    In not here to replace anyone, I’m here to help and if you dont want it that’s your choice.

    Hillary explains my presence very well


  14. Sass1948 says:

    I don’t buy it & might stop visiting – but not before I watch where this all goes for a short while…

  15. twistsis says:

    sass that is your choice as is if you visit the site again I can’t make you its your choice.

    Just understand one thing, you can hate me, you can not trust me, you can write posts to reflect that but basically I have now come to the point where I am saying I really couldnt care less.

    I am sick of being what others want me to be and as I say on my post I will no longer change, dont like it dont read it your choice and everyone elses.

    My new blog has nothing what so ever to do with mamaV leaving anywhere and to be honest if she were to go anywhere I would not take her place Boone could!!!

  16. Rachel says:

    Nice work, TS! Way to be brave and put yourself out there, and keep a good attitude on things. I’ve given up caring not too terribly long ago, and I couldn’t be better.

    May hope and inner peace guide your recovery. :-)

  17. mamavision says:

    Hey Sass: My blog is my blog, TwistSis is her blog, just adding a little variety and frankly, reality.

    I can relate on some level to the struggle of someone with an ED, but realistically I can’t relate to all of it because I don’t believe I really sunk as deep as the majority of readers here have. Do you know what I mean?

    Take it easy,

  18. mamavision says:

    TS: Warned you, rough crowd. Take it in as you go, make decisions as you go and take time to ponder especially if you find yourself hesitating to post a comment or post….it may not be exactly what you mean to express.

    It’s a journey babe, let it come.

  19. Rachel says:

    TS: You are wonderfully tenacious, and I hope dearly that you fight your way out of this personal hell. Nice work, keep posting!

  20. Nats says:

    OK so what??

    Twisted sister, well aslong noone is being replaced then I have no complaints.

    SIte is looking great!! Keep it up!!

  21. twistsis says:

    OMG I am losing my mind!! Mylife, my soul, my everything and I am spining out of control, I cant stop it

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