Cellulite Patrol strikes again

I am a bit behind the news these days due to job constraints, but I figured you would all like a chance to comment on the latest celebrity reaction to the dreaded, EVIL CELLULITE SAGA.


Former beauty, turned lard ass Jennifer Love Hewitt defends herself against the legal stalkers who snapped her images during a vacation to Hawaii, stating for the record her “size 2 is not fat!”

Not sure what her size has to do with the argument, by hey, she tried. She also posted a nice message on her blog to all of us fellow porkers to “stay strong.”

My bet is Jennifer Love turns up about 30 pounds lighter a few months from now. Would you blame her? Who the hell could take this kind of heat? Not I.


Let’s discuss cellulite for a moment. Why do we fight it? Why is it deemed so bad, ugly and horrid? Who decided this? There is no cream, lipo, or other bullshit treatment that is going to get rid of it – so let it go and live your damn life already ladies.


Just $30 of your hard earned money will get you this con job in a jar by Sephora, the beauty marketing geniuses dedicated to stealing you blind.

Even when I was a bone, I still had it. Trust me, it was there. Now that I am a normal weight, still there, don’t care.

Be friend your damn cellulite already and move on for gods sake. I have spent the last two summers at Girl Scout Camp, pleading with the other mom’s to hop in the pond with me and the troop. They always claim one excuse or another, as they sweat to death in the sun, all while their eyes tell me their real story.

They are scared. Scared of their cellulite. Scared of what others will think. Scared to be called the F-word.

This saddens me deeply, because I know all they are missing. Worse yet, I know the message being sent to the girls – hide your body, its ugly and fat.

I hope for you, your day of freedom comes soon. The day that you catch a glimpse of your rear in the mirror, and smile, is a glorious awakening.

It’s all for naught,


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59 Responses to Cellulite Patrol strikes again

  1. echo says:

    It’s extra sad because I think she’s at a healthy weight(?). Which is what I’m supposed to be. I hope my perception’s messed up or something because if I’d get trashed for that and it’s a good weight, it makes recovery that much scarier. And don’t get me started on cellulite… Like you’ve said, everybody has it. It’s natural. (So is fat!) Yet we do everything we can to hide it, get rid of it… It’s amazing that at a checkout line, Magazine A trashes celebrities who are too fat/have too much cellulite, Magazine B trashes celebrities who are too thin, and Magazine C has 50 ways to shed pounds for the holidays. *sigh* How does anybody stay sane through it all?

  2. Rachel says:

    Y’know how I stay sane through it all, Echo? I ignore it. I bought that issue of People Magazine because I *LOVE* Jennifer Love Hewitt, and I’ve been dying to see her with a bit more meat on her bones! I don’t know whether or not she’s actually size 2, but she looks f–king gorgeous as is!

    Plain and simply, I would kill for that body! NO, she’s not fat! She’s beautiful! If I had that body, I would flaunt it all over the place. The photographers and tabloid-trashers could kiss my ass.

    I’m working through my own self-image issues, and I’m getting stronger for it.

    I hope to hell that she doesn’t fall prey and try to lose it. That would be severely dissappointing.

  3. Kelsey M says:

    I think she is beautiful and natural. Love her.

  4. Josie says:

    If i was as thin as Jennifer, i would be delighted. And i was last a size 2 when i was about 8 years old.
    And i do have, and always have had, cellulite.

    The phrase “when i was a bone” made me crack up laughing.

    Societies obsession with weight and bodies is ridiculus.

  5. kim says:

    i guess when I look at these pictures i am still a bad judge. i dont see others as heavy usually and always feel that i am larger then them even when i am not – this is what my ed has given me, my perception is not right. i was never one who developed my ed to lose weight if that makes sense i developed it as a means to cope with what i couldnt face. i used it to not lose weight but rather to lose me, to in a way disappear. some days i still want to disappear. i still worry everyday that i will not measure up or be good enough. for one day i would just like to feel like i am good enough and that i measure up, that would be my dream

  6. sarah says:

    ok..so good for jennifer. but is she saying she’s a size 2? because that is not a size 2…

  7. kim says:

    have you seen this young women in shows and tv, she is small and we have no right to say or suggest she is not a two. how would we feel if it were our picture at the end of a telephoto lens??? how dare anyone judge, it makes me feel sorry for ms. hewitt and our society

  8. Una says:

    These pictures made me realize how I have become used to seeing photoshoped pictures. Of course this actress look good, no doubt, but in no way would I have recognised her on a beach, after having seen her webpictures ( which of course are all retouched too). I hate the idea being disconnected from reality and always falling into the same trap, critising myself. Excepting oneself would just be so much simpler and critisising is such a waste of time.

  9. kim says:

    i just scanned down recent posts and it makes me sad how focused the world is with value being equated with our size. makes me not really care anymore

  10. Amber/vanity900 says:

    shes not fat for christ sakes thouse are horrible angles that make her look *GASP* AN AVRAGE WOMENS WEIGHT!!! Oh no! And for the recore…having celulite dosn’t make you fat…you get it when you either gain, or loose weight quickly and that dosnt mean you have to be a pig or anorexic to get it. we all get it, I’m 13 I have it.

  11. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Oh and Sarah as i said, you can use diffrent lenses and camara angles to make a size 0 girl look like a size 18. I don’t doubt this might even be photoshopped.

  12. Tanya says:

    It makes me sick to think about how much money is spent every year on products to ‘fix’ our bodies and faces. It’s no wonder people get trapped in that cycle of self-hatred/buying stuff when every magazine cover either features a perfectly airbrushed woman being praised for her beauty or a pap shot of a gorgeous woman having a ‘normal’ moment being berated for her flaws.

  13. Lauren says:

    I sincerely hope Jennifer does not succumb to the criticism and lose weight. This entire issue of body size/appearance dictating our relevance in the world makes me angry and sad. Very sad. I was bulimic for 11 years, and took a medical leave of absence from school last winter to begin recovery. I am pleased to say that I eat now eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full, no longer vomit up blood or have an irregular heart beat. I do struggle every day to deal with the weight my body has latched onto because of how I starved it. Recovery really started me thinking about my appearance as related to my femininity and sex appeal for once in a critical way. When I see bullshit like this, undermining JLH’s value as a human being just because she has cellulite, I don’t know…I feel outraged!! I’m also glad to see like-feelings posted, though. It gives me hope. The more women fight and challenge being valued for the sum of their physical parts, the better.

  14. a_mother says:

    I recently read an article where Jennifer said she is happy with the way she looks and isn’t interested in falling prey to the size 0 statistics that say she is fat. She said she doesn’t feel fat and couldn’t be happier than she is now. I think she looks great and as far as cellulite goes….all she has to do is tone up….it isn’t that bad….and I don’t think her ass is fat…..I do believe she looks better now than she has in years, and am happy that she has found someone to share her life with. I doubt her standing up for herself and her health are in anyway going to hurt her career! I am glad to finally see a young woman stand up for herself and her right to look the way she feels comfortable looking and feeling. All I can say is you go girl! She knows who she is and what she wants and she is getting it!

  15. Lea says:

    I’m working steadily from a size 00 up to a size 0- but these pictures made me have a panic attack. The only thing I could think about was “I hope I won’t look like this in a bikini next summer”. It’s things like this that make me realize I’m nowhere near recovered. I feel like throwing up my breakfast coffee-and-apple.
    Thank goodness I’ve got a meeting with my psycho this afternoon… at the moment I feel like getting rid of all the food in my apartment and starting to fast until the dreaded Christmas feast with the family.
    I admire Jennifer Love Hewitt for staying so strong through this criticism- I know it would push me over the edge in no time.
    I adore your blog- it’s helping me through a very tough time. Thanks.

  16. Laura says:

    Jennifer Love Heweitt is not fat. Nor is she a size 2. My problem is that she can not accept her body as it is but has to prove to the media that she is not fat BECAUSE she is a size 2. Why cant she just not be fat? A size 6 isnt fat either. Why does she have to put a number on her body? Accept it, dont quantify it.

  17. Vanessa says:

    i just looked up her height and now i know why looking at her bothers me so much- we’re the same height and if she’s a size 2 then we’re basically the same size people. so *whew* no wonder looking at her makes me feel sick to my stomach as if she is literally the fattest most hideous person in the world- its just her bad luck for having the same size body as the one i stare at in the mirror naked, critisizing each and every flaw every morning.

  18. Vanessa says:

    oh, and laura or anyone else doubting she’s a size 2- it’s perfectly possible to look that way and be size 2 if you’re 5’2″. which i suppose is one ridiculous thing about judging people by their clothes size because people naturally come in different sizes!

  19. Josie says:

    MamaV – i wonder if maybe it would be better with posts for there not to be sizes mentioned in them. Looking up through the comments there’s countless comparisons of our sizes with hers, and consequently comparing eachothers sizes, which isn’t helpful to anyone.
    *Looks down at size 10 jeans with disgust*

  20. Amber/vanity900 says:

    New idea! wont girl be probably sparking theyre wanarexia because jen says shes a size 2? you know like “THATS a SIZE 2!?!”

  21. Mrs. K. says:

    Wow! It amazes me to hear so many people talking about how unhappy they are with their bodies in sizes that are all smaller than mine. I weigh 165 pounds (I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can tell my weight – some of the time – without flinching) and wear a size 12 or 14 (depending on the design). At my heaviest, post baby, I was close to 200 pounds and could wear an 18 at times. Even that was still smaller than some women I know and I was thankful to be healthy and have an easy time losing baby weight. I lost weight because I decided that I would have more energy if I did and I needed a diet-makeover anyway. I didn’t even “diet” exactly, I just changed my habits. It isn’t bad to eat healthy – if you don’t lose weight, you’re still doing yourself a favour. There is so much focus on one or the other: either be happy being “fat” or be unhappy and deal with eating disorders. I am all for the happy medium. Be who you want to be and be healthy. Don’t be what magazines say you should be (if a size 2 isn’t fat, does that mean a size 4 is? if she’s a size 4 and they’re attacking her, shouldn’t I lose weight?) and don’t let yourself be unhealthy. I think accepting yourself is important, but accepting a body that eats poorly and never moves isn’t – in my opinion – the best way to go. I started eating normal meals and eating more vegetables, paying more attention to how processed my food was, etc. and I just so happened to lose 25 pounds. I guess I needed to. But it stopped there. My healthy weight range for my height starts way down around 130 pounds. The high end is 155. I’m still technically overweight, but I am happy and my husband loves my curves. I’m also fourteen weeks pregnant with my third child and I will gain weight again and probably have to work on getting rid of it, but who cares? If I keep it, what does it matter? If I lose it, what does it matter? I’m tired of this attitude that seems to be everywhere that you have to be one thing or the other. I’m happy where I’m at and don’t feel the need to lose or gain ten pounds. I wish more people could be happy with who they are.

    I also wish that more of us could look at pictures like that and be happy – that celebrities are not gods, but just people like us with their own issues.

    *Happy in her size 12 jeans and the 14s too*

  22. Josie says:

    Mrs K – it’s so lovely that you’re so happy with your body. If you’re eating healthily and exercising and happy, then it doesn’t really matter that much what you weigh or what size you are i don’t think.
    MamaV unfortunately attracts mostly eating-disordered readers who are probably one of the worst audiences really.
    Bear in mind that eating disorders are much more than wanting to look good and be skinny, even though it seems like that completely on the surface. The societal messages ingrain deeper when one is eating disordered because the perception is already warped, hence why even now i’m recovered i still feel hurt in certain situations, like with the implication that size 2 is fat by other readers when i’m 4 sizes bigger!

  23. K says:

    that was harsh.

  24. Vanessa says:

    see, now i need to qualify what i said because i’m feeling guilty about it possibly having been misinterpreted.

    usually, when i see pictures of people significantly larger than i am both in weight and bmi, they look thin to me. when i see pictures of actual fat people i don’t generally react with disgust. i pride myself on not looking at the ANTM contestents and thinking they’re fat, thinking that models look unhealthily thin, and generally looking at normal sized people and thinking they look normal, healthy, beautiful, etc. by this i reassure myself that my standards are mostly normal, healthy ones.

    now, the big exception to this is that of myself. regardless of my weight i look at myself and am basically grossed out by how fat and awful i look.

    now, when i saw these pictures of ms. hewitt i kept having this reaction of just being grossed out and horrified. and that doesn’t fit with my usual reactions- for instance looking at britney spears in a similar situation i did not have such a reaction. and i was very worried that i was in some way changing and getting shallower or my standards were getting silly and unrealistic like those of the magazines all of a sudden.

    so i looked up ms. hewitt’s height and found out its the exact same as my own. and my own size is of course a 2 right now. so i was relieved to realize that my overall standards for realistic, healthy bodies have probably not changed. its just that poor ms. hewitt seems to be similar enough to my own build that she set off my “ew Vanessa looks gross at all times” alarm by accident.

    in my opinion, no one in the world is fat at a size 2 (or even a 12) except for myself. oh, and apparently ms. hewitt.

  25. CuriousVisitor says:

    I’d just like to point out that they still make non-bikini style swimsuits, and her putting one of those on would have solved 80% or more of her so-called problem.

  26. laura says:


  27. laura says:

    shouldnt* the second time too.

  28. Limafan says:

    I agree with her message but there is no way in hell that she wears a size 2, maybe she WORE a size 2 but even with the 10 lb. add from the camera I don’t think so. I think most of what she wrote was b.s. & I think her whole purpose for writing it wasn’t for other women and girls but just a lame excuse to defend herself (I see right through it). She shouldn’t have to defend her body and the fact she feels the need to in such a phony way pisses me off. No one deserves to be made fun of no matter what they look like but everyone is giving her a pat on the back for saying it, so yay for blind sheep who will buy into anything fed to them…this d-lister could use a lil’ praise.

  29. Rachel says:

    I am gradually getting more and more comfortable in my own skin. It’s taken a lifetime. I’ve had issues with my body since I was 3 – no joke.

    I went from the kid’s size 14 straight to a size 6 when I was 11. I’ve always felt insecure and chubby compared to those around me, no matter how fit I’ve been. I’ve also always assumed that I was the fat kid. I still feel like it, but it is changing – if slooooowly.

    I know that I will *never* be a size 2. Although at her height, JLH looks GORGEOUS! (I’m sure you do too, Vanessa!) and she could even stand to have a little *more* meat on her bones (you too, V! you beauty, you!) :-) My hip bones would be jutting out like razors and I’d still be a bigger size than that. I’ve just come to accept that.

    I’ve just a got one problem area that I’m working on fixing. I’m fixing it through healthy eating (okay, not really. It’s finals week – panic and stress are what’s causing the weight loss right now!). Overall, though, 1400-1570 calories in, and I’m good. I’m trying, trying, TRYING to balance it out w/ fruits, veggies, etc and doing a horrible job this week.

    My weight is but a number that I will not divulge in consciousness of those who come here who are still dealing with the turmoil of the depths of ED. I’m trying to filter the “number” thing out of my discussion: mainly weight. I now keep track of my weight as a guideline to make sure that I don’t go back to 200 lbs. That is the furthest I will discuss weight here. Of course, I’d prefer my number to be lower, but that “lower” number is still well within the healthy bmi range for a woman of my height and bone structure. And I will NOT resort to unhealthy means at getting to that number any more. It didn’t work the first time, why the fuck should it work now? My body does *NOT* respond to a starvation/purging diet. It holds onto everything it can, therefore making me put it on instead.

    So, I’ve got to do the thing that makes the most logistical sense: exercise, eat right. Fill up on protein, fruits, veggies, and watch the bread. Two days, and I will be focusing my energy on detoxing from the stress of school and getting my body back into sync with itself.

    Screw this ED shit. It didn’t do anything good for me. Why should I go back? Pfft.

  30. Rachel says:

    Oh geez. I type a lot.

  31. Cherry says:

    I have to be honest I skimmed most of the posts, but I want to make sure that this gets added…

    I recently saw on Rachael Ray’s show a doctor who had all these tips and tricks for cellulite minimizing. He said that one of the biggest problems is that cellulite is MORE noticeable the THINNER you are!!!! He explained why and everything, but I forgot.

    I assumed cellulite visibility was more of an age/genetic issue and less of a weight thing. Either way Hewitt looks awesome in those pictures and perhaps I need glasses but I don’t even think her cellulite is that bad?

  32. Cherry says:

    looking at the pictures once more, I stand by my original statement that she looks awesome.

    Perhaps because I am so focused on trying to maintain a flat stomach, I neglect the rest of my body and others as well… but anyway her stomach is TIGHT!!! and she still has what looks like nice boobs and an ass (I hate flat asses, especially on women but guys too). And as for all this sizing confusion…

    sizes are now meaningless thanks to vanity sizing. A 2 could be anywhere ranging from an actual 2 to what used to be an 8. I’m not THAT little and a lot of times the smallest size jeans a store makes are too big on me because of vanity sizing. It pisses me off that women actually factor in the size of a label that no one will see when they are choosing between 2 pairs of jeans. BUY THE JEANS THAT LOOK THE BEST (or if your in my current $ituation.. are the cheapest and will hopefully last the longest).

  33. alien says:

    Anorectics don’t only hate fat/cellulite they also hate the fertile looks, and that’s where the model industry hurries to support them by telling that one can be sexy without being fertile, though the fact is that people would stop being born, if models and anorectics were the standard.
    Ms. Hewitt looks very feminine and very fertile = fat in today’s world, though only a very small percentage of women are build as models or stay looking 14-18 year old for their entire life – fortunately!
    If Ms. Hewitt stays looking as she does in the photos, after all the commotion, she is truly one sane woman!

  34. Vanessa says:

    well, i had something to say but it was too long for a comment. anyone interested can check it out here:


  35. Lily says:

    Sass I really hope I misinterpreted your ‘yikes’ about being a size 10. Please tell me I did.


  36. Una says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    you staded in your blog : “but i’ve noticed before that mamaVISION with its population of eating disordered idiots as readers attracts soooo much ed speak. the people reading don’t seem to understand the points she’s trying to make at all! their replies are completely focused on situating themselves on the reverse totem pole of size status. ”
    You might be right, that most of the readers and writers answer by refering to their own story. Well just to remind you….you do too…
    “we’re the same height and if she’s a size 2 then we’re basically the same size people”
    …thus welcome in the club of “the eating disordered idiots”

  37. Una says:

    I mean stated…I was a bit angry there.

  38. Vanessa says:

    ah, well una… er… i believe i did mention i was guilty as well in the blog. and if i might call your attention to the very first part of the header of the blog i describe the whole thing as a “diary of an eating disordered idiot”.

    so yes, i agree with you on both points but i think i beat you to the punch actually.

  39. hillary says:

    On the subject of sizing, what cherry said is so very true. Sizing means nothing. I’ve worn a pair of size zero jeans before. and I’ve also fit a size 11. It’s all total crap.

  40. Josie says:

    Sass – i’m totally seconding Lily. You calling me fat?! (oohhh MamaV, look where your blog is going…).
    In my defense (though i really should NOT have to resort to this), i’m 6ft tall, have a BMI of 20, was actually a size 8 when clinically anorexic, and i’m a human. And i’d like to say i don’t give a shit.

  41. Una says:

    Exactly Vanessa,
    I missed out on that. And you might be a big bunch brighter then I am, but keep the “eating disordert idiot” for yourself. Call me an idiot if you want to, but don’t call all the readers as such.

  42. Nats says:

    Im sorry but no!! Regardless of who owns the blog she is sitting there calling all of us INCLUDING YOU an idiot!!

    Sorry im with Una on this one, regardless of what anyone says!!

    So if you think we are idots vanessa, why dont you explain the points that we are missing, you know just incase im too thick i might miss the point, in fact talk to me like im 5 then I might get it!!

  43. Nats says:

    Sorry but personally I think its quite sad that people have nothing better to do than sit there and slag people of just because they dont agree with things that are said. Especially when they claim to be the “unofficial voice of reason for the mamavision community”

    Sorry but I think id rather use my own mind and speak for myself thanks!

  44. Vanessa says:


    i know you guys seem to believe i sit here thinking everyone else is stupider than i am but it’s just not the case. when i talk about “eating disordered idiots” i’m thinking of the way our eating disorders make us act like idiots. i don’t care who i offend, if you think the entire world depends on what you weigh, if you think eating 100 extra calories is the biggest deal in the world, a tragedy of historic proportions, if you break down in tears over gaining a pound or being forced to eat a bagel you’re acting like an idiot. and its all the worse because the large majority of people with eating disorders are very intelligent and interesting people apart from their disorders.

  45. Vanessa says:

    oh- and if you think it is vitally important to state your clothing size before saying anything about the topic of body image or weight (and YES this includes me because i did it too!) you’re acting idiotic.

  46. Nats says:

    Ok so, when you were sitting there saying that we are idiots you didnt think that is not harsh?? Or even WRONG??? I can’t believe you said it! It may not be “smart” to do what we are doing but you know, actually do you know that its a mental illness?? Would you go up to someone with say scizophrenia and call them an idiot???

    Sorry Vanessa but this idiot is struggling to understand where you are coming from!!

    Oh and I have never mentioned my size on here

  47. Vanessa says:

    i apologized to anyone i offended and i explained myself as best i could, and now i’ve come over here and explained AGAIN. i never said “you guys are all idiots” it was just part of a blog about how it’s dumb to begin your comments here with your clothing size. and it is. and i’ve done it myself, so i wasn’t insulting anyone who did something i didn’t do. if anyone wants to continue to have a problem over this i can’t stop you. it wasn’t my intention to insult people in the way you seem to have taken it, but i can’t stop you being offended and refusing my apology, so i’m not going to stress it or continue explaining something i already explained twice.

  48. Vanessa says:

    i’m sorry. i got a bit frustrated there. can we just leave it at, i’m sorry i offended people and i didnt realise it would be a big deal to say it since i was including myself in the category?

  49. Nats says:

    Vanessa, I have no problem letting it go at all, I didnt see how it included yourself in it so to me it looked like a dig at everyone BUT you. But if you wanna be an idiot too then come join us! :)

    All is finished no probs

  50. hillary says:

    hey so back on topic. I think regardless of whether she’s actually a size two or not, she looks hot. and she’s got an amazing backside. The only thing i can see wrong with the picture is that her chest is too large for a strapless bathing suit top. and even that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  51. Josie says:

    Though most of us have moved on from this, the impression i got with Vanessas comment is that it’s the EDs that are idiotic, not the person. It’s a bit like Vanessa disliking MamaVs actions, but not neccessarily disliking her as a person.
    The trouble with criticising something is that it can be taken too personally, when the criticism is actually of something attached to the person, not the person herself.

    Eating disorders are by nature, completely idiotic.

  52. Limafan says:

    After looking at these pics again I think that it is just a very un flattering swimsuit for her.

  53. Rachel says:

    EDs are idiotic. they are idiotic behavior and thinking. So is OCD. Vanessa: well-stated. Normally, I mis-interpret statements such as the one you made. By some miracle, I didn’t this time… I’m not quite sure how that worked. :-)

  54. Rachel says:

    I’m not calling the disorders themselves, nor am I calling the sufferers idiotic.

    The *behaviors* are idiotic. I suffer from a slew of mental disorders (4 diagnosed, oddities from others undiagnosed). My behavior and thought processes are fucking stupid. I know this. I know it and I still can’t control it, that’s why it’s idiotic. That is why it’s a mental *disorder*. It’s thinking that is not correct. Call it what you will. I will call it stupid and idiotic. I am not calling myself that. I am calling the behaviors triggered by OCD/ED/PMDD/BPII/SAD/…etc idiotic. I know that they are bad. I know that the cycle of behavior is bad. These behaviors and thought processes are stupid. Can I break out of them? I’m trying like hell. Can I control them? No. I’m still trying like hell. Does that make me an idiot? NO! Does that earn me the right to call these thoughts and behaviors stupid? Of course. The rituals ARE stupid. They are stupid because they make no sense to keep repeating over and over, because my brain won’t let me out of the cycle.

    That is where I am coming from.

  55. Vanessa says:

    yeah, i agree with rachel- my original comment on the blog was easily misinterpreted, but i don’t see anything wrong with calling the behaviors idiotic or saying that eating disorders make smart, talented people act like idiots. because, well, so often we rationalize and don’t take account of how mind blowingly stupid our actions and the assumptions beneath them really are. and i really do think that coming to mamaVISION and starting your comment off with your clothing size is an example of that sort of unintelligent eating-disordered behavior.

  56. Rachel says:


    Stranger things have happened…

  57. Rachel says:

    Whoa. So my comment totally didn’t come out right. Apparently the commenter reads html coding.

    So… Here it is again, in full!

    –applauds Vanessa–



    –shakes head–

    Stranger things have happened!!

    –Hugs Vanessa–

  58. tinatangos says:

    I’m a little behind on reading blogs right now, but I saw these pictures and I thought, “Hey! It’s a real human being! How beautiful!”
    Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeous and I hope she doesn’t give in to the heat.

  59. Mia says:

    guys, she so didn’t lie about her size. if you read the full statement, i really don’t think she was calling herself a size 2. just commenting on how a size 2 isn’t big as lots of young women are striving for the infamous ‘zero’.

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