Shut em' down!

Pro anorexia sites are running rampant. We must shut them down quickly and swiftly to save society!


Microsoft steps in and shuts down pro anorexia sites, without a court order. YouTube and Facebook are under the microscope too.

What genius is still beating on this dead drum? 

Don’t tell anyone…but it takes about 5 minutes to set up a new site…hehe…the pro ana’s have their sites back up and running before you can blink. 

Even more scary is there is no logic to this madness.  I overuse this phrase, but I like it; nothing like sticking your head in the sand. And since everyone got really fired up the last time I posted this picture, let’s post it again just for shits and giggles. 


A few stats, which are growing as I type this: 

Google “pro ana” to view over 5 million results

YouTube “thinspiration” hauls in well over 5000 full length videos, a total of 8 uploaded TODAY.

ProAnaThinspo is just an unbelieveable mashup of thin bodies, body parts, stars and real girls that will blow your mind.

How about we face reality think about what the hell we have created here.

On second thought, that sounds like a lot of time and energy. Let’s stick with ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ it’s a lot more convenient, plus I have a lot of shit to buy before Christmas.


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34 Responses to Shut em' down!

  1. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Ooo first comment! Well I just want to say that I’ve givven up thinspo =) I don’t think Pro ana needs to be banned, at least maybe direct to a recovery sight or something (i know, as if anyone would bother…) well pro-ana will never go away, that would be like trying to tell people they can never ever have anything the color purple again. Microsoft is getting into it? I can see web sites but what are they doing to the computers themselves? And some thinspos urged me to stop watching other ones because of the sad music…I’d be on them again but you know… Its not really curable until you snap out of it completly and I’m not sure I’m to that point. Maybe close though =).

  2. Cristina says:

    I used to journal on livejournal during my Anorexic days, posting various updates on my “progress”. And if you really wanted to, there’s a bunch of communities on livejournal (and I’m sure elsewhere too) that literally “teaches” you how to become an Anorexic. It’s like, if you’re really suffering, “teaching” someone to starve themself or how to purge is beyond the limit. If they are a wannabe Anorexic, it’s like were the ones who are suffering here– you’re not, so take your life and embrace it. Because once you go ED, your life is over. No happiness, no successes and you’re depressed ALL THE TIME.

  3. Terra says:

    let’s not forget that even though we may not agree with what they are teaching, they have just as much a right to type as we do. unless you think censorship is more appropriate than free speech. that would be quite a precedent and what would be next? gay rights? abortion?
    i know that’s over-exaggerating but they DO have just as much a right to exist on the internet as you or i do.

  4. Rachel says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of either pro-ana or thinspo, but I *WILL* comment and lash out against “Thinspiration.” I believe that that is where the controversy and Mama’s commentary lies. The “Pro-Ana” ideal of supporting each other in trying to figure the monster out (as is acceptable. Thinspiration, however, is utterly asnine. I spent my share of time poring over thinspiration videos and picking myself and my lumps/curves apart and feeling shittier and shittier about myself. I believe that it’s the thinspiration that needs to be addressed, NOT necessarily the pro-ana thing. And Mama’s right, this censorshit that’s going on for pro-ana/thinspo: It takes 5 minutes to make another website. Duh.

  5. Josie says:

    I do find it strange that pro-ana sites are getting the brunt of the censorship considering other more offensive sites on the web:
    – A stat i heard recently said that 90% of the internet is porn
    – Child porn and images of sexual abuse
    – Detailed instructions on how to commit suicide effectively
    – Nazi sites – White Power and other racist stuff
    …..i’m sure this list could go on.

    Due to the state of our society with its pro-thin sexist ideals, inadequate diet information, inadequate assistance for those with eating and body issues, the media fascination with anorexia, and “obesity epidemic” fear-mongering, it’s unlikely pro-ana sites are going to dissapear any time soon.

  6. Rachel says:

    Josie – EXCELLENT point.

  7. Josie says:

    Thanks Rachel – i was about to say the same for yours!!! I just looked at Prothinspo, and woah, massive trigger!!! I think when someone is deep in an ED they don’t realise how damaging thinspo can be. And if it’s damaging for us, then all women in our society must be damaged to an extent because we’re bombarded by similar images on a daily basis.

    I think the only beneficial part of pro-ana sites is the social aspect. The thinspiration, ana bracelets, tips&tricks and phrases… not useful, and i think most would agree. But being able to talk to others with similar problems – that’s good, for the most part.

  8. Vanessa says:

    i haaaaate thinspo. it makes me feel miserable and doesn’t help me lose weight. i avoid it- the only place i see it is here (where it makes me feel fat and miserable as always. gee, thanks mamaV!)

    obviously banning pro-ana sites is dumb, but so is raising “awareness” because as i have said a million times, it will only bring in more people.

    all that said, i just started a thread the other day on my forum called “reality check” for people to post things that are true that their ed tells them are false. things like “weighing myself 20000 times a day won’t magically make me thinner”. i was nervous before i posted it because i always worry that i’m not “pro” enough for the forum. but instead of the tepid or negative reaction i was expecting the thread seems to be popular and people really got into the spirit of it. all that is just my long roundabout way of saying… i think people in proana communities really do crave more positive messages, and people just go along with the crowd when it comes to thinspo, bracelets, and talking about how they’re sooo fat because they just ate 200 calories.

    if there was a non-fear mongering/attention seeking way to bring those positive messages to these communities, and to have more interation between the pro-ana community and the recovery community it would really be wonderful!

  9. Xan says:

    I can understand what you’re saying, but I think shutting down existing sites and making them less accessible on YouTube is a step in the right direction. At least they’re doing SOMETHING.

  10. sarah says:

    i know i had a problem before visiting pro ana sites, but seeing them made me feel like what i was doing is normal. it almost justified it for me. but now it saddens me and i don’t want anyone else to go through it.

    i say shut them down, but still make support sites like these accessible.

  11. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Nice point Josie, I had an idea though, what if someones pictures are just concidered thinspo becasue theres thin wemon i nthem? some people are just

  12. Josie says:

    Amber – i expect that quite a lot of the girls whose photos end up as thinspo aren’t anorexic, and are just naturally thin. Peoples photos are so accessible online with myspace and stuff. And thinspo, apart from the people being thin, is no different to any other type of image.

  13. Sara Greene says:

    It’s my body, it’s my brain, I can do whatever the hell I want with it. I think that the concepts of “thinspiration” and “my friend Ana” are idiotic at best because the glamourize a disease, but I am bulimic, and I see it as dangerous and gross, but I know I couldn’t live without it. The wannarexies who say shit like:

    “OMGEEZ i way SoOoO mutch Nicole Ritchi GOOD Gemma Ward FATASS! LOL! ANA LUV <3<3<3!! Save me Ana!”

    Are stupid fangirls, but I am in control of what I do, I am intelligent, I do not act like a vapid tween, I have a disease I am not ready to give up. It’s my faithful addiction that I can depend on when no one else is there. I think that the bad proana websites should be taken down, but the ones that use correct grammer and do not insult the average American’s (or wherever) intelligence that give a disclaimer and state their purpose clearly should be allowed.

  14. Anne says:

    Sara Greene,
    You say that you’re in control, but in the same breath you also say that you’re bulimic (a disorder that is, by nature, “out of control”) and know you couldn’t live without it. You also say you’re “not ready to give it up”, thereby indicating that it’s a choice rather than a disease. After all, someone with Schizophrenia or Cancer can’t just “give up” their condition. With that in mind, would you care to explain how your intelligence makes you any different than “pro-Anas”, who also choose not to give up their obsession with Anorexia?
    Cause in light of what you just said, you sound a bit like a “stupid fangirl” yourself.

  15. Sass1948 says:

    Anne & Sara G – FEELING like you can stop is a symptom – cuz usually u can’t just stop – that’s a myth in my view. The suggestion bulimia/anorexia/ednos/ is a choice instead of a disease is misinformed.

    Vanessa – that post sounds interesting!

    MamaV – are you beating on a dead drum? You’ve stated ur point eloquently – now what? thinspo is ALWAYS gonna be around. there’ll always be those for & against – so what? What’s next in your quest? Or does it end here?

  16. Josie says:

    Sara & Anne – i doubt Sara is in control and able to stop. For some with bulimia their behaviour makes them feel in control, but it’s just a feeling.
    For Anne, it may be better to compare bulimia to an addiction. Eating disorders and self-harm, though under the mental illness spectrum, are also addictions, in both the behavioural and chemical sense.

  17. Sara Greene says:

    Stupid fangirls stop eating/start purging to lose weight. I do it for emotional reasons.

    I am not sick of bulimia. I do not have any intrest in giving it up. If I could give it up (which I CAN) I wouldn’t. Yes, I hate it, but I WANT IT.

  18. Rachel says:

    Who needs pro-ana sites when you can pick up any number of magazines aimed at young girls and women and learn disordered behaviors? Are we going to ban those, too? Are we going to ban culture?

    These girls, women and more increasingly guys who seek out these sites will usually end up finding what they’re seeking somewhere. Banning these sites will make it more difficult, yes, but ultimately, these seekers will find what they’re looking for, or start even more sites on the topic. At least with pro-ana and pro-mia sites, we know where they’re congregating.

    I don’t agree with pro-ana and pro-mia sites, but I’m not for outright banning them, either. From a sociological and clinical standpoint, they’re important sources to mine to understand eating disordered behaviors more in depth. And, although they do offer tips on how to reinforce and perpetuate eating disordered behavior, they also serve as a source of support for members who seek them out. Sometimes this support can be harmful, but more often than not, it can also be beneficial. Contrary to popular opinion, pro-ana sites are not all about “How can I be even more disordered than I already am?” (although this is a big part of what they profess to be about). Many times, members post on the negative aspects of the disease and some are even looking for help in recovery.

    Keep in mind, eating disorders are a disease, often biological in nature. Not every girl who admires Nicole Richie and tries to diet to look like her will end up with an eating disorder.

  19. Josie says:

    Rachel – fantastic point!!!
    When i was 14 i read about EDs (i didn’t know i had an ED back then, or what EDs really were) and saw that some anorexics and bulimics used laxatives to lose weight; the thing i was reading was factual and informative, pro-recovery. So guess what i went out and bought that day?!
    And then, if i were hunting out ‘thinspiration’ i could just open up any old magazine. I hardly look at that type of magazine anymore. When i was 15, before i knew i had an ED still and before i knew anything about pro-ana and thinspiration, i used to stare longingly at the models in a clothes catalogue, and imagining how life would be if i looked like that as opposed to being overweight.
    And then finally, if i wanted to see the anorexia-is-a-lifestyle-choice thing, i could read almost any Real Life story of an anorexic; most give the impression that it’s all conscious choice, especially the EDs which started as diets.

  20. Rachel says:

    Rachel and Josie – excellent points. :-)
    (Yes, there are two Rachel’s posting about… Interesting!)

    Sara Greene: your post is reminiscent of the addict’s adage: “I can quit any time I want.”

    Uh-huh. Sure.

    I hope you find your way out of severely damaging your body before it’s too late, my dear.

  21. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Yeah Rachel, seeing as people in te fashion industry, or movie stars, which are included in most Thinspos and pro ana/mia sites, what if we labed them…”pro-model” “pro-fashion” “pro-celebrity”? how bad would that sound? not as bad as pro-ana/mia. And again, magizenes…oh my darling Seventeen. Look at all the modles there, if you have one of the issues you know thous colums of girls in cloths with headings like “tall and thin” “curvy tummy” “curvy hips”, all the modles are…tall and thin… except one, “curvy all over” who looks about a size 12-14. plus theres an article about being at peace with you body, visit and youll see it somewhere under health…but they bombard us with pictures of skinny perfect people! oh goddess how can i compare!

  22. Rachel says:

    Seventeen just uses articles like that to pretend that it’s “pro-positive body image”. It’s full of crap like everything else.

    …No wonder why we’ve got the issues that we’ve got…

  23. Amber/vanity900 says:

    Yeah Rachel, its just like Tyra Banks, they acknolage that theres a problum…but in the long run who gives a damn…

    “modles starve themselves and we tell them to.”

    Well, lets just focous on our starvation. Don’t lie to yourself, this wont get any better it will get worse. All wemon soon will be starving before they can count.

  24. angie says:

    Hey MamaV,

    I’ve been visiting you page for some time now and feel compelled to reply to this topic because I feel so strongly about it.
    Not to write a short novel here but I’ve been visiting pro-ana sites on and off for two years almost. I have met some very wonderful people, some who I owe a great deal to. In fact I still visit one, but am slowly trying to divorce myself from it.

    I was majorly affected by ednos two years ago and for the first time seriously considered suicide. Eventually I got “better” but not really.
    Months ago, I revisited this particular site and felt comforted by the girls’ understanding but still pretty miserable. Only in hindsight did i realize after visiting the site notice my behavior actually WORSENED. I began to self-injure again and became even more depressed.

    It is ironic we [disordered eating] preach “support” and not to encourage the disease but in truth that is exactly what we are doing. Talking so extensively about dieting/ tips/ exercise/ sickness etc, even to the already ill, is NOT support, especially when so very little is spent on recovery. I believe you said it best, “the blind guiding the blind.” The sick will only continue to stay sick, if not worsen.

    The biggest argument they [eating disordered] will say is that they are not ready for recovery and since they are already affected there is no “trigger,” but in actuallity studies show girls who visit these sites spend more time in the hospital.

    Alhough I am hypocritical saying this, pro-ana sites ARE harmful. The sites probably induce more eating disorders than the victims take credit for. For example a girl with bdd visits and it eventually morphs into a fatal anorexia.
    I had always thought an anorexia as well as other eds were an individual problem (i.e. caused by genetics) but slowly I am realizing it can also be a social problem, one that is being promoted and sometimes glamorized by these sites.

    We definitely need RECOVERY sites not pro-ana. They should be taken off. Nonetheless I am iffy on exposing the ugliness, because by drawing more attention it may actually increase the problem. I first heard about ed sites when I had read about a specific one in a very prominent magazine and since then have seen many more. No doubt many other girls do the same, hear about it and curiosity comes.

    Like Suzanne Gonzales Suicide Prevention Act of 2007 “prohibiting the use of interstate commerce for suicide promotion,” pro-ana sites should follow suit. Eating disorders are a SLOW suicide. Up to 20% can die from anorexia, let alone bulimea, ednos, and other eating disorders. Pro-ana sites “help” these destructive behaviors and in consequnce, may introduce suicide.

    I only wish there were an easier way for people to get help with eating disorders. It sure as hell was not easy for me. My insurance, as I’m sure the majority, did not cover eating-disorder related treatment but could have saved me years of trouble. That too should be lobbyed for. (perhaps in another post? hint hint)

    I support you 110% on this


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  26. Leire says:

    Angie said “in actuallity studies show girls who visit these sites spend more time in the hospital. ” Fair enough; I’m sure that’s true, but whether the link is causal or incidental remains to be seen (are the sites contributing factors to the disease, or are the sites simply being used by sufferers who would have been in the same, bad boat anyway? I’m sure these sites do contribute to the illnesses of some people, but I’m sure that they also serve as lifelines for other people who would have just given up without any kind of support network; the question is do the sites do more good or more bad?).

  27. Jen says:

    Just so everyone knows, the actual fatality rate of anorectics is 5-10% of the whole anorectic population. I’m not saying this to make anorexia sound less fatal, I just think everyone needs to do research before they make a statement about that. I don’t believe that shutting these sites down is really going to benefit anyone, but I also believe that the sites can be destructive to people, I guess just depending on what site you visit. Thinspiration is a tricky subject for me, I’m not sure that I can convey my feelings on that properly, so I think I just won’t. I just think the ironic thing about these sites is that most of these people aren’t even diagnosed with any kind of eating disorder. I didn’t say all, I just said most. I really actually feel bad for people who want to develop an eating disorder, but at the same time I think it’s fucked up that they’re making light of a disease that I really struggle with. Most of the girls that I’ve talked to on these sites are really just wannabes, so I just don’t bother with that anymore, I’m not going to try and save anyone who is making a mockery of this illness.

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  30. Michelle says:

    NO!!!!!! They should not be shut-down!!!!!
    If it wasn’t for those websites I would be dead right now. The people on pro-ana websites are the ones who have kept me alive.
    When someone starts to get too thin we warn them. When someone wants to recover we support them and wish them luck. When someone wants to kill themselves we help them. We actualy have a list of phone numbers, when a girls boyfriend was abusing her we called the police and we ended up saving her life. If you shut down the pro-ana websites you will just end up hurting a lot of people. And there will be new ones anyway! I think that people should just mind their own damn business, instead of messing with us.

  31. I'm not telling you crap. says:

    Boy, you are stupid bitch.

  32. Grace says:

    I for one am completely against thinspo and the encouragement of any disorder that is extremely unhealthy and ultimately lead to death. I believe people should just be happy with the way they are instead of living up to some deathlike standard. It’s so stupid and I don’t understand why any person would ever encourage something like this. I for one have never had any type of eating disorder in any shape or form and honestly, have tried several times before to shut down the websites myself. Well, with the help of the top health assiocations. So, I agree. Shut them all down. I don’t think that most people would be able to live with the deathly harmful intentions of these sites.

  33. Trish Hay says:

    My ten yr old has anorexia . Do u think that is cool??? She is battling a demon instead of playing with friends. She is in hospital fighting to stay alive. I hope u people are happy. You are all dark,dangerous morons . Life is fucking hard enough without this shit so easil accessed. How do I fuckwits sleep at night. You discuss me !!!!

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